Your favorite character?

I wonder if I should put in GLory Days Supers into my list.

My Favorite Character is Syndrome , hands down.

My God , do I ever LOVE this guy. Syndrome is three-fourths a Super Hero and One-Fouth a Supervillian. He’s only a villian to the one that has hurt him, and a Hero to everyone else.

Like me, Syndrome is a little kid with childhood dreams he could not let go of and also never fully grew up. A child at heart, he still dreams of being a superhero, confident he can make a differance in the world in spite of a troubled childhood and betrayed/rejected by the role model he trusted most.
I have been betrayed by a lot of people I trusted in my past , and I too had a rough childhood due to a disability ( autism, learning problems, seizures, all nuerological related. ).

Another thing Syndrome an I have in common is we’ve conquered a lot in spite of our trials and troubles. I am now a Highest Honors Student that is one of the top alimni at my college, and Syndrome is the head of his own empire.

My fan-made character, Synical, is a sidekick for Syndrome an the Disney/Pixar World version of me. I will post all about Synical in the fan-made section soon. :sunglasses:

If I had to say my Second Favorite Character , I would say Violet … for all reasons others have mentioned. :slight_smile:

Syndrome and Violet, is it so hard to see why Pixar Pixie loves you both so much ?

Sweet can’t wait to hear about synical…i love stories.

Good reasons Pixarpixie! I also can’t wait to hear about your Synical Stories.

Hmmmm, I’ve always been quite partial to Violet, personally. nodnod Maybe it’s because she’s a teenage girl like myself, so I relate to her better, but even so. And her powers are pretty awesome, although if I were a superhero, I’d want superspeed. xP I’ve also been told I sound (Or USED to sound) a little like her as well.

I also like Syndrome in an “I love to hate you” kind of way. Not to mention he’s just a great villian in general. Killing off all those superheroes because you were rejected once? Harsh, man. xP

Hmmm, Violet and Syndrome getting a lot of love right now!

Syndrome is also a villain that I not only love to hate, but I also find him very adorable with his humor.

I’ll be different!

Helen Parr/Elastigirl is by far my favorite. She’s such an intriguing character. I really love how Pixar created two stories in the Incredibles. There’s the story of the kids with super powers going to defeat the bad guys that appeals to the younger audience. Then there’s the story of Bob and Helen Parr and how they’re trying to raise a family and cope with the every-day mundane, when oh yeah, they have super powers and are dealing with a supervillian. I like Helen. She’s cool. Not to mention, when she tries to find Bob and gets caught in all of those doors. That always makes me laugh.

Yay! Another Helen fan! You and I seem to agree on many things, pertaining to Elastigirl. And welcome to the forums Swimchick17!

dash :slight_smile:

Good choice dude. Dash is a cool character. Welcome to Pixar Planet.

Hm, yeah, I’d have to say Dash is definitely one of mine. I suppose that I like Frozone, too. :smiley:

Frozone is a cool character. I like him as well. I don’t think there is a single TI chacter (aside from Huph) that I don’t like.

Yeah, same to me, TSS
I like all the characters, except for Huph.

I love the Incredibles family. :smiley:
Frozone is cool, indeed. :sunglasses:
Edna & Honey are funny. :laughing:
Mirage is a good character. I can see her personalities being developed through the story. :wink:
Other minor characters added the taste to this great movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edna is definitly my favorite !
" Yet here we are. " And her darlings are awesome…
" You’re the best.

  • Yes I know Darling…" :mrgreen:

One of my most favorite lines from her in the entire film.

Mr Incredible and Edna (Bird’s voiceacting rules).

I agree with yu there Luke. No one on Earth could do Edna better than Bird.

I’ve tried to imitate it many times. I just can’t :laughing:

Join the club. I can’t even get it to sound similar.


the guy’s a beast