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Re: You Dream About Working In Pixar? Let's Do Something!

Postby maryblair » Mon May 27, 2019 12:40 pm

Levan wrote:Hi all!
My name is Levan Topuria, I'm 28 years old and I'm From the Republic of Georgia.

ok here's my point.
I love animated 3d films. especially ones from PIXAR!
watching those makes me happy :) and I always wanted to be a part of the making process. but... due to some situations i never head a chance to do so :( and the point is that I believe I'm not the only one :)

so, here is what I'm trying to say :)
what if we unite on this forum and try to do our own short film. The Pixar Planet Fans Short Film :)

for example I have an idea about The Turtle Dreaming He Can Fly
someone can do the storyboard
someone can do Modeling, and Texturing, ect.

first of all i'm asking you to replay and write what you can do? so we can see if our knowledge is enough to complete the short film. and maybe we can get some help and advises from PIXARIANS wen they'll have some free time :)

for example i can do Editing and + add some Visual effects.
I'm not so good in Modeling and texturing but i can provide help with some easy objects.
and i can draw a very basic storyboard.

I understand this will be a vary hard task to do. but I thin this is a very good chance to do something!
I hope you Join this and i hope PIXAR PLANET will give us a Blessing to start working :)

*Edited. I "toned down" the title of this thread so as it's not all in caps. (Caps = shouting.)* -- Mitch

Work in this company is an interesting proposal. It seems to me that not every person can pull such works. It seems to me that only having work experience in a company that is represented by the site https://jobsforeditors.com/managing-editor-job-description.html on which there are a managing editor job description, a senior editor job description and a lot of other different editor job descriptions or that only having a diploma that guarantees that a person have graduated from the university a pixar of jobs can get an offer from a pixar company!
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Re: You Dream About Working In Pixar? Let's Do Something!

Postby dejaolsone » Sat May 09, 2020 3:27 am

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