Are you afraid to die?

Are you afraid to die?

  • Yes
  • No
  • A little bit
  • I’m not sure

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I used to be terrified of dying for a long time, but then I realized that death was inevitable and that is no stopping and it and it happens to everybody so it can’t be that bad. I am a Christian and I do believe in Heaven and Hell, but I still question the existence of God. So basically I’m not afraid to die, although I am afraid of dying slowly and painfully. I hope I die quickly and painlessly, like old age, headshot, heard shot, falling, etc. Any way of dying that is quick and involves little to no pain is what I want. I’m not saying I want to get shot or fall, just that I want to die quickly and those sound like pretty quick deaths.

This is an interesting idea for a topic, actually…

I suppose I’m not too hugely afraid of actually dying, but I am a bit scared of the process. And I’m afraid of the consequences—by which I mean I’d be sad to know I’d leave a lot of people down here sad. And I’m worried about my internet friends. Because how in the world would they find out? :open_mouth: They could very well just assume I stopped using the internet or something.

…Or maybe not, since that’ll never happen. 8D But still! They wouldn’t have any way of knowing for sure, and that scares me. At least outernet friends and relatives will be sure…

Maybe a little, but I’ve got plenty of time to live as I’m very young right now.

No, not of dying itself (as far as what will happen to me after I die), but I don’t want to die a long, painful death. Like, I wouldn’t want to spend the last days (or months or years) of my life going through some treatment that makes me feel miserable, and then die. It might sound strange, but I’d rather not know I have something, and then die suddenly without much suffering than to go through all kinds of treatments and going through all of the drama.

This, as long as my death is quick and painless I’m fine with it. What makes me wonder is what happens after you die. Does your life just completely end? Do you become a ghost for all eternity? Are you reincarnated as someone else with the memory of your previous life completely erased? Does heaven actually exist? These are questions we may never get a full answer to…

I personally believe in heaven.

I somewhat do as well, though I also believe in reincarnation, where you die and your soul is transferred to another being and all the memory of your previous life is erased. Does sort of make sense I guess. I’d rather have either of these happen than become a ghost with nothing to do for all eternity or just shut down and be reduced to a corpse rotting under the ground (or ashes if I choose to be cremated).

Not in death am I afraid for through Christ death has no power.

But i am afraid of the way i’ll die for death is never a pleasant experience.

I can’t believe this post was made here, in pixarplanet :laughing:

Anyway, as others have said im not afraid to die, im afraid to die in a painfull way, like falling into a woodchiper

Or getting murdered probably.

If I get murdered I hope its a headshot so its over quickly, not something like [spoil]Olivia’s[/spoil]
in Scream 4 :open_mouth:

i find drowning to be one horrible way of dying…and many others but i won’t say now. i still need to wakeup a bit.

This was a huge problem with me in middle school. Being scared of death plus an anxiety disorder is not good!

However, now that I’m older I feel better about it. My biggest fear is dying in a painful way. Just pain, really.

YES…I am afraid of dying especially in a hospital :cry:

That would actually be my preferred place.

A little morbid topic for a family-themed forum - but should be okay, I guess.

I, for one, am not afraid to die if it’s in the company of loved ones and friends. It only scares me if I pass away alone and no one notices for a long time. It would also be terrible to die a “meaningless death” (such as by vehicular accident, unprovoked murder, etc), but if The Man/Woman/Animal Up There decides to take me before my time, so be it. A “meaningful death” (such as to save someone’s life or the world) would be preferable, but ideally, I would like to die of natural causes and not of my own doing (either through poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, etc).

A perfect death for me would be after having lived a fulfilling life, and at a ripe old age of, say, 100 (yeah, a long shot, but one can wish). It will take place on a deckchair on top of Table Mountain, South Africa in the summer (which is the most beautiful place on Earth I have been to so far).

I would have a wife, 2 1/2 kids, 5 grandkids, 10 3/4 great-grandkids, and a dog (or a parrot) by my side. My folks would be long gone, but my siblings should still be alive. I will kick their butts if I don’t see them at my deathbed. My friends from primary school, uni, work, and maybe some of you guys would be there too. My enemies are invited, I would’ve made my peace with them by then.

Yeah, I can see it now, there will be wine, fine dining and a big-*ss jumbotron playing Pixar movies and maybe Avatar 1-5 (James Cameron Extended Editions) on repeat. My last meal will be tom yum soup for the appetiser, ramen for the main course, and a triple chocolate-vanilla sundae with that tiny umbrella on top. I’ll wash 'em down with Baileys. I would open a tab for Sarsi and root beer floats.

I will give everyone a hug (and a kiss for my immediate family members or on request). Lionel Richie music will be playing. I will answer any questions that people still have for me. I won’t have any for anyone.

And then, when I’m ready, I will close my eyes and die.

My ashes will be scattered over the Pacific by fireworks.

Exactly why I’d rather die in a hospital. And the fireworks sound unique and pretty dang cool!

I have a fascination with death and death rituals. I wrote a 18 page paper on the psychology of death in my philosophy class. Very interesting topic.

EJE: As in in a hospital with family and friends? I personally don’t like the idea of passing in a hospital because of the whole sterile environment of it, I’d like to die in a ‘surrounded by nature’ kinda way that makes me one with the Earth and all that schmalz, like on a beach or on a mountain or on a ship in the middle of the sea. Or in a happy setting like a party.

Ooh, do you have it online? If it’s hardcopy, could elaborate a little more, if you don’t mind? Just curious.

Preferably with Family and Friends. Yes in the hospital, because people will know right then that I have passed. And I’m not just laying around.

I might have a copy online! If not I can upload it. I is super long, so Idk if you’d be interested in it. I will definitely get the bullet points for you if you’d like! It was a fun paper to write.

^ Yeah, sure, if it’s not too much hassle. Preferably the long version, but bullets point’s fine. No rush, it’s more of an intrigue thing and I’m kinda bored with my reading materials lately that I need to find something more esoteric, haha.