You Know Your Addicted to Up When...

Just thought this’d be a really fun thread to start as I’ve played a few times on role-play forums and for me, this film is an obsession and a life style <3

So you know when your addicted to Up when:

You’ve got your whole family loving the film and the main reason for this is because Carl looks like my granddad.

Sadly I don’t have another photo on my computer, but I promise, if you stretched Carl to be 6ft? they look really similar. I’ll try and get a better photo asap.

  • when you’ve watched the film on and off every few weeks since February when I got it for my 20th birthday.

  • when you tell your parents you want an Up themed bedroom, and they provide painting the room blue and white, and the skyline window means I can see clouds!:

Your also know your addicted when you roleplay Ellie on a forum and make banners like this using ‘Kate Nash’ to represent her:

And then when your friend is taking Carl using the Eleventh Doctor you make this before she’s even joined!

I’ve been drawing and writing fandom Up stuff for the past week unable to get the characters and the plot out of my head and I start crying before ‘THE’ sequence even starts and to finish the complete randomness my parents saw this and bought it for me:

So, who else is as obsessed as me? Let me know!

Well, I’m not quite as obsessed as you(with Up, at least) but I do think it’'s a beautiful, moving film, and it’s my favorite after The Incredibles and Toy Story 2.

When I’m bored I write SQUIRREL for no reason in a notebook
When I listen to Married Life at least 4 times a week
When I’m trying to learn how to play the entire Up soundtrack
When my avatar on a dog website is Dug.
When one of my favorite jokes is “A squirrel walks up to a tree and says ‘I forgot to store acorns for winter and now I am dead.’ HA! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead”
When I think of Up every time you see a balloon.
Yep, I’m pretty obsessed. :slight_smile:

Oh my God, the acorn joke. Don’t even get me started. I told that joke a million times when the movie first came out, no one ever appreciated it. I guess they hadn’t seen the movie. Needless to say, I got a lot of weird stares O_o

Hehehe I’ve been there.

More of my friends have seen the movie now, so they know what I’m talking about. They still don’t think it’s that funny. :-D)

Speaking of balloons, when I was at my cousin’s house the other day, they had blown up 13 packs of balloons in a single room, and I was like, “I’ve got an idea! Let’s tie all of these balloons to the roof, and go on a adventure where we meet a talking dog!”, and my cousin was like “Huh?” ROFL

I laugh every time I think of the squirrel joke. It isn’t funny at all, and I think that is what makes it funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

My avatar was of Carl for awhile on my OS X account, but I’m not as addicted to UP as I used to be. I really love the movie though, and that’s why I made my video.

With all of it’s more unique moments, including the squirrel joke, it is one of the best films to be addicted to.

And you know your hooked to this film when you can deliver every single line word for word without any shame!

Wow your Grandpa does look kind of like Carl.

My dad just asked me if we could watch it tonight! He hasn’t seen it yet, but I hope he loves it! Who knows, he might even become addicted?

I hope you guys watch that movie! It’s a fun movie to watch with my parents. My dad loved it. My mom even loved it, even though she doesn’t like cartoon movies. she loves Disneyland, but she’s not big into the movies!

Thanks! My parents sometimes don’t like the same Pixar movies as me. For instance, they aren’t huge fans of Ratatouille and it is my second favorite. Then again, my dad loves Monsters, Inc. and that just happens to be my first favorite. Considering both are Pete Docter, there is a good chance he will like it!

My mom watched it with me back in December and she really liked it.

  1. When you have a new appreciation for ballons!
  2. When you start imagining what really goes on in the mind of your dog
  3. When you and your boyfriend want to start writing together their own “Adventure Book” and filling it with pictures and events that happened in their lives together.
  4. When you seriously think you can use your own tool shed as a floating house
  5. When you go around the house talking in Alpha’s squeaky voice
  6. You start mixing up the Boy Scouts with the Wildnerness Explorers
    7)You still get teary eyed after the millionth time watching the film! :slight_smile:

“UP” is really one of my top favorite Pixar films…there is something so pure, so simple, so adventurous…and UP-lifting about it! PIXAR HAS SCORED AGAIN! :slight_smile:

LOL My dad does that all the time, it’s annoying. I have to keep correcting him, and in my head I’m saying “The Wilderness must be explored! Caw! Caw! RAWR!”

When you have listened to the soundtrack at least 15 times straight through and have listened to Married Life almost 200 times and have listened to Upular 975 times and have seen the movie 15 times.

Ha, I’ve done the repeatedly listening of Upular!

when you see a squirrel, and yell “Squirrel!” and then you start acting like Dug. luckily no one was around to see me acting so weirdly… haha.

When my brother and I were in Wisconsin, there were squirrels EVERYWHERE. We kept whispering “Squirrel!” to each other. :slight_smile:

Heehee, that’s funny! I like to yell squirrel at my dog, and he gets all interested.