woody's icons!

was playing around with photoshop and came up with these :slight_smile: I hope to make more soon! because making graphics has always fascinated me…


I know that sounds weird, but I think they’re pretty! The color scheme is pretty, good job!

when they came out with the HQ pics I just HAD to make some more :3


Those are so cool!!! This is random, but could you make me an avatar with Woody alone, a heart around him, and says “the perfect boy”?

sure thing :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! I’ve fallen back into my love for Woody and Jessie…

Nice avatars woody! I liked the one of Buttercup, Mr. Pricklepants, and Trixie… but I’m sure you gathered that from my sig.

I really like the Day and Night one!

I like your choice of pictures! I like the lighting on all of them! Very nice!