3000 Members

we did it, we finally did it, we now have 3000 members. It’s hard to believe. I remember when I joined it was 1821 members. The site has come a long way since 2006. Some of use come here on a daily basis, some weekly, mounthy, or more yearly. But it’s great to know we hit 3000, even though some are spammers, …and some people left… and some only made a few post… and some people never used to their account, but we still got 3000. Let’s hope that number still goes yup, heres to 3000 members and soon to be 4000, and even 5000, heck even 9000. Good job Pixar Planet, you deserve it.


:mrgreen: Yay!!!That’s fantastic! :smiley:

Woohoo! Thats great news!

Such a milestone for one of the premier Pixar fansites. 3000 is so high. But it’s peple like you guys and Pixar themselves is the reason why we were able to grow to this many members.

I wonder, is there a history of who joined this website? from 1 to 3000? that would be interesting to know!

Wow, this is a great landmark for the site. Congratulations!

You can. Just look at the memberlists and sort the list by “Date Joined” (I believe it’s called.) You can see who joined and when.

I know I am the 1821 member like I said. That’s also they year Missouri joined the Union, the state I live in.

I’m member #2,421!

I feel old. i’m one of the first members.

Haha I remember when I was updating my CV only a few weeks ago and I included I was a moderator of this site, mentioning it had 2900+ members. It seems Moore’s Law works for this forum too. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Here’s to many more members in the future!

Is there some way to check what member number you were?

Congrats to this awesome forum! :smiley:

^Yeah, what TDIT said. How do you find the exact number? The members list doesn’t say what number you are.

All I did to find the number was look at how many members are posted on each tab, find the one your own and times that number by the last tab before the tab you went on, then add the remaining list numbers to get your number.

When you check the member list, it first sorts it by date people joined. If you can find out when you joined, then check list, then you’ll figure out what member number you are.

I’m the 2490 th member :smiley:

1128 users have 0 posts :open_mouth:

Then 1885 have posted.

This is so great! Yay Pixar Planet!! I’m so proud :')

Let’s keep climbing. We shall reach another milestone in the future.

This is a great milestone. Pixar Planet deserves it.

let’s get OVER 9000!!! members by next year!