Your Friend the Rat fan commentary - 9.20.2008

A few Pixar Planeteers will be recording a fan commentary of Your Friend the Rat as practice for an upcoming Ratatouille commentary, on September 20, 2008.. Although one has been done before, another will have to be conducted due to scheduling reasons.

A113: not ready
M-O: 70% ready 80% ready
qxgnxamy: Ready!
Lightning Eclipse: 60% ready
thedriveintheatre: unknown

rachelcakes1985: unknown

A113: New Mexico
M-O: Illinois France
qxgnxamy: New York
Lightning Eclipse: Arizona
thedriveintheatre: New South Wales

rachelcakes1985: South Australia

A113: 4:30 PM (MDT)
M-O: 5:30 PM (CDT) 12:30 AM, Sunday the 21st (CEST)
qxgnxamy: 6:30 PM (EDT)
Lightning Eclipse: 3:30 PM (MST)
thedriveintheatre: 8:30 AM, Sunday the 21st (EST)

rachelcakes1985: 8:00 AM, Sunday the 21st (CST)

Skype software and accounts. We will PM our Skype accounts to qxgnxamy after we have downloaded the Skype software, and then he will PM them to all of us, so we can start our commentary. He will also record our commentary for later viewing.

Put me down as unknown for that date okay A113.

I just need the headset and i’ll be ready so i’m sorta 80% ready.

TSS: One at a time, Mr. Incredible! :laughing: This is mainly for those who couldn’t participate in the first one, but you can join if you want. For now, though, i’d like to keep this one uncluttered. :wink:

Well, I don’t think it should ust be for people who didn’t get a chance. THere is nothing wrong with putting someone in who already has experience.

Sorry, i must’ve said that wrong. tries to make TSS feel wanted :laughing:

on’t get the hope up yet A113. I said I’ll se. It isn’t a positive Yes yet.

Did you type that with your nose or something? XD

Well, whatever your’re thinking, just let us know! :wink:

I will A113. I promise I will.

Any reason why the YFTR second commentary can’t be recorded on the 19th?

Rachel: We might do that, because M-O says he probably won’t make it for the 26th, so i think it shoul be moved to the 19th.

Everyone, i’m moving this to the 19th, because M-O can’t make it on another date.

Good. We should organise it, and I mean, really try to make it, people so we don’t have to go organising another one. :wink: I assume it will be at the same time?

First off, is it all right if I participate in this commentary, as well? I’d like to get more comfortable with commentating, if that’s all right with you guys.

Secondly, I agree with rachel on this one. It would be great if we could get everyone to join in this time around. The more effort we put into it, the more effectively we’ll be able to make this commentary even more worthwhile than the first.

– Mitch

I guess you guys are in. :smiley:


Well, the 19 seems a little more of a better date for me. But we’ll see. I am just afraid that the commentary will be a little chaotic with so many comentators.

TSS: That’s what i was originally worried about, but after thinking it over, we’re all friends here, and we’re gonna have a party!

A113 - Thank you very much for including us, A113!

I’m pretty sure that I don’t have anything planned for the afternoon of the nineteenth, so just count me as 100% ready. :wink:

– Mitch

I could take part in this one, but it depends what time it is for me, because it’s likely that I’m going to be out for most of the day. Also, I don’t want to overcrowd this practise- I’d rather give others a chance to have a go. But if there’s space and it’s the right time, I’ll partake. :smiley:

lizardgirl - Partake! Partake! I loved listening to both you and rachel commentate. You guys did a great job! (Plus, I love your accents…) :wink:

– Mitch

Mitch- Well, I’m out from about 9:15am until half two-ish, so it does depend on the time difference. According to one website, it’ll be about ten in the evening, so if that’s the case, I might join in.