Blu-ray announced for Spring 2011

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss! :mrgreen:

Ooh, yes please! Another one to add to my ‘to buy’ list, I feel! Thanks for the heads up, totoro.

That’s cool, but…I don’t care. :frowning: I can’t have Blu-Ray.

I’m so excited for it. Here is a trailer I found on youtube. Watching that makes me wish that it was spring 2011 right now.

The Incredibles Blu-Ray

Maybe they added the Pizza Planet truck…probably just a pipe dream, but you never know.

“With a sound so fierce, it will scare mediocrity away forever!!”

That’s a funny commercial. XD

Still not interested, though. I’m not buying a new film platform for the sake of a film I have 2 copies of(yes, really. Don’t ask XD).

Edit: Bryko, that’s a fantastic idea!! :smiley: I wish they would do that. But for DVD, too.

Are there going to be any special features on the new Blue ray disc that were not on the origional? :wink:

They got Brad Bird to recite new dialogue, yes! :smiley:

I hope this is a secret hint at a sequel…like all the Cars merchandise for Cars 2. I doubt it, but would he really do that just for a new format of the movie? I think not!

Yeah dude, I was bouncing off the walls like crazy when I heard Brad… I mean, Edna’s voice.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the upcoming TI Blu-Ray pack! It’s a long-awaited release, I must say. What do y’all expect to appear in the special features? I’m holding my breath for a “Where Are They Now?”-esque sort of thing.

“Darling, Blu-Ray is the new black… ray.”

Hooray for Br… I mean Edna! :slight_smile:

“Blu-ray is the new red … ray” would have been even better (DVD uses a red laser, after all).

Yay I guess, for those who get Blu-rays. I dont have a player so I doesnt make much difference to me…

I’m so excited for this release! The film is going to look stunning on Blu-ray.

Well, this is good news. Problem is that I haven’t started using Blu-Ray yet. I only imagine how good The Incredibles would look in High-Definition.

Exactly!! I hope it doesn’t have too much cool stuff for me to be jealous of.

Geoff & lennonluvr: Maybe it’s a good time to go and transition to Blu-Ray? :wink:

If anything, Blu-Ray’s worth it with the Cine-Explore feature alone.

I can’t afford it. :frowning: There are seven of us, one(dad :unamused: ) is having some legal issues, and money does not exist. It would be interesting, though. :neutral_face:

YES! my dvd broke and I haven’t seen it for ages, now that they’re releasing it on blu-ray I can finally own it again!