You've Got A Friend In Me

Yaoi warning…aka…slash…gay…boy/boy…don’t judge me…please…don’t like don’t read.
Dominic was an ordinary teenager…until one faithful day when a promise to his friend got a little out of hand. He was going for a walk when he saw his friend Deanna. Deanna was a teen mom, but would always set aside time to play a, nuture,and care for her son Caleb.
"Hey Dominic,"called his friend Deanna.“I have to go shopping could you watch mCaleb?”
"Sure!"Dominic replied sitting down next to the two-year-old. The little boy pulled out a Toy STory 3 dvd, and DOminic started to watch it with him. He alwasys loved Pixar movies, and this one was one of his absolute favorites. After the movie, Dominic carried Caleb up in his arms, and put him into bed. He kissed the little boy’s forehead, and took a book off of Deanna’s shelf and started to read.
"Very dusty…I highly doubt she or any of her family ever cracked it open!"Dominic thought to himself. He opened the book and started reading
The worlds of fictions are often misunderstood…people from our worlds often disappear ito them…sometimes by simply reading phrases…among these are Dominic squinted…to see the words clearer. "Treguna macquodises sacodum saccas dee…"Dominic instantly thought of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but before he could think twice his friend Savannah was sitting in his seat…
"How did you get in?"Dominic asked her. She didn’t see or hear him, because as he spoke he felt the odd sensation of having every bit of his body painlessly disappearing.
"Well at least Caleb is safe with Savannah!"Dominic said as an optomist. He fell asleep as he hit the ground.
"Andy,"a girl whispered. “Mommy said for you to bring him into the house!”
"Ok kiddo…as long as he isn’t a bother on your mom…"the boy named Andy said carrying Dominic in his arms.
"Hmm?"Dominic asked not being able to hear the voices clearly.
"Sleep now,"Andy said to him. “I’ll be here in the morning…ok?”
"Mmmmmm,"Dominic said in reply.
I guess that’s a yes thought Andy as he turned out the light and tiptoed out.

Ch. 2
"There’s a snake in my boot,"Dominic woke up to hear this odd catch phrase. He opened his eyes to see a cute little girl with brown hair and a pink tutu.
"Bonnie,"Dominic said surprised.
"Yeah!"the girl giggled happily hugging him.“Mommy said I can keep you!Dominic…”
"How do you know my…"he began to say but he stopped as he heard the door open and a vistor enter.
"You’re one of us now,"a handsome boy said coming in.
"Andy?"Dominic asked surprised. He was even more gorgeous than Dominic would have imagined. He came out in high school at the same time. Does he know all there is to know about me he wondered?
"That’s right,"Andy said smiling down on Dominic. The ordinary smile sends off a little bit of joy to the average person’s heart. Now when the person being smiled at is experiencing a crush or "love at first sight"the smile is like a rainbow from heaven after a thunderstorm.“You read the words.”
"I know,"he replied nodding.“So that means?”
“You’re basically here to stay…this was the last fictional world you’ve watched or read…so that’s why you’re living with Bonnie here,and I’m right next door if you need anything. For some reason I decided my sophmore year of high school shouldn’t be in a dorm…so let’s find out about you. How old are you?”
"I’m almost five!"Bonnie shouted.
"I mean Dominic Bonnie…"Andy told her chuckling
"17,"Dominic said shyly.
“I just turned 19 last week.”
“Oh cool. I’m turning 18 in November.”
“Fun times.We’ll have a party for you.”
"Oh don’t go to any…"He was cut off by Andy covering his mouth with one finger. He sighed happiy upon being touched.Woody and Jessie who were spying knew exaaaaaaaaaactly what Dominic was thinking and what he would do if Andy would hug him.
“No trouble at all…so how did you get here?”
“I was babysitting for my friend and when I put her son to bed I read the words!”
“Classic…it’s always when babysitting…except no Goblin King”
“Labyrinth refrence!”
"Why yes Dominic I’m quite impressed…David Bowie fanboy…"Andy smirked while saying this Dominic didn’t come off as the older man/rock star loving kind.
"He’s ok…you?"Dominic said honestly. David was an interesting cast, but the real genius was Jim to him.
“Yes…but the real reason I watch…”
"Is that Jim Henson made it!"they both said in unison.
"Jim who?"Bonnie asked
"I guess that says what will be my first family movie night with her will be…"Dominic said smiling.
"I should say so,"Andy said.“Well now! It’s Saturday and Bonnie’s going over to play with her friends Hamish, Hubert, and Harris?”
“Merida’s brothers…I’m in Pixar as a whole…”
“You got it,and since I don’t have classes I’m going to be your guide to meeting them all. If you don’t mind.”
“Not at all.”
"He seems nice!"Buzz said.
"Yes and I think Andy is going to have a “special friend”,"Jessie said.
"And Bonnie too! And all of the other Pixar characters!"Rex said not understanding her.
"Rex!"Buzz said. “It means something very very different.”
"What?"Rex asked.
"Dominic is in love with Andy,"Woody,Buzz,and Jessie said simulatenously.