Bonanna137's Super Signatures!

I’ve decided to create this thread, to display some of the signatures i’ve created! Most of them will be Pixar related, but not all of them XD, so feel free to comment and use them if you wish!
P.S: In the corner of each one, you will see a tiny SRL, my initials. So yes, its supposed to be there. :mrgreen:
P.P.S: PP thats funny right there :wink:
P.P.P.S: They are all different sizes

PLEASE NOTE: I welcome you to use my signatures, but please seek my approval beforehand. Also, please do not take my signatures, make a minor change and then call it your own.

Here’s my first one! A Doc Hudson one.

And here we have the delightful Dug. You have to love Dug! <3

More to come!

Awesome! c: i love the dug one it cute!!

I have more! Thsi one is one of my favorites! Finding Nemo all the way!

This is a Doc and Lightning moment:

A beautiful Carl and Ellie collage:

This one is rather simple, but thats why I like it :smiley:

Here we have my first Non-Pixar sig, the wonderful Jack Frost from rise of the guardians! <3

Wow! These are pretty amazing! I like them very much.

Oh gosh, Bonanna137! You’re so crazy talented!! I love these! My fave’s got to be the Dug one! Might use that one before long! Keep up the epic work! :smiley:

Aww thanks to both of you! I really appreciate it! :smiley: I should have more up soon

I have a few more!

Here I have another DW sig. One of my favorite films from them; Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Another excellent batch! The “Rearview Mirror” one’s my fave :slight_smile: Soooo cool X3
And yayz! Spirit! Gosh, that’s a great movie… and a great sig! :mrgreen:

My fave is Doc Hudson’s “Life is a journey” (That’s one of Cars tagline, right?), Dug’s “I have just met you”, Nemo, Empty Cups…

Aw h*ll, I love 'em all. :unamused: :laughing: I like the Lightning rearview mirror, that would make a great action/horror film tagline. :slight_smile:

Also, Spirit! My favourite Dreamworks’ traditionally-animated film of all-time.

Aw thankyou Owp and TDIT! it means alot! :smiley: <3
I has MOAR!

Ohh my goodness these are cute!! I love them all! My fave is that LightningXSally one! Aww dang they’re adorable X3 I absolutely love it! I assume you found that art in one of the Cars Christmas books? I love storybook art! I think making graphics from storybook art is extremely cool and creative! Again, great job, Bonanna!

Thanks OWP! You always have the nicest things to say! And yes, I do adore the SallyxLightning one. I love the look on Lightnings face XD

I has some Up ones! <3

I actually saw the image you used in the Brave sig as a wallpaper while making my current Pixar Planet Awards winners sig! :slight_smile: I love the relationship between Merida and her equine friend Angus.

And of course, the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless is equally adorable. Gosh darn it, gotta watch HTTYD again sometime, I’m in such a Chris Sanders-film mood after seeing The Croods.

Where did you get the Winter Wonderland sig? It seems Sally can outskate “Stickers”!

And, of course, more cute Up sigs! Jeez louise, if you keep this up, I’m gonna have tooth decay!

Awww, CarlXEllie!! They are indeed one of the most wonderfulest Pixar couples! X3 Great job on these sigs, Bonanna!

Hey Guys! Just an announcement!
I would appreciate it, if you guys could suggest some nice quotes I could use in the signatures, especially Wall-e, as there isn’t much dialouge. It would be so helpful if you could suggest some, and It would help me get more up! :slight_smile: <3 Thanks guys! And thankyou to all of you for your kind words! TDIT, I’m not too sure where the SallyxLightning picture is from, its been on my laptop for a while now, but OWP mentioned that it might be from a Pixar Christmas art book or something

I agree! Your doing a wonderful job! c: Well done! xx

It’s cool that you’re looking to us fans of yours for advice on captions! My only thought at the moment is that, when it comes to stuff with WALL-E and EVE, love song lyrics are a good place to start! And sometimes when I’m out of ideas for graphics, I look at other members’ creations for inspiration!

OWP, that is a brilliant idea! I’ll get right on it! :smiley:

Those are very cool. I especially like that first Doc Hudson one you did :slight_smile: