Are you an animal lover?

Not sure if this topic has been on yet (lock it up if it has :slight_smile:), but i was wandering, after (if I add it up), spending hours and hours getting animals, or anything living out of my house, not because I dislike it, or don’t want it contaminating anything, I just feel quilty knowing it’s trapped if it can’t find it’s way out, and should be in it’s habitat ha.

So I am to the extreme i guess you could say, i feel soooooo quilty when i see the smallest fly or spider in my house and i always go to the trouble of getting them out and try not to hurt them, so they’e back in the wild :smiley:

So are yoouuuusss

I like cats and dogs a lot. I like any animals as long as they don’t bite me, though I prefer plants.

I LOVE animals!

I grew up with animals you know, like cats, rabbigs and a dog. In high school I raised animals (beef, swine, sheep) for human consumption. I cried the first few times, but that’s what those animals are for. But I learned so much about animals and life by raising animals that are later slaughtered. I love doing it.

I am obsessed with cats. Especially mountain lions, they’re my favorite animals. I have a poster of one in my room.

As for the spider thing. I hate bugs and I hate spiders. But I never kill them if I see them. I believe all living things have a spirit and they shouldn’t be killed unless for food, clothes, or protection.

You can probably say that.

Though I show no remorse in eating meat and stuff, I like animals, though mosquitoes and flies get on my nerves.
I try to help in conservation and protection towards endangered species, though. I don’t dislike animals by the way they look.
I’m okay with hunting as long as it is regulated. While I love deer I have no problems with them being hunted, as in some places they’re overpopulated…
I also really like zoos and am pro-zoos. I get really ticked off by people who are anti-zoo and claim that the animals need to be released in the wild. Hello? They were BORN in captivity, dude! They don’t know how the outside world looks like so they don’t think they’re missing out! Not to mention a lot of zoos I visit help towards the conservation of endangered species.

So in general I like animals, but I’m not extreme.

(fun fact: did you know that today is Dierendag - a Dutch day in which we’re supposed to be nice to animals? xD What a coincidence!)

I’ve always loved animals since I was born! I’ve never lived without any sort of pets, we’ve always had atleast cats and dogs. There are some animals that I don’t like, like snakes and spiders and stuff like that. And sloths creep me out, don’t know why. I’m not against killing animals, as long you’re going to eat it or if it killed a human being. And if it’s a bug, I kill it if it’s annoying or scary. :laughing:

We have lots of pets, some of them I wouldn’t consider pets though, like my dad’s worms…

And my favorite animals are skunks of course. I also like horses, hedgehogs, porcupines, chickens, dogs, cats, snails, turtles, bears, wolves, tigers, cheetahs…I can’t remember them all. :laughing:

I love animals!
My dream is to be a vet at an animal shelter.

Over, the summer, I spent 5 days at a daycamp at the Humane Society here. It was an amazing experience, I got to be up close with all kinds of animals (at one point there was an armadillo!) and see behind the scenes of the shelter.

^My sister wants to be a veteranarian!! :smiley:

I am DEFINITELY an Animal Lover…

I’m not crazy about animals, but I like them.

Hmm, yes and no, depends on the animal really. I hate dogs. I love cats. I dislike spiders. I adore lizards. There are certain animals I’d travel the length and breadth of the world to see (Komodo Dragons, for instance) but others that I’d quite happily run away from as soon as possible (like rabid dogs in Thailand that followed me after I’d been to the internet cafe and then I lost my flipflops because I was so scared, and then this Thai lady picked me up and took me on her motorbike and drove through the dogs, hitting them with a broomstick.)

Either way, really.

That’s cool that there’s a day to be nice to animals, Badger! We need more of those, I think.

I’ll go with everything lizardgirl said. I especially, especially, do not like dogs. For any reason. At all. Sorry dog lovers, I just really don’t like them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really see bugs as animals, per se, but I hate them with a raging passion. Well, besides like, butterflies and ladybugs. I will stay up in my room for hours if there’s a mosquito in it, and will not sleep until it’s killed. And flies are just outright disgusting. Bug paranoia, maybe. I dunno. The idea of any little thing getting on me and crawling on me or buzzing in my ear creeps me out, I guess. :laughing:

little chef

Oh yes, me too! Well, sort of. We used to own a labrador (who we aptly named Shadow after that movie character) who was the most disobedient dog in the world. My siblings and I used to be terrified of him (but we loved him with all our hearts) because he was so disobedient and chased us around the house instead of following the tricks we were trying to teach him. I remember being heartbroken (as were my siblings) when we had to give him away when we moved to another country.

But since then, I’ve had a mild disdain for them. Not to say I outright hate them, I watch shows and movies like Inspector Rex, Bolt, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, etc. But I think they’re overrated. It doesn’t help that my siblings keep pestering my parents to get a dog (even though we’ve been living in apartments since Shadow) and that they’re infatuated with the ‘cute designer breeds’ that fit in your handbag. I’d personally love a mongrel just as much as fancy shih tzus or pomeranians. I’m sick of people who buy cute dogs and then neglect/give them away once they get bored of 'em.

And my neighbour, god, they keep a dog in their apartment (I think it’s a darn pomeranian), and it barks at me from the other side of their door everytime I leave/return home. Not to mention I’ve been attacked by dogs (one who even urinated on me) several times by irresponsible owners who don’t leash them ever since I’ve arrived in Sydney. And don’t get me started on the dog doo-doo… :angry:
End Rant

I think cats are cooler, but they can get a bit cocky or aloof. I know this because one of my friend has a cat, and he was so adorable as a kitten but became a total jerk when he grew up!

My family also reared fishes and terrapins in Singapore, but they perish all too easily if you don’t change their water regularly. When I get my own place, I’m going to get a licensed unconventional pet such as a parrot or a snake. I’m tired of the usual dog/cat/fish variety.

Oh, and yes, I’m an animal lover. I watch animal docos all the time (Sir David Attenborough is my hero) and I read books on them (I’m particularly interested and believe in animal sentience and emotions). I once considered becoming a marine biologist when I was a teen. I hate pests, but I try not to kill them, especially spiders, who I know are on my side because they eat the pests I despise. I also used to be scared of cockroaches until I saw Wall-E and got ‘desensitized’ to them (though I still get disgusted). :slight_smile:

Aww, why all the hate towards dogs? D: I bet you’ve never seen a Harzer Fuchs. :U We have one named Rusty and he’s just about the sweetest dog ever even though he barks a lot
Not all dogs are evul you know it mostly depends on the owner

I like BOTH dogs and cats but yeah

I strongly dislike horses, though. No offense towards horse lovers but I do. Their weird long faces and the way they only have one toe on each leg is just weird to me :V not to mention I’m somewhat creeped out by them as I rode horseback when I was younger and the horse I rode sometimes didn’t listen and kept walking and stuff… and they’re so goshdarn big D:

For years I’ve been an Orca actvist.

Orcas/Killer Whales SHOULD NOT be kept in captivity. There have been incidents of them commiting suicide, they are too large and social to be kept in tanks. In some cases it can result in human death.

If you notice, only amusment parks keep Orcas in tanks. There are no legitamte Marine Aquariums or Institutes that keep Orcas, because it is extremely inhumane and disgusting to do so.

I encourage people not to visit Sea World. There should be no captures of wild killer whales and no more breeding of killer whales in captivity.

Here’s a video in the news about 3 killer whale deaths in the last 4 months at a Sea World Park. … s-22327329

OMG!!!I love animals,I HATE it when people hunt animals for recreation,I can see for food or clothing but just to kill them…no… :angry:

I like most animals, but there are some I really don’t care for.

I fear I may become an outcast when I say not only that I like snakes, but also that I support keeping them responsibly as pets.

I like snakes too!
Too bad my parents don’t. :frowning:

Yeah, too many parents are like that, unfortunately. :frowning: I guess I got lucky with my mother; the only issue she has would be that I would have to feed one rodents.

Ah man, I think snakes are awesome! I really want a snake, but my dad would sooner have me get a tattoo than get a pet snake! (and he does not like tattoos!)

Once I get a home of my own I’ll have a little snakey! Once I remember seeing the biggest and fattest King Snake in my back yard! Only I was 5 so I was terrifyed, but if I was it now I’d be like COOL!