You've got WALL•E fever when...

  1. You have been spotted in the toys and children’s books sections of Target several times, and looked at funny, and went back anyway.

  2. But you haven’t seen the movie yet, so you’re just looking at covers and hitting your hand whenever you are tempted to pick one up and spoil yourself.

  3. Then you’ve seen the movie and go to town looking at all the pretty art in the kid’s books.

  4. You also press a button on one of the sound read alongs and giggle.

Target book section, you make me such a geek. XD

How about

Most of your time on Pixar Planet has to do something WALL-E related.

Netbug009: LOL! Good one! I was so tempted, too, but I thought about other things, like…WALL…no, A113, don’t think about WALL…NO! NO! NO! XD
TSS: I can tell you don’t have the fever. Lucky you. XD Which gives me another one…

  1. You think WALL•E fever is a good thing.

Now I didn’t say it was a bad thing A113. :confused: I’m just saying I don’t have it.

  1. You write down the symbolism, allegories, all that great lit stuff, in the movie, on your eve and/or wall●e journal
  2. You become depressed when the T-shirts at the Disney store don’t fit you
  3. Hello Dolly is suddenly your favorite musical.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.

Me too!!! They’re seeing it tomorrow (this will be a second viewing for many), oh and they loved it!

  1. If someone gets you started about WALL-E you don’t stop until… well… never!

I know, I was just laughing at myself. :wink:

Laser Envy: I think your third symptom is my favorite.


Well, the reason being is because I was on a Hello Dolly craze before I auditioned for the play Hello Dolly in my school.

1.) Almost every time you and your friend get to talk, Wall-E somehow comes up into the conversation.
2.) You imagine how it’s like if your name was one of the robots’
3.) You start asking random people what they think of Wall-E.
4.) You check the webstie over and over
5.) You make your own Wall-E personality quiz
6.) Your desktop background/icon/signature, etc. has Wall-E in it
7.) You watch the vignettes over and over and never get tired of them
8.) When Wall-E is mentioned in a conversation, you can’t keep out of it
9.) You can’t make it through a day without thinking of Wall-E
10.) You try imitating WALL-E and the other robots for fun, even when everyone else gets annoyed by it.
11.) You doodle Wall-E characters
12.) When writing or drawing something Pixar fan-made, you include a hidden Wall-E
13.) You use your imagination to make characters out of shadows, and Wall-E pops into your head, even if it barely looks like Wall-E
14.) When someone says they haven’t seen Wall-E, or haven’t heard of it, you practically want to shout “GO SEE IT!”
15.) When you go to a store and see something Wall-E related, for a split second you forget everything else.
16.) When someone mentions robots, or outer space, or even adventure, the first thing that comes to your head is Wall-E.
17.) In your prayers, you mention “Thank you for Pixar; thank you for Wall-E- give me the oppurtunity to see more!”
18.) In charades, you try to act out Wall-E.
19.) If you make a list of “Must-have films”, Wall-E is at the top.
20.) You are saving your money for Wall-E when it comes out on DVD.
21.) What starts as a few reasons you know you have Wall-E fever rapidly grows into a long list.

  1. A kid from your church has officially nicknamed you “WALL-E Crazy”
  1. At night, when making up constellations, you can’t help but make out a character or object from Wall-E.

  2. During the day, when watching the clouds, you can’t help but spot one that reminds you of Wall-E.

  3. When you see a hula hoop, cups, headphones, magnet, and other things in Wall-E vignettes, you feel like acting like Wall-E for fun.
    4.) You make Wall-E comic strips
    5.) You plan that the next time you get the chance, you will form a snow Wall-E.
    6.) To make snacks more interesting, you try to form them in a shape one of the robots.
    7.) When playing an alphabet game, you say Wall-E first when you reach “W”
    :sunglasses: You hope there will be a Wall-E calendar

When you wear a blue shirt, because it’s the new red!
When you grow a plant in your shoe.
When you try to grow a pizza plant.

When you try and type te world WAL-MART, it sometimes doesn’t come out as the right word the first time. XD

When you try to say “Wal-mart” you accidentally say “WALL-E”

When you see a wall, you say, “WALL-E” for an unknown reason.

When your mirror or window fogs up, you draw Wall-E on it.

You refer to Wal-Mart at Buy n Large…

You have WALL-E fever when you talk to your friend via cellphone when they are about 3 meters away.

When your in a Pixar forum talking about it.

:confused: I don’t seem to get it…