BURN-E specultion time, anyone want to guess about WALL-E’s movie based short?
Source: Helen Parr

Well, no. I’d much rather be surprised.

Well, apparently it’s got a new character, but I hope it keeps connections with the characters from the movie still.

so awesome!! A new short!!

Haha, not speculation as much as random wishful thinking for a cameo, but I just got this random idea that BURN-E could wind up being a huge trouble maker and getting himself into a big mess. This idea for a shot keeps going through my head where WALL-E and EVE hanging out or something and all of a sudden a flaming robot flies through through the background and they both turn a look at it confused. XD

Perhaps Burn-E is the reason why the planet had to be abandoned in the first place?

nope, good idea, but nope. the creators (PIXAR peeps) have already openly stated several times that the reason the earth is uninhabitable at the beginning of the film is that we (collectively) have trashed it up so bad.

because WE invented BURN-E? I dunno, just going out on a limb here.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… no.

BURN-E. BURN. Now i’m thinking of a robot whose a pyromaniac. XD

Maybe BURNE is dead, and WALLE and EVE pretend he is alive.

“Weekend at BURN*E’s” anyone?

Haha! And then he wakes up, and does what his name suggests :wink:

Burn-E is locked outside so I bet he spends the short trying to get back in.

I doubt that welding bot locked outside the Axiom is BURN-E. People think he is BURN-E, but if it was, wouldn’t it be BURN-A, like the WALL-A (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Axiom-Class) in the Axiom’s trash facility, E- Earth-Class? I think he might be another robot on Earth, while WALL-E was cleaning up, it shows another story. Or it could be a robot after the humans came back and it shows his job on the new Earth with the humans.

Yeah… he should be Burn-A. Coulda sword the name on his side was Burn-E. I’ll watch for that next time I see it.

I was actually thinking the same, but “E” could mean anything.

Wall-E is Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class. The big ones on the sip were Wall-A’s, Axiom class. So that Burn-E should be a Burn-A if it’s on the Axiom.

I know (we’re Pixar fans here we know what WALL-E means), but remember, EVE ends with an E which doesn’t mean Earth class. I’m not saying you’re wrong, or that I’m right, but for now two sources say it’s BURN-E…

…External class? Cause he like, fixers stuff on the outside of the ship?

I mean, put this into consideration. Judging from the Captain’s confusion about Earth, it’s quite possible that they have totally forgotten that -E used to mean Earth class. Heck, the only bot that uses A for Axoim class is one that works in the garbage chute and is huge. It’s not very sleek looking either, so It’s quite possible that bot has been around for a LONG time.

Just got back and he is definitely Burn-E. But there is a dash there so the last E should stand for his class. So the difference between Earth and Axiom class is not their area of operation, so perhaps it’s their size or features that determine it.