Would Scud make a good dog for Muntz

Anyone else think that Scud would make a good dog for Muntz? He like to torture stuff and he is a fast runner. It would also be cool to see what his voice would be. I thought it would be cool if he was in it.

Ha! That would be pretty cool. :laughing: Not sure if Scud is as nice as Muntz’s dogs, but it would still be neat to see that.

There is normally that offset, overly aggressive member of the group like Thumper in A Bugs Life. So I’d say he would fit in well.

Interesting thought! Who would win, Alpha or Scud??

Alpha would win, because he’s smarter.

Honestly, I don’t think Scud would work in Muntz’s pack (although the Thumper analogy is a good one!). Muntz’s dogs are working dogs - they are guard dogs and hunting dogs because that’s what they’ve been trained to do, but once Muntz tells them that Carl and Russell are “our guests,” they’re all sweet and friendly. Scud seems to have one setting: “Attack! Attack! Attack!” It would take a lot of training to get him under control.

I don’t think Scud wouldn fit very well. First, I have a feeling that Scud is a bit nuts, like Sid. He is overly aggressive and chases everything that moves. And second, he doesn’t seem to care a lot about his masters. I mean, he knocked Hannah down and ran a long distance from his house just to catch a RC car. Muntz’s dogs seem malicious because they have proper commands. They are just normal dogs when they don’t have an evil leader, who they are devoted to, by the way.

Too aggressive

Perhaps a more interesting question would be: Would Buster make a good dog for Muntz? And I’m talking the ‘Toy Story 3’ stage. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think Scud is disciplined enough.

Agreed. Muntz needs a dog that listen and obeys. Scud is more of a free spirit pain in the arse dog!

Language, EJE… you forgot to add a comma! :wink:

Anyway, this is why I’m rooting for Buster. He would make an excellent dog, if he was put on a treadmill! :stuck_out_tongue:

^True. Buster is a better pet than Scud, so he would likely be a better guard dog.

I think Buster is a common pet dog (though he more willingly obeys toys than people :smiley: ), so he could fit. However, I can hardly imagine a guard dachshund. 8D

This sounds like the ultimate crossover. :laughing: He seems aggressive, but considering how Sid’s family has to yell at him constantly I don’t know how obedient he’d be to Muntz.

I think if TS3 Buster belonged to Muntz, he’d be living a cozy life of retirement after his years of loyal service. :slight_smile: Younger Buster, sure, I think he’d be useful (more for hunting than guarding; he’s low to the ground so could get through some of the jungle undergrowth better than the bigger dogs). And he would be loyal and trainable.

Scud could make a good dog for Muntz if he had alot of training. Because he needs to be much more obedient than he is in Toy Story.

I forgot about this post.