Will Pixar Release 'Newt' Footage?

First of all, I don’t really know where to post this so I just put it in the movie and tv section :smiley:

Has anybody wondered, If Newt was canceled, is there any drawn art or Finished Footage? I would have loved to see Newt, it would have been one of my favourite films before TS3.

Do you think Pixar is got to release any of Newt drawn art or footage? let me know :smiley:

Also, if this is in the wrong place, can somebody move it? Thanks :smiley:

Well, there is some concept art out.

But, I doubt anything will come, unless they resurrect it.

True, but like hand drawn ones like the ones you see at expos about pixar.
Yea, I have seen that, but I just don’t know why the guy is there.

That guy is Gary Rydstrom, the planned director. I don’t know what you mean.

Don’t worry Pixarfan9099 :smiley:
I wish I could see what the other parts of diagram, silly coffee mug warmer thingo that I don’t know the name of :stuck_out_tongue:
I though that picture on the wall was footage, but it was the diagram
at the bottom left.

I’ll move this thread into the Upcoming Features of the Pixar section of the boards for you, gleefan1. :slight_smile:

And as for a release of any artwork or footage, I’ve got to concur with pixarfan9099, it seems unlikely that we’ll be getting anything unfortunately.

Some footage or more concept art or something would be nice to see, just to see where they were going with it

I really hope that Newt has been put on hold instead of being cancelled. It looks interesting. Also, I found some unfinished character art from the film:

It would be cool, but I highly doubt it.

looks like flik! i wish this movie would continue, i think i’d rather see this than Brave.

I actually think that “concept art” is actually fan art made by someone here.

Flik-E, I believe.


Yeah, it is Flik-E’s. There’s (^) the link.

They’ll be keeping all footages up on the shelve, They aren’t that ready to release footage’s of Newt yet. Although it has been cancelled it doesn’t mean its the end of the Newt. I still have hope and I think the creative team involved in this story will still be thinking up new ways to improve the story. Even Toy Story at its beginning stages had problems and Lee Unkrich once said that Pixar has always made horrible films. Right now Newt may be at that horrible film stage and just needs some room to breathe before its turned into a classic, loved by many.

So it’s just fan art? Silly me. I assumed it was official since I found it on Pixar Wikia and also because it had the logo in the bottom right corner. My apologies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Pixar Wiki isn’t very…true.

Hmm, somebody might have seen it and posted it onto Pixar Wikia not knowing it was fan-art, unless Flik-E has an account there.

Off topic- Now this is why we need our own version of Pixar wikia. It’ll be more reliable.

Btw that is some neat drawing, good enough to fool some as an unfinished Newt work xD

It certainly fooled me, I’ll give you that.

I actually do have a Pixar Wiki account and I made a lot of contributions there (it was my idea to add new sections for the Toy Story Treats and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command), but it wasn’t me that put the Newt drawing there. I feel quite honored that someone would mistake what I felt was a simple quick drawing for an official character design. Like I said in my older post, I just looked at the real concept art on the first page of this topic for inspiration, and also a bit of Randall from Monsters Inc.