You Know Your Addicted to Up When...

I literally used to exclaim “SQUIRREL!” like Dug whenever any form of squirrel was seen. (yes, even in Diddy Kong Racing lol) Maybe I should start doing that again. 8D

When your mother makes an Adventure Book for you for your high school graduation out of a brown photo album, with photos from the day you were born to your senior trip. Complete with written note at the end of the book. It is the only thing that makes you cry on graduation day.

When you make squabbling noises and wildly flail your arms in an imitation of Kevin on a regular basis.

When you talk in a Dug voice to your neurotic dog. Who, in fact, is so insecure and follows family members around so frequently that she would actually hide under a porch because she loves said family.

When you go to Edgewater Park, NJ, to visit your friend, and flip out knowing that Michael Giacchino was there (it’s his hometown).

Awww, that’s so sweet! My mom did the same thing only it was just a regular scrapbook.

That’s very sweet as well. It really means so much more knowing how much time it took for them to put those together, doesn’t it?

Yes, I know what you mean! My mom worked on it for around a year.

That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. You have a really great mom :smiley:

Aw, thanks, that’s really nice of you to say! I do have a wonderful mom, I’m very grateful for her.

And a year, Ellie? That’s dedication. I’m sure it’s beautiful.

I’m so addicted to Up that…

  • I spent $65 on a blu-ray steelbook because I checked multiple Best Buy locations and they were sold out. But I already owned the DVD/blu-ray combo copy, so the steelbook purchase was purely for the sake of aesthetics and collecting.

  • I want to buy a grape soda pin and Adventure Book from Etsy next summer. I tried painting my own pin but it looked awful!

  • When Up came out, I listened to “Married Life” a zillion times in a row and cried every time.

  • I’m considering building my own scale model of Carl’s house.

  • I’ve told my boyfriend that the cutest, most adorable engagement would be something involving Up. For example, giving me an Adventure Book attached to some colorful helium balloons (“Spirit of Adventure” scribbled on, of course), and on the first page the proposal is written. Then, I’ll be handed a grape soda pin with a ring hooked on. Okay, I know that was a really silly thing to say, especially because I have a few more years to go until this happens, but I told my boyfriend I don’t want to be proposed to any other way. Just as future reference for him. 8D

Do it!

I am not obsessed with UP as you are though, I love the movie but I am not obsessed.

For me for any Pixar film, it starts with my incessant quoting… right after I saw Up, I began talking like Dug whenever no one was around! The addiction continues when I start drawing the characters multiple times a day. And now, it comes from looking for any and all opportunities to wear my DMR Ellie Badge any time I go out… and every time, my mom tells me “the lavender doesn’t quite match that outfit” or “the style is too bold for that delicate dress”, and because I’m a freak about keeping my outfits matchy, I give in. I think my problem is just that I don’t have any tweed jackets and white shirts and or bow ties… hmmm… that could be an interesting fashion statement… :smiley: And finally, since I don’t have the Up soundtrack yet, I can’t constantly listen to Married Life, so I hum it constantly whenever I’m super-happy!

You build a super accurate LEGO replica and hope people like it enough to support it and get LEGO to produce it, knowing that Up’s 3D BluRay is coming this year, and that it would be the perfect tie-in…

Do you have pictures, I’d like to see!