Anyone See this in School?

Did you see Ratatouille in any class (aka French)?

  • Yup, sure did.
  • Nope.
  • I don’t know. We may watch it yet this year.

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I was just wondering if anyone else had seen this in school. We recently starting watching this in my French course. I somehow kinda felt it coming. But I was really excited when our professor finally said we were going to watch it. The first day we watched it in English, so now we’re going to listen to it in French.


hmmm…never heard of anyone watching movies in class becasue of language details???

Not a bad idea though.

I once took foreign languages as an exploratory class, and our class suggested to the teacher that we watch Ratatouille. Unfortunately, we didn’t.
There is still a possibility in watching it in home ec, or at a party, though.

My religion teacher got snippets of Pixar films and short films and showed them to us. Then she told us to write a paragraph on two and explain what they had to do with “agape, philia, or eros” love.

One of them was that part were Remy was about to get clobbered by the entire kitchen staff and Linguini runs in.

Was this topic specifically for language classes?

I never saw it in my classes, but I did come close. I was about to see it as a end of the year party, but my teacher hates rats, so we passed.

Haha, seeing as how I’m in college, we really dont spend time watching random movies in class, you know, not like in elementary school where kids could bring in movies sometimes and we’d watch them, usually on Friday afternoon. Although they watched it at my mom’s school, I think the last day before Christmas break.

I know that they do do that in my school for other languages. I remember one class watching Shrek in Spanish or something. But I don’t think they’ve ever shown Ratatouille in French, or at school at all- it’s a new DVD, and those things are apparently too expensive. That, and I don’t take French.

I saw Ratatouille at church when it was Movie Night.

Nah. It can be in any class, or like how bright dot-dasher saw it in church.
Any experiences when you saw the movie with other people around in the same room.

By the way, lennonluvr9, just because you’re in college, doesn’t mean that you can’t watch kiddy movies from time to time. :wink:

Offtopic: Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I’ve been overwhelmed with school lately and haven’t had a lot of free time to myself or even with my computer.

I know that. :wink: But you dont watch them in class anymore.

For those of you still in school, if you get the opportunity to take a Movie Review (or similiar class), go for it :slight_smile: Enjoy great films and review’em professionally ^0^
On topic, someone I know had watched a Pixar film. Not for language, but for…business ethics if I recall.

Nexas, are/were you a movie critic? If so, what was your total grossing salary? I’ve been thinking about being a movie critic. It would be quite fun and, hey, you get to watch movies… as a job!

One time I saw it at school, the end of school bell rang before we could see the ending.

Of course, that happens with pretty much all of the movies we watch at school. >:(

The beautiful thing about being an animation major is that not only do you watch the films in class, but you then go into detailed and occasionally heated discussions about them. Not to mention the studying of scenes and techniques.

The horrible thing about mandatory English class in high school meant that we would often watch one of my favourite movies (not Pixar luckily) over and over again to analyze all of this background info that I may or may not have picked up on already until I hated the movie.

[quote="Pewpewpew5522":2lcp8yje]we would often watch one of my favourite movies (not Pixar luckily) over and over again to analyze all of this background info that I may or may not have picked up on already until I hated the movie.[/quote:2lcp8yje]
Usually, we Singaporean students (well, the students in my class, at least) would only be allowed to do that in Social Studies class, and it wouldn’t be a blockbuster movie at all, no, it would be some black and white war documentary about some guys getting their butts blown up into the dull gray sky before some Koreans would mumble some funny words that sounded like a snoring panda during their hibernation. :lol:

And if we were allowed to watch any actual movie that’s great, it would be back then, before we Secondary Four (10th Grade in your terms, I think) students reached Sec Four due to accumulating exam preparations during that level. At about Sec Three, near the end of the school year, we would only watch films as entertainment, and it’s not even as a class at all, no, it would as a whole school in the hall. Heck, it’s not even as a school. You are allowed to step out of the hall whenever you like as long as it’s during the period when the movies are playing throughout the school (the other movie was played in the AVA Room). They had [i:2lcp8yje]Transformers[/i:2lcp8yje], [i:2lcp8yje]Spider-Man 3[/i:2lcp8yje], all those blockbuster movies, no Pixar films. :-\ The only film close enough to a Pixar feature was [i:2lcp8yje]Underdog[/i:2lcp8yje]. -_-" And of course, as the audience were all teenagers, it wasn’t that popular either. :roll: With the exception of me, of course. :P

I wish they would play a Pixar movie in our class, too, but since they played it in your French class for educational purposes, I doubt that would happen anytime soon here, because the only secondary languages we take here sounds like we just pooped in our pants when they come out of our mouth. :lol: Chinese, Malay, Tamil (heck, even Bangladesh - no joke), no French. :-\ You lucky jerks. :P

I’ve never seen Ratatouille in class, but I watched Finding Nemo in my English class last year.

I watched it in French class too. We of course watched in it French with English subtitles. The teacher said something about the food and that’s why were watching it. I think we made some food (crepes or something) so there was a food theme.

I wish I could see it in my culinary arts class at school. It would be a perfect movie to watch there! Maybe I’ll watch it on the last day…

I saw It in Algerbra class, but it was during summer school so i guess that doesnt really count. BUT it would be cool if i saw Ratatouille during the actual school year hahaha. :slight_smile: