Your favorite character?

And not just supers, either! I don’t have just one favorite character, but many. There’s Edna Mode who’s funny (after Bob worked out and lost weight Edna says “oh my, you’ve gotten fat” when he goes to visit her). Then there’s Kari, Jack-Jack’s babysitter who doesn’t listen to a thing Helen says). Honestly though, every character in the movie is great.

So… who’s your favorite?

EDIT: Wow, I spelled “your” wrong.

Instead of stating who my favorite is, why don’t I just post the whole list, then explain!

- Favorite Character - From The Incredibles- (From “Most Favorite” to “Least Favorite”)

1. Violet Parr: I absolutely love this girl. She is so cute, so adorable, her hair is beautiful, the eyes make me squeal inside, and shes pretty smart as well. (If you haven’t noticed, I got a gigantic crush on her). I love her powers. Her invisibility and force fields comes in handy alot in the movie, both in her normal and super life. And they give a reflection of her chracter in the begining of the movie. In addition, Violet reminds me of myself when I was growing up. Before, I was a pretty shy guy who was totaly afraid of girls. After finding an outlet for myself, i have grown in confidence and in ability, as shown in the movie.

2. Helen Parr: I also found Helen Parr to be pretty attractive, after seeing the movie for the umpthteenth time. I found her powers to be not only useful, but exciting as well. I never know what she is going to strech into or how is she going to strech like next. One very distinct characteristic I found in her was her mother-like traits. She is very caring and protective of her family. And her solo chapter in “Lithe or Death” really got me excited to watch her. In fact, she appears in almost every scene I find both intense and high adrenalne.

3. Bob Parr: Bob is hilarious. I love watching his fighting sequences with the Omnidroid. He is my favorite male Pixar character of all time. The best thing that I love about him is his super strength. Both his physical strength, and strength for his family. The scene before he and his wife kissed was probably the most powerful part of the movie.

4: Dash Parr: Quite possibly the most exciting and energetic character to watch. He is such an innocent and adorable little boy, but his mischivious side makes him that much more loveable. The “!00 Mile Dash” sequence had me on the edge of my seat, from where he started his run till where he drops into the water. Dash’s energy inspired me to be like him before I do a show, play, or a concert. Energy that kept him running just sorta flows down on to me.

5.Jack-Jack Parr: In myopinion, the most adorable character that Pixar has ever created. His cuteness distracts me sometimes when I watch the movie. In Jack-Jack Attack, I thought that it was completely hilarious how he just exploded (literally) with power. So much that even Kari couldn’t handle it. I think his cooing gets me to squeal the most at him. I love it when he just plays with an orange ball while Kari talks on the phone with Helen.

6. Lucius Best:I want to say I like him because he is cool, but then I think many people would be slapping their heads with that pun. Inaddition to him being cool, he has got the voice. Sam Jackson does an incredible job with Frozone. I also love Lucius’s ice powers. It was indeed a visual treat when I saw that.

7. Edna Mode: Brad Bird, you are a genious. If the spotlight had to be on one character in the movie, without a doubt, it had to be Edna Mode. First of all, she has got the sweetest house I have ever seen. And if you thought her mansion was amazing, check out her costume labe. It is flippin loaded with everything a Super Suit designer needs. She is funny and extremely powerful. How many time do you see a tiny woman get the best of Supers?

8. Mirage: She is pretty fine looking. She would be higher, but I felt that the voice could’ve been a little more better. Still, Mrs. Pena did a fantastic job with her and I have no doubt that anyone could do it any better. She is both mysterious and alluring. At first, i thought she was going to stick with Syndrome until the end. But after Syndrome gambled with her life in the clutches of Mr. Incredible, just like Barack Obama said, it was time for a change. Mirage is a pretty significant character. Without her, Syndrome wouldn’t be where he was. Mr. Incredible wouldn’t have gotten another chace at glory. And without her, the Incredibles couldn’t get back to the mainland to stop the Omnidroid.

9. Syndrome: He’s a villain, so anyone that goes against the hero in my book, you’ll find me booing. But at the same time, I find myself radically in love the Syndrome’s character. He is one of the few bad guys who can perfectly maintain a despicable, evil side of him with a hilarious joke nut as well. Syndrome has got a pretty good motivation to do what he did under his belt. Heck, it even surprised me when I found out that he was Buddy from the Glory Days. And of course, you can’t talk about Syndrome without mentioning the gadgets. Oh my there is just so much to love about it. Makes you want to add it for your wishlist to Santa.

10. Tony Rydinger: First off, I have seen some crazy pairings with Violet. First, there is the so called “Synlet” pair which pairs VIolet and Syndrome in a romantic relationship. Another one is the “Vibur” couple, pairing both Wilbur Robinson from “Meet the Robinsons” and Violet together. Still, with all of the crazy fandomness going around, I can concluded that Tony Rydinger is by far the most perfect person for Violet. He seems like a very nice and perfect guy for Violet. Even though he is a chick magnet, and we don’t get to see much Violet and Tony interactions, I believe that Tony is the right guy for her. He is pretty cool, he seemed nice when he talked to Violet, and of course, PV is in love with him, so that gets the automatic approval. (Sorta)

11. Kari McKean: Ditzy and lovable at the smae time. Though she probably has hardly any clue of what is going on, she was definetely aware that Jack-Jack was a special baby. Kari, you gotta watch her in action to love her. My favorite line from her is, “You know I wish my parents played Mozart when I was sleeping because half the time I don’t know what anyone is talking about!”

  1. Rusty: He is too cute. And not to mention he got one of the biggest laughs with the line, “THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!!”

13. Underminer: Even though I didn’t get to see much from him in the movie, I did see him in the Incredibles Video Game Sequel. He was a very unique villain with very clever gadgets and robots. The Gilgenbot has gotta be a force to be reckoned with. Even though the Underminer is dirty, he is still a nicely done character in the Incredibles world.

14. Bomb Voyage: A French Villain. You can’t get any more clever than that. I like it how he has got the bomb as a weapon of choice theme going on. NOt much to say except, thumbs up to Pixar!

15. Bernie Kropp: I don’t like him He was pretty brutal on Dash when he accused him of putting a tack on his stool. Quite frankly, I think he got exactly what he deserved. In fact, according to the 2nd DVD of the Incrediblys, an easter egg points out that Bernie is not the nicest teacher, even to Dash’s other classmates.

16. Rick Dicker: He was pretty boring, and I expected him to be more than just an NSA Agent, but still, he was a good person to the Parrs.

17. Gilbert Huph: i am really glad that he got thrown though a lot of walls by Bob. If you don’t wanna help people, why the heck do you do what you do?

Mutual feeling with TSS on Violet for this one. Crush on her, cute, googly eyes, felt like her (a ‘shrinking Violet’) when I was young before I let myself be open to society a little more. Heck, I even imagined her to be a real person back then, like a little voice behind my head. <_<"

I feel as though I’ve answered this question before. I do like Violet because she reminds me a little of me as well. I’m kinda quiet, shy, that kinda thing. I like Helen, because, hello, strong female character. And I like Enda because, she’s got spunk, to say the least. But my overall fav, would have to be Frozone because I find him hilarious. Plus, his ice power is right up my alley with my love of the cold and winter and stuff.

Oooh, good intresting choices you guys!

I’d pick one of the Incredibles but they’re just so awesome I can’t chose! So my favorite character in The Incredibles would have to be Edna Mode, it’s hilarious how she’s so small, yet her personality is so big! Besides Bob, Helen (and their super counterparts), Violet, Dash and of course Jack-Jack, other characters I like are Frozone (cus he’s so cool) and Mirage.

I really liked Violet the first time I ever saw The Incredibles, but my then immediate appeal to her has worn off. I’d say Syndrome is my favourite character now, as he has an interesting motive, looks cool, and is just plain funny. I sort of feel sorry for him concerning his childhood situation, which obviously wasn’t that great.

I felt that, too, which I believe is a feeling not many people gained when it comes to big, bad Syndrome. I mean, Bob was kind of at the wrong, too, when he just denied Buddy of his… erm, obsessed, fanaticism, and not only did he not sit down and talk about it when Syndrome started monologuing, he threw a log at him!

Kinda obvious where the people who felt sorry for Syndrome is coming from.

WBoon- Yeah, but we’re special. :wink: :laughing:

Exactly. I do like Bob Parr as a character- I think he’s great, and I love how he is quite happy to risk his life for the sake of his family, and the transformation he goes through in the course of the film is incredible- but I do hate that moment when he turns down Buddy. He could’ve been more gentle.

But this was before Bob was ever a parent, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his previous experience with kids was pretty minimal at that point.

I think what he did was fine. Buddy got into his car and started to annoy Bob and then Buddy distracted him when he was trying to deal with a dangerous criminal - Bomb Voyage. I think Buddy should’ve given Mr. Incredible some space.

I agree. My favorite character is definetly Edna Mode. Jack Jack as a close second because of Jack Jack Attack. He was hilarious!

Alec Azam: Well, if you are a crazy, obsessed fanboy like Buddy was, it would be hard to give Mr. I any space. Even though Mr. I was a little harsh on Buddy, he had to make it clear that Buddy is not wanted by him and that Buddy crossed the line.

Eh. I was alright with Bob turning down Buddy - it is the monologuing part that bugged me. HE COULD’D JUST LISTENED AND TALKED ABOUT IT! Sheeze!

Fro…my character.

A classic mistake for a villain to make is to let their guard down, so while Syndrome was monologing, Bob seized the opportunity to get away.

I know that; but that would make Bob the sniveling, cunning, backstabbing one. Heh. I guess a murderous criminal ain’t really the type of person to sit down and share his feelings anyway. :laughing:

Besides, i think Syndrome’s intentions was to get rid of Mr. Incredible, not making up.

He knew that Mr. incredible was one of the best and if he could get rid of him with his Omnidroid (TSS see how i spelled it) it would prove 2 things

1-The Droid was ready…
2-No super could defeat the droid becuase it ahd defeated one of the best supers around with Mr. incredible.

Still, despite the fact that he is a villain, I do find Syndrome really cool. part of me wants to work with him so I can use his cool toys.

I have to admit his toys are cool.