To start with, you all have to know that Pixar’s Brave was first scheduled on June 15, 2012

  • 1 week ago Dreamworks Animation revealed its schedule thru '14, in that list, they announced that Madagascar 3 won’t be released on May 18 as it was programmed, they changed it to June 8th, a week before Brave, now Disney has decided to move back Brave a week, new release date: June 22nd

this is what I hate about DW, Brave was great on June 15 weekend, it would had had a long time to make money before ice age 4 comes out (direct competition), now it will be facing off against Madagascar 3, Star Trek 2, Snow White, Spiderman and Ice Age 4,wtf DWA

Honestly, I thought Madagascar’s move posed a great opportunity for Disney, knowing that Pixar’s May releases have in general performed better than their June releases (Toy Story 3 excepted), I thought they’d shift Brave to Madagascar’s old date as opposed to just pushing it back a week.

First off, there’s a lot of talented animators and scriptwriters at Dreamworks Animation, most of them just as talented as the ones at Pixar… the person you should really be sledging is Mr Katzenberg (who shall henceforth be referred to as the ‘Doctor of Evil’ mauahahah :smiling_imp: ) and his marketing and executive cronies. I know you’re hurtin’ cos’ this means that we have to wait one more week for Brave, but really, is this such dire news in the grand scheme of things?

Release dates are set by money-greedy corporate folks in suits, and more often than not, they pressurise the poor artistic folks who actually create the films into finishing their product before the deadline. So really, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

And of course, if you really wanna watch Madagascar but not give a single cent to Dreamworks, you can buy a ticket to Brave and walk into the Madagascar theatre instead! :wink: That’s what I would do… heck, I’d probably do the same thing with the other competitors (Star Trek 2, Ice Age 4, etc.) so that Pixar gets all the money! Or go for repeat viewings of Brave, if you’re not inclined to check out the other movies.

Yeah, I suppose they could have… but that would mean one month less of production time (assuming they really want to cut it close and have the wrap party as close to the release date as possible). This is what we call corporate strategic planning… by having their release after Madagascar, they can cut into Dreamwork’s slice of the pie, instead of the other way round. Of course, this means they’ve got a shorter shelf-life with all the new movies crowding into the cinemas after them and forcing them out, but I’m sure their actuarists and financial analy-whatsits did their math and came up with the best possible compromise.

Anyway, it’s all like a big game of chess between the two companies. As to what us as the fans can do about it? Sit here and complain like scared little bunny rabbits? By the Gods of Movies, NEVER! We will throw our money at whosoever deserves it most, and wash the communities of Youtube and DeviantArt with our fanwork! :mrgreen:

Eh wow, lots of sequels out that week!
Aw, it’s a shame, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the money isn’t it? :slight_smile:
Mind you, the UK tends to get sledgehammered with rubbish release dates, i.e. like a month after it gets released in the US, so it probably won’t affect me very much :sunglasses:

Whattttt I wanted to see Brave at midnight for my birthday but I guess not.

That’s a relief! I saw the title to this thread and I thought “Oh no! Has it been pushed back 6 months?!?!”

But it’s only been pushed back a week, I can wait that long without exploding!

if it got pushed back that much, omg, i would die.

Oh my goodness, same. I’m really looking forward to Brave.
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aha, thank you! :3

and yeah, i’m totally geeking out about this movie.

Exactly! It’s not the end of the world. :unamused: Besides, like definedancing, Down Under gets the short end of the stick when it comes to release dates, so I’m used to it. And I’ve never seen a movie on its opening night (because of ‘group inertia’ of my friends, and I’ve got other commitments in RL), so it’s no biggie. :slight_smile:

Still looking forward to Brave, though! I have strong hopes it’ll be just as magical as How to Train Your Dragon or Wall-E.

Oh, well. I’ll survive. :slight_smile: It’s better they change the release date now when nobody really knows anything about it.

in any of my lines I didn’t mean to be against to some of their upcoming projects, I was upset to their release date changes, after all Madagascar 3 is a well-known franquise

believe me, I know that, if some talented animators left pixar to go to dreamworks, it doesn’t turn them into bad guys or untalented human beings, they will be genious everywhere

waiting one week or 6 months is not what matters on my statement, it has to do with rival studios movements (all of them, not only DW)

I can’t wait to see the first screencaps!

I don’t mind it being pushed back too much. I’m in the U.K, so it’s not like it really effects me that much! ;-p

This (apart from Cars 2) is my most anticipated Pixar film. I hope we get to see some more concept art (or anything to do with the movie, really!) soon. I’m dying to see how it’s going! :laughing:

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Yeah, I cannot wait either. And yeah, why is it we always get the short end of the stick when it comes to release dates? Seriously, UP didn’t come out until late September over here :angry: !

i can’t wait for ~anything regarding this movie, really. here’s to hoping there’s a teaser trailer with cars 2.

Not that big of a deal. What’s the exact date now?

This isn’t so disappointing, it’s just a week.

(Granted, I’m saying that now, but when it comes time to anticipate the movie I’ll be breaking legs. :laughing: )

We’ll all feel differently when the time comes. 8D

IV: The release date for Brave in the US and Canada is now on June 22nd, 2012 (originally on June 15)

I guess that countries like Russia, Argentina, Chile, Egypt will have the film a day earlier than the US as usual, and countries like UK, Japan, Germany, France will have it delayed as always, such a pity