xCarsLuverx's Loveable Lovies!

I finally found a website where I can Make Siggys and Avatars without downloading anything.Anyhow here are some goodies that I’ve made so far.Most of them are Cars but I take requests.Just Ask!!!

So this is My First one a shoutout to both of my Favorite couples…and inspired by the song “Two Is Better Than One”(Awsome song by the way) <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

I came up with this Idea Because in Mater And The Ghostlight and in Cars you see shots of Sally always reading something,I was like "Man,she must be a bookworm!"See,not all smart people are nerdy ;-p !

OMG Doc,Totally rude <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/youwhaaa.gif” alt=“o_0;;” title="You

Whaaa…" /> !

And This is my Final one that you see in my posts,awwww so cute! <3

Anyway that’s all for now look for more lovies soon!!

Haha!!! I like the one with Herc and Meg in it best because I just love them.

Me Too!! :sunglasses:

Wow, great work, xCarsLuverx! What website is that, may I ask? I don’t know how to produce half of that kind of technical work with Photoshop! :open_mouth:

Can you tell me what fonts you used for each sig, if you remember?

Oh, and I really like the ‘Beauty and Brains’ sig. I hope you don’t mind me wearing it for a few days while I make a new sig… :wink:

Really nice work xCarsLuverx. Really cute ones you have made.

The website is www.Lunapic.com,and sure I don’t mind :wink: .Oh and If your looking for something more extensive just type in your search engine "Online Photo Editing"or “Online collages”.If you have anymore questions,fell free to ask… :sunglasses:

TSS:Thanks,would you like me to make a incredibles Sig or Avatar for you? :slight_smile:

Some more goodies:

My current Avatar… ;-p

Another one I made for another website:

Same with the siggy:

My first Linguini/Colette one,for all you fans out there :-D) :

I love how you use sepia and black and white!