Zack's Art

Well, thanks lizardgirl, I don’t know how I’m doing the

shading, but somehow it’s striking!

And now that Pixar Planet is back on it’s feet, here’s something I

drew six days


(trying to pick up jaw off of


Nice! I especially love Remy in this one- his eyes are especially rounded and, well,

Remy like! :smiley:

My goodness,

you’re too kind!

Thanks! I’m happy to know that I can

effectively draw Remy’s peepers!

That’s really good, love the shading you put into it .

Could you do some Finding Nemo


Seriously, I cannot get over how well you draw Remy. Just…your unique style seems to fit him


Great picture, Zack! Awesomely done. I “favorited”

this on dA. :smiley:

Zack, what can I

say? it looks absolutely marvelous. I love the woork you have done with the Ratatouille picture. Nice work. I

can’t wait to see more from you.

Well, thank you all!


Bill, if you’d like something from Finding Nemo, I’d be glad to come up with something… eventually. Anything

in particular you had in mind?

Do anything you want. I’m sure you’ll do great.


As you

wish. Perhaps something of Nigel or Jacques.

I have a Nemo

request. Can you do one with the sharks?

Sure! I’ll come up with something.

I’ve just gotten a pose in mind for Jacques, so I’ll start that first, but soon enough I’ll get something with

the sharks!

And here is



Oh man, that really looks like him!!!

:smiley: I love you art Zack!!! :smiley: Great work Zack!!! :smiley:


Aww, he looks so cute!
Great work, Zack, I love your style! :wink:

Haha – I just saw this on dA.

Awesome artwork, Jack! Jacques looks amazing. :smiley:

Jacques looks absolutely incredible. I love him so much.

You did an awesome job with it. can’t wait to see more.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

But I’m afraid I went and bought up a bunch of

Ratatouille books, and now I’m very tempted to draw Gusteau again!
But I’ll get those sharks first!

Well, I wish to

see a Gusteau when you have finished with the sharks. Good luck with them.