WillZMarler's Pixar Sigs

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to Pixar Planet so I thought I might show off my signature talent with a few I made (btw I will take requests).


Red’s Dream

One Man Band

Luxo Jr.

Knick Knack

For The Birds

Monsters Inc.


Tell me what you think of these and feel free to request any sigs. Just tell me the Feature/Short that you want and i’ll think of a cool slogan to go at the side. All you need to do in return is say that the sig was done courtesy of me.


Wow! Those are hilarious! :laughing:

They’re all funny and cute! I especially like the ones that said “For a free hynosis”, “Caution! Contains small parts, keep away from children…AND LAMPS!”, and “Show him boys!” Great job, and original sense of humor. :smiley:

Really Awesome Job!

I loved the Wall-E one

“Wall-E’s going for a world record!”

haha. good thing eve isn’t conscous! Otherwise she’d be crushing him! :laughing:

Thanks for the support and praise guys! I’m in the middle of another batch so I’ll post about 7 up on a regular basis.


Very witty lines, WillZMarler! I’m a sucker for puns! :smiley:
I love Show Him Boys, I Nose It Looks Bad and It Was Nice Knowing You Guys.
I like this. Post more posthaste! :slight_smile:

Do Stuff from Up:D

Editted by TSS: No shouting Please.

WillZMarler: Really wonderful siggys you have came up with. I laughed at a lot of them.

Sorry for the delay of the next batch but I’m currently recovering the movies I ha e on iTunes.