Your Friend the Rat

I can’t believe there isn’t already a thread made for this short! :open_mouth:

I absolutely love this short! I can probably say that after Lifted and Presto, I laughed the hardest watching this than probably any other Pixar short. It’s just so cleverly done, informative in an engaging way, and I like how they instituted stock footage in a few sections. Plus that little number that’s done in the end is so adorable! :smiley:

So what are your thoughts, comments, complaints even, about this short? It’s definitely a departure from the other Pixar shorts (even the film shorts) in that it’s presented in a documentary kind of way, but I find that to be one of its outstanding qualities. :wink:

little chef

Ah, I love this short! Probably my favorite next to Burn-E! I love how informative it is! I actually learned a few things watching this one! Oh, and you can’t forget the hidden Wall-E! I spent like an hour trying to find that thing. :laughing:

I really loved this short… mostly because it said that rats are awesome. (I have two pet rats myself. xD)

I thought the fact that they stuffed in so many different animation techniques and styles was fantastic. CG (obviously), claymation, Chalkmation (not sure if that’s the actual term), sprites, and and classic 2D. I don’t know how many different styles there were but it was many more then one.

And it helps that it was entertaining. :smiley:

This is my third favorite short! Right behind Partly Coudy and BURN-E!!!
I love the song, and the two types of animation used in it. Emile and Remy are too funny!

Love it! I really enjoy the mix of animation styles (the Mountie vs Rat video game is a hoot), the song, the Remy/Emile banter (we’re from China, but we’re called Norway rats? Wait, now we’re from Denmark?), the educational content, this is just fun all around.

It’s my favorite Pixar short. It’s educational, love the different types of animation, and I really appreciate Pixar trying to get the word out that not all rats are plague-carrying monsters. And I seriously almost died at the end with rolling credits. Too funny. :laughing:

I liked that one a lot too. I love all the different styles of animation that were in it, especially the video game part. And of course, duh, the Beatles are in it. What more could you want? :wink:

I loved the short, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not my favorite. In fact, I’d say it’s in my bottom three. It’s very informative, and I liked the song. I have a pet rat myself (named Dexter, after the show. Not the one with the laboratory :wink: ), so it was nice to see them portrayed as something other than dirty, unwanted vermin.

I love all the shorts, and this one is somewhere in the middle for me. I like the mixture of mediums, I like all the references(best band. EVER!!!), and it’s just funny. Great short, although the movie was a lot better as far as I’m concerned(though they’re always that way.)

I just saw this one on Disney Channel the other day! The whole segment about the history of rats had me laughing! 8D

I really like Your Friend the Rat! It’s so funny, especially the part about Alberta.

One thing I really like about this short is the interaction and personality of the characters. Remy and Emile are really interesting characters and I love how they interact with each others. I also really love their voices. That sounds really weird, but Patton Oswalt has a really interesting voice!

This is the cutest short ever, I like thier little Beatles Reference ^^ :smiley:

I do love this short! It’s so clever, so funny, so cute! But I love anything that has to do with Remy. He is so cute! I watch a lot of documentary’s so the fact that it was a rats documentary tickled me. I love the song in the end too! It’s so cute! :smiley:

I think this is one of the most funniest shorts pixar has ever made, the most funny part is the videogame part with the soldier holding the rats and then battling the giant rat.

Yes! I love that part! :smiley:

We were just learning about the Bubonic Plague in APEuro, and I made sure my teacher knew that fleas were the actual carriers of the disease, not rats.

Thank you Your Friend the Rat.

Hahaha good job, Sean :smiley: I love this short, especially the song at the end. I laughed so hard during the whole thing. It’s one of the shorts my brother’s love

Friday I was writing a paper on the Black Plague, so I listened to Your Friend the Rat while writing. :laughing: