You've got WALL•E fever when...

  1. You can do the WALL•E headphones dance.
  2. You can pronouce “WALL•E” exactly how WALL•E says it.
  3. You think EVE is hot. <3
  4. [spoil]You have a pet cockroach named Hal.[/spoil]
  5. You start examining all your new gadgets, trying to figure out what it does before reading the instructions.
  6. [spoil]You listen to Hello, Dolly! songs all day long.[/spoil]
  7. You wrote a paper on why WALL•E should come to your schoo, even if you’re not even in school.
    8 ) You know what Alt+Num 0-1-4-9 does, and use it every day.
  8. You have all three WALL•E posters.
  9. [spoil]You wish the Buy n Large Corporation exists.[/spoil]

My WALL-E Experiences
11) You’ve seen the WALL-E trailer about 100 times.
12) You have some kind of fit when you see a WALL-E ad.
13) You do, see, make, and/or think something WALL-E related everyday for 4 months, anticipating it to come out.

–[spoil]You know the lyrics to “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” and you wonder who Barnaby is.[/spoil]

–[spoil]Your feel bad about the time you severed a cockroach into three pieces[/spoil]

–[spoil]You laugh out loud when you see a salad fork. People stare.[/spoil]

–The classic movie greeting quote isn’t “Me Tarzan, You Jane”, it’s WaaAaall-E… Eeev-uh.

–[spoil]You’re the first to try “cupcake in a cup” at the state fair.[/spoil]

–It’s easier for you to believe bots have souls!

Sorry about all the spoilers!

These are mine:

1)You show up at the sneak preview with an ‘Art of Wall-E’ book, Wall-E playing on your iPod Touch, and sporting a shirt/

2)When you rent a Zipcar, roll down the window and start singing along to the ‘Put on Your Sunday Clothes’ number. I did that yesterday.

3)You walk by the Disney store and look at the miniscule amount of merchandise and think, ‘there must be more, MORE!’

4)You walk down a busy shopping district of town listening to the track 2815AD, and looknig at people carrying lots of shopping bags and envisioning the place in 807 years.

5)You ride a train to work, and are saddened that with all these people, noone is making interaction, except on their cellphones, music players, or reading a newspaper.

  1. Start eating food out of a cup

  2. Now somehow obsessed with listening to Hello Dolly, after never thinking you would be before

  3. You make putting on your clothes on a fine Sunday morning something special

  4. You love “Down to Earth” and listen to it a lot

  5. You REALLY want to buy merchandise with “BNL” imprinted on them

  6. WALL-E just came out in theaters, but you are already counting down the days for it to arrive on DVD / Blu-Ray

  7. You think about WALL-E references everyday, and will continue to do so for at least a few more months, or even over a year (And beyond)

-You have a poster on your wall before the movie comes out.

-And croc charms on your feet

-And you’re wearing a Tshirt.

Yes, I’m serious. XD

  1. When you have giant arguments with your friends because they don’t want to go see the movie.

  2. Whistle “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” subconsciously

  3. Already have plans and times set up to see it many more times

  1. You listen to “Down To Earth” constantly
  2. Greet your friends in a WALL•E voice
  3. Read every WALL•E related interview you can
  4. Want to watch WALL•E on Blu-ray already
  5. Your trying to convince everyone you know to see it
  6. Don’t want to go to WAL*MART ever again
    [spoil]7) Shut off your Apple computer and turn it back on just so you can hear the start-up sound[/spoil]

Awesome ones, guys! I love that zipcar one, uruseiranma! :laughing:

  1. You put in your contact lenses, and start moving your eyebrows one at a time, up and down, up, down, up, down…
  2. You got a MacBook just to hear MacInTalk.
  3. You want a pizza plant.
  4. You changed your name to [your name]•E
  5. You meet someone on the street and ask them what their directive is.
  6. You know how tall WALL•E is.
  7. You make friends with every Wally, Eve, Moe, and Shelby you meet.
  1. You dream about watching the movie.
  2. You search every day for new merchandise.
  3. You have the “character map” open on your computer just about the whole time. (Kinda like what A113 said).

Well, I ain’t got WALL-E fever, and probably will never. But I gotta tell you A113. I used to do number 6 on your list a lot because that was the musical I did a few months ago. So you can say I kinda had a WALL-E fever befoe the movie came out. :wink:

In New York, you go “WALL-E” every time you pass an add.

(It drove my mom crazy) :laugh:

  1. You think about WALL-E at least three times a day.
  2. Your heart beats just a little faster when WALL-E is mentioned.
  3. Your planner is covered with WALL-E stuff.

I love that character map one, Rachel! :laughing: And RR, that’s hilarious! XD

  1. You make a high-pitched gargle each time you take out a garbage.
  2. You think normal hyphens are so 26th century.
  3. You tried WALL•E’s hula hoop trick, and it turned out disastrous.
  4. You became a cup-shuffle expert just around the time of the WALL•E release.
  5. You have a patent pending on Ratatouille-in-a-cup.

Wow A113, you are really putting on qutie a list there. My prediction is you might reach 100 in maybe a week, maybe two or so.

  1. You begin to ask every kid at the camp you volunteer at if they have seen Wall-E yet :smiley:

They’re probably all sick of it now.

You create a Wall•E T-shirt (on your Mac, of course) just to wear to see the movie AGAIN.

Are you serious, Pixelated? That’s so funny! 8D I bet they say they do just to get you out of their faces. XD

Pretty much :smiley:

Although I saw one kid with the Wall-E watch and I snatched him away and started talking about the movie to him for a good three or four minutes. He sorta stood there :smiley:

:laugh: That kid should’ve known. XD

  1. You’ve out the BnL logo on almost everything in your room (or your house!)
  2. You think [spoil]Christmas lights tangled all over the ceiling[/spoil] is a nice touch to the garage.
    28 ) You put a bra over your eyes. O__o