Worst TV Shows Ever

Before we do this I have an confession to make. I’m a teenage boy who loves Skyrim, Call of Duty, Halo, Mass Effect, ACDC, and yet, [spoil]I love iCarly.[/spoil] There I said it. But what’s the worst show you’ve ever seen? I think the worst for me is Big Time Rush. That show is just, is just, I don’t even want to talk about it.

Genie in the House. A British Nickelodeon show with terrible plot,acting and jokes. By terrible,I mean,there is none.

Basically anything and everything on MTV.

I’m sorry to say this, EJE, but Beavis And Butthead is one of my bro and I’s favourite shows of all-time! 8D Their road trip across 'Murica is one of my favourite films too.

Uh-huh-huh-huh. Eh-heh-heh-heh.

I’m so glad Jersey Shore ended. I’ve watched bits and pieces of it, but it looks like a very shallow and hedonistic show to me. Who wants to watch a bunch of layabouts with a lot of free time get wasted and pretend they’re being cool? There are more compelling real-life documentaries to watch like Sir David Attenborough nature shows and Globe Trekker that are better ways to spend my time.

Yeah, same here. I also like Big Time Rush.

Neighbours. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an Australian soap opera that airs 5 times a week. It’s really cheesy and annoying. Sometimes it’s badly edited as well- instead of doing what most shows do and rotating between Story A, Story B, and Story C, etc. scene by scene, they’ll sometimes do three scenes in a row about the same storyline. With the exact same characters, just moving them from their house to a cafe to a different house for no real reason. It feels like they intended to put scenes with different characters and stories in between, but forgot. It gives the show a really weird passage of time. And there’s a high school in the show that literally only has one classroom and, at most, 2 teachers. And the hospital in the show only has a reception and one or two rooms. In the past year, that one hopsital ward has been used for:

-pregnant women giving birth
-overnight tests for epilepsy
-a girl in a coma
-a baby being kept under observation.

And the same two doctors apparently treat EVERY case. And characters are always forgetting horrible things they did to each other. It’s a pretty harmless show, but it’s a terrible one.

Nausicaa: I never heard of it! But it reminds me of the cheesy soap operas my Grandma watched when I was little. Oh, and Telenovelas, which I see when I go to my favorite Mexican restaurants or my friends house.

My mum watches it, which I why I know so much about it 8D I’ve never seen a Telenovela, although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen parodies of them on other TV shows. British soap operas are all really miserable. I suppose one of the only good things about Neighbours is it’s fairly cheerful.

I think almost all soap operas are pretty terrible!

I can;t stand soap operas. I’ve never sat through a whole episode, and I can’t believe some people enjoy that slop.

I’m going with Good Luck Charlie. My sisters watch it all the time, and I despise the mother. She’s so irritating!

Well I can’t say I’ve seen them but these horrible exploitation reality shows on MTV like Super Sweet 16 and 16 and Pregnent make me want to throw up.

There is also a show over here in the UK named The Jeremy Kyle Show which is similar in format to The Jerry Springer Show but without the staged fights and a more serious outlook. They usually have some stereotypical council estate types or chavs in a situation which either involves a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend or finding out the father of a child with DNA results expected. It’s like the modern-day equivalent of a 1800s freak show in my eyes. Some of the guests on the show have annoying accents, scruffy clothes, bad teeth and often have some hilarious arguments. It is really embarrassing, I can’t imagine why anyone would volunteer to appear on that show. I don’t want to sound like I’m making fun of these people whatsoever by the way, I’m just describing my view on what the show is like.

I also cannot stand those live-action TV shows on Disney Channel because they all have the same format. Lame jokes, annoying characters, crap acting and that IRRITATING laugh track that plays when something isn’t even funny. My sister watches them all the time but I can’t trash her for having taste. I personally find those shows bloody ridiculous though.

MTV is a despicable scourge.

That it is. I can not believe in a TV show about pregnant teen agers. When did that become an accomplishment?

While I don’t watch that certain show, I’m glad it exists.

Because it doesn’t glamorize teenage pregnancy. Quite the opposite. The teens are absolutely miserable. It shows how difficult it is to hold a relationship as a teenage parent, how financially burdensome children are. How it makes school and family life extremely difficult.

Studies have shown that it’s actually one of the factors as to why teen pregnancy rates are going down.

I’m terribly sorry to say that my guilty pleasures Beavis & Butthead and Celebrity Deathmatch are MTV productions.

But I absolutely hate Jackass. While it’s fun (in a morbid way) to see them do physical stunts, some of the pranks are scatological in nature (my brother described to me a scene of an exploding volcano which is later revealed to be, uh, something else). Plus, it encourages irresponsible behaviour.

A great stunt show would be Nik Wallenda’s Danger By Design on Discovery Channel, which shows a true professional who carefully plans his stunts before attempting them. You get to see a lot of preparation, science (yes, folks, you need to know physics and trigonometry to be a death defier) and teamwork that go into his daredevil feats.

I’m sure Johnny Ob-Knox-cious-ville and his band of buttheads have safety consultants too, but they don’t give that impression to the viewers and a lot of their acts seem like spur-of-the-moment things.

Funnily enough, somebody I used to go to school with went on that because he’d cheated on his girlfriend. I find the show really irritating. Nobody has proper conversations, they just yell at each other until Jeremy Kyle yells at them. Sometimes people are accused of just plain criminal behaviour and you can’t help but wonder why they didn’t call the police (I suppose going on TV is a chance to publicly humilitate them). And sometimes its blatantly obvious that the programme makers are trying to rile the guests up into fighting.

Whoa, you know someonen who went on the show? Crazy!

Shows like this one you’re talking about and the American versions are just ugh. They’re not even helping the problem, they just make it way worse.

That is pretty much it. They just exploit them for TV audiences rather than help them.

Exactly, exploitation .That’s the word for this whole situation.

Some people are into schadenfreude really. Hence why soaps and Jeremy Kyle shows are popular. I think there’s a facebook group out there which basically says “No matter how awful my life becomes I will never go on Jeremy Kyle” somewhere though.

I’m not into that for my media consumption. I mean it’s practically a reason why I can’t get into SOAPS even. People are always being terrible to one another, and no-one’s happiness will last long- instead they’ll have to stick the character on a bus for that to happen and never see them again. I mean yeah good stories mean conflict but I kind of think there can be other ways besides people cheating on each other all the time with a serial killer or abuser perhaps cropping up here and there.

Sometimes people can have fun together without setting people on fire or cheating on their spouses! Just a thought.

In soaps it seems like almost everyone is terrible- and all the good people either have terrible things happen to them or even die. We see enough of that in real life. It’s not really emotionally satisfying to me even if it is ~realistic. (Though TBH one area being THAT messed up isn’t that realistic in all honesty. It makes you think that the police would build a station on site just to deal with all the domestic disturbances.)

Also soaps are about following a particular neighbourhood or area usually and so it really -never ends-. I’m kind of with Bryan (or was it Mike) who created ATLA on that one- a story that NEVER ends is just not enjoyable. At all.