Brave Merchandise

I thought that this deserved its own topis(the central brave discussion is a bit long!)

For some reason i thought that there would not be much merchandise for Brave, i thought around the same as there was for Up.

Merida Doll

Triplet figures

Merida and Angus

Bear cub beanies!

Also there will be Brave monopoly and quite a few books.



Yes!! So there will be a Merida doll. :smiley:

I MUST buy the doll!

I’m with you on that. I want all the Merida’s, and the Queen Elinor.

My favorites are the Merida doll and the triplet figures.

I love all the Merida dolls. <3

Wow, that Merida doll is really cute! :smiley: One problem I have with most Disney girl dolls is that they make the characters look too old, but her face looks appropriately young.

I really like the Merida doll!

Exactly. So cute

Those bear cub beanies are also too adorable. :smiley: Haha, they’re gonna be like the Peas-in-a-Pod of Brave. 8D

They are cute.

The doll hasn’t a great likeness with the actual character, but I like the hair.

That’s true.

Almost all Disney Princess dolls have incorrect faces. I’ve been pretty lucky in getting the accurate ones. I still love these dolls, though. And like you said, they have great hair.

Yes, I’ve noticed that, and it startles me. Other companies make sure they get a good likeness. It certainly helps to get more buyers.

It is strange^^.

That’s true. Personally, I always wait for ones with correct faces, which can be a long wait.

Like the TS3 Ken, the first issue’s face was just a generic Ken face, but the second issues looked like the film version (which is based off the Animal Lovin’ Ken).

Ah. I never had the money for the Barbie/Ken set, so i wouldn’t know. That’s very interesting.

I didn’t have the money either, sadly I never got it. But I did read about that Ken face thing.