A Culinary Cuisine - A fan poem...

Bon Appetit
How may we help you, monsieur?
You sure do look quite strapping

I feel the need for a good, fine meal
I see
We will do our best to serve you
In the best ways that we can

A culinary cuisine
Is all that I need
Something that’s special
That I can sink my teeth in

But of course, monsieur
We have alot of things
For you to enjoy
You can have anything you desire

Just give us a hint
And we will take it into account
We never leave our customers behind
As long as it’s not closing time

I am glad I sought…

A culinary cuisine.

This is inspired, by a large part, by Ratatouille. And I wanted to focus more along the lines of the customer’s view point at Gusteau’s and the Ratatouille Bistro. Hehe. So there we go. I didn’t include alot of rhyme like I wanted. It is tough to rhyme these few French sayings when I’m not fluent in French. I tried to include them in there, as best as I could… hehe.

I also put it up on DeviantArt, as well… which is here - A Culinary Cuisine

I wasn’t sure where “fan poetry” went. So I guess this is the right area. If it’s not then a mod can move it.

There is a thread in the “Fandom” section of these forum boards entitled “Pixar Poem Time!!!”, and you can locate it here:

Pixar Poem Time!!!

I shall leave this thread/post of yours up just in case you wish to update it with more poems and/or stories in the future, but feel free to post up your poem in the thread mentioned above if you wish. :wink:

– Mitch

Dude, that was a marvelous poem! Keep it up. Can’t wait for the next one.