Is Burn-e the robot that cleans Wall-e’s track marks?

Negative. That was M-O.

[spoil]Burn-E is the robot that gets locked out when EVE and Wall-E re-enter the ship after the ‘define dancing’ scene.[/spoil]

Like Jack-Jack, bursting into flame! XD

I just realized something! BURN-E is pronounced like “Bernie”, am I right? That rigns a bell. As in one of the crabs in Finding Nemo? Or Dash’s schoolteacher in The Incredibles?

May it be “Barney”? In reference to…


The crabs didn’t have names. Where’d you get that info, hmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

Sometimes their names aren’t mentioned in movies, but they still are named. (I didn’t get it from Wikipedia) When reading a Nemo fanfic comic strip, they mentioned “Bernie”. Also, I got the name from reading somewhere, but I forgot the website (but it was NOT Wikipedia).
Just like how I knew about Boo’s real name being Mary, it wasn’t mentioned, but she wrote her name on on of her drawings, and I got the info somewhere from Disney.com

I’m going to guess and say the director for BURN-E is Jim Reardon. Last time with Your Fiend the Rat it was Jim Capobianco which was one of the writers on Ratatouille, so it only makes sense if Jim Reardon, Andrew Stanton’s co-writer directed it. This is assuming Andrew Stanton doesn’t directed as pointed out by miafka.

Yeah, that would be interesting to see Andrew Stanton direct a short. :slight_smile:

Did you read my comment, he isn’t directing it, its somebody else, I’m speculating it wil be Jim Reardon. But anyways, it WOULD be interesting to see him direct a short. I don’t know for sure but I think he did some commercials at Pixar in the late 80’s early 90’s, maybe he directed a few of those?

oh, I read it just not correctly, sorry. :blush:

That fanfic writer probably got the name from Wickedpedia. Oh well. If you do find a source for “Bernie”'s name, please show us! :slight_smile:

so… I’ve been gone 4 a while, tell me where this thread’s been goin’!

Actually, in my Essential Guide to Finding Nemo, they do show one of the crabs with the name Bernie. (along with other minor characters, like Blenny, Grace, and Maria)

Anyway, am I of out the loop. I didnt even know they were making a WALL-E based short! So this is interesting news to say the least…

BURN-E is being directed by Angus MacLane (directing animator on WALL-E) according to Animation World News!!

great news!
He surely is one of those who will direct a feature, soon or late… hopefully still in Pixar :stuck_out_tongue:

I made my sig to reference this short (obviously, lol) and the upcoming release of Wall-E on Blu-Ray & DVD. This movie will be my first purchase on Blu-Ray… though I don’t have a TV-based player yet, my computer does have one of those LG combo HD-DVD & BD-ROM drives.

I’m hoping the short will be amusing… hopefully we get a bit of Wall-E and Eve in there, as well.

lol, nice sig!

It took me a good ten seconds to realise that there aren’t 18 months in the year. :laughing: Cool sig though, AtomicGreymon.

I’m really curious about BURN-E, as I honestly can not even begin to imagine what it’s about, making the DVD release even more exciting!

will burn be on the normal dvd package??