Your Silly "Up" Related Stories!

Aw, Cirque… that’s a sweet story about your Dad & Grandfather.

LOL, K9Girl, about the kids acting out Up.

Thanks to a certain group of dogs, every time my family sees a squirrel in the neighborhood…or anywhere…we shout “SQUIRRELLLL!!!”

Ok you guys won’t believe this, but I’m telling the truth and nothing but the truth. :slight_smile:

So about six months after we bought UP on DVD, my little sisters (then 5 and 7) decided to see if you really dig the hole before or after. They tried it right behind the house… XD

“UP” is really a special, sweet story to me…in so many different ways!

My little sister has a yellow lab, and even though I know Dug is a Golden Reteriever, her lab looks EXACTLY like Dug…and I can’t help but sometimes hear Dug’s voice in my head whenever that sweet dog sees a squirrel in our back yard or chases after a ball! “Yes! I do! Yes, I do! I do ever so want the ball!”

But I think the sweetest “UP” related story is how it reminds me of my sweet boyfriend… :slight_smile: When he and I first met, he was very quiet and I was very talkitive and friendly…so basically, when Ellie and Carl first meet, both of us can’t help but smile when we think of how much it resembles me and him… :slight_smile:

Also, he and I want to create our own “Adveture Book” together and fill it with pictures of all that we’ve done together so far in the first 2 years we’ve known each other… :slight_smile:

I think all these sweet reminders and how sweet “UP” is really in general makes me love this film VERY much! Pixar has scored again! :slight_smile:

I know a cat down my road, called Toby. He’s exactly like Dug!! One day, he arrived on our front door and I just said “I was hiding under your porch because I love you.” :unamused:

Haha, that’s great! The cat that stops on my porch just sits there and does, um, cat business. Very un-Up like.

One time my sister and I were talking and I randomly said “SQUIRREL!” And we had this conversation:
Me: Squirrel!
Sister: Squirrel!
Me: Squirrel!
Sister: Squirrel!
Me: I hate squirrels!
Sister: I eat squirrels!
Me: I hate squirrels

I was at the Humane Society visiting the dogs, and one of the girls in my group (I was at day camp at the time) pointed to one dog and said “Poor girl! She’s wearing the Cone of Shame!”
That was an awesome moment.

When we had a dog (he died about 4 years ago), shouting to him “Squirrel!” was enough to make him get ready at once and start to search furiously. So, when I saw Up, I was amused to see that the dogs act like this too. And now, my friend has a golden retriever who resembles Dug in his friendly behaviour. I sometimes say for him “I have just met you, and I love you” when he meets unknown people, because he is default friendly and good-tempered :smiley:

For Christmas, my mom got a really pretty yard ornament of a bird. It’s body is an orb of mosaic marble, and it has a tail and cute head that bob.

It’s pretty tall, and at the front of our door. When she first unwrapped it, my dad said it looked like a Snipe! So now we’ve named it Kevin, so when I come home I always say “Hi Kevin!”

I’ve got a number of them. The first one that comes to mind is this one; it was the first time I’d seen my brother since I’d seen Up and I was absolutely determined to greet him like Dug, just as a capper for the Up-obsessed ramblings I was about to dump on him. I tried to execute a perfect “Hi there!” but somehow I totally ruined it, and I can usually do a good impression of Dug! Needless to say, he didn’t quite get it… perhaps I should’ve had a tennis ball in my mouth or something… :laughing:

Not sure if it can be considered silly (it’s actually pretty awesome), but I saw someone with an Up-branded messenger bag outside my office today. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture cos’ my phone died.

I literally say “squirrel” every time I see one. And a while ago, while I was on spring break, my mom and I were visiting my aunt and uncle with all their horses, and they had a dog named Ardemous (I really don’t know how to spell it) the Destroyer, and Mom pointed and said, “Squirrel!”

^Hehehe… you know someone’s an Up fan when they go out of their way to say “squirrel!” whenever they see a squirrel :slight_smile:

Wow, little_chef, that is very ironic!

You’d go crazy at my university’s campus. Squirrels, everywhere.

Last week, there was a squirrel in our walnut tree, and we were all like, “Squirrel!”

^ I do that all the time whenever I see a squirrel. :laughing: