Would you like a sequel to a Pixar Short?

This popped into my mind and I decided to make a thread about it.

So would you like a sequel to a Short and which one?

I would enjoy a Lifted and a Geri’s Game.

Nah, I really don’t want a sequel to any of the shorts. Pixar uses the shorts to experiment with different technology and to give other people the chance to try directing. You are bound to get unique stories and characters with every short that way and I want to continue seeing completely new shorts.

I don’t know about a sequel, but I always wondered what it would be like if they had a short that has all the “short” :laughing: characters in it.

One day at the park the magician was holding a magic show. Tin Toy and his family decided to come. At the time Geri was playing chess in the same park. However the magic show is sabotaged when the animals from Boundin’ take over the park. Geri realizes that there’s only one way to stop the animals from destroying the entire city, so he calls the aliens from Lifted to abduct them. They bring out their secret weapon, the Luxo Jr. Mach II. It almost defeats the animals but they send out an insane clown and his unicycle to stop it, and they succeed. But the birds from For the Birds come and explain that only peace can prevent this battle. So they all agree to stop fighting and watch the magic show while the two man version of the one man band comes and plays in the park. Next winter, there are a bunch of clouds from Partly Cloudy in the sky as Andre and Wally B. make the snowman from Knick Knack…TO BE CONTINUED


Uh, nope, not really. :laughing: The great thing about all the Pixar shorts is that they’re little nuggets of amazingness and they enter a fully formed world in a matter of moments. They don’t need any continuation.

I don’t want them to make sequels, but if they did, I’m sure it would be great because it would probably be inspired.

I don’t think I’d like this to happen, but it kind of almost did when they started on A Tin Toy Christmas, before they switched to Toy Story.

No, I am happy with the short films the way they are. I see no need to expand on them.

Short films are “short” for a reason. They’re supposed to provide a small, unique glimpse (often humorous) into human life and emotions. Making “sequels” kind of defeats the point. The characters and settings aren’t meant to be figures in their own right, but are used more as tools for said objectives.

TV shows, actually, could be considered shorts that focus more on the evoloution of a character. But I think film shorts are a whle different species.

I don’t know, probably a bad idea, but if they did, I guess it would be great because this is Pixar we’re talking about. I had an idea similar to that. What if there were sequels to the feature films, except they’re in a short. Does that make sense? Kinda like the “feature film-based” short that they put on each DVD/Blu-Ray release. NVM…

Not really, at least not in the form of a short. Although I guess the Mater shorts are all sequels to each other.

However - and possible Toy Story 3 spoiler here, I read yesterday that [spoil]Tin Toy from the Tin Toy short[/spoil] is a character in TS3![/spoil]

I kind of feel that if there was a short that should have a sequel, it should be LUXO Jr. It was the first character PIXAR created, just like Toy Story is the first film they created, and just looking at all those Sesame Street vignettes tells me that the character is still usable.

Nah. I never thought about it. I guess I wouldnt object, but I cant say I think of them needs one. They’re meant to be little stand alone pieces. Maybe, maybe, I’d like to see a sequel to Red’s Dream, just so it doesnt end on sucha sad note, but that would be tough to do I think.

I wouldn’t mind some sequels. But I don’t think they are necessary, although the shorts could make for a great TV series!

I would like to see one for Red’s Dream. I fell sorry for the unicycle. I thought I would never say something like that.

No, I’m fine without any sequels to Pixar shorts.

I definitely have to say no. However, if there was some type of continuation of Jack-Jack Attack, you wouldn’t find me complaining.

Even though Pixar probably wouldn’t made sequels to shorts, I would be fine with whatever they chose. Again, I’m mostly fine with this because they probably will never do them.

I’ve always wondered what Pixar would do if they were left with nothing better to do than to make a feature based on a short. It’s probably not a good idea, but it would be new for Pixar. I think “Presto” or “La Luna” would have the most potential if at all. Then again, this was going to happen with “Tin Toy”, but the character ensemble was changed. Sort of interesting how Toy Story is almost a spin-off of “Tin Toy”.

A feature based off of a short? That’s an interesting idea.

I’d probably choose either Presto, Boundin’, Lifted, Luxo Jr., Tin Toy, or probably BURN-E!

By the way, I wonder if there will ever be a short film based on either A Bug’s Life or Finding Nemo someday.