Helen Parr

Helen Parr is a caring mother in the movie The Incredibles. She is married to Bob and has three kids: Violet,

Dash, and Jack-Jack. She is also a Super. Helen/Elastigirl has the power of elasticity and


Okay guys. SAy whatever you want to say about her.

Helen/Elastigirl is also a great character in the movie. She’s is incredibly amazing. The guys at Pixar did a

fantastic job at her

Helen is an awesome super. She portrays the perfect example of an ideal mom. She is so

caring, nice, and loving to her family.

In mmy

dreams when I go to bed, I always picture her as my mother. It is wierd isn’t it? And in my fanfics, Helen is my

character’s mother (adopted anyways).

Feel free to

post screencaps, artwork, fics or any other stuff related to Helen

Chill out guys! I’ve already talked to you about cutting

out the back and forth. I’m not going to tollerate your antics on this site!

Helen’s is truely incredible. I especially love the part when she fought 5 baddies in

three rooms

Holly Hunter did a great job too.

What is your favorite scene with Helen/Elastigirl?

She was incredible along with the other actors. She did a really

great job. She was one of the reasons why this movie did an incredible job

I love her flying the plane, in the ocean, in

the jungle, and durring the glory days. Oh, don’t forget the cave scene with Violet. Incredibly


I like her in the ocean, jungle and with Violet. And (forgive me Dash) She looks fine in her

Glory Days Super suit.

Same here. I too like the plane, the ocean, the base, the jungle and the Violet scene. It’s

really cool and heart throbbing

Helen, like many charcters, have made a huge change. She started as

reluctant to starting a family to being the perfect mother.

The only time she really shows weakness is the scene with

Edna, when Helen finds out that Bob has been up to something. The fact that she’s so upset, rather than actually

doing something about it, shows how she has forced herself to be ‘normal’, but when Edna riles her, she becomes

a superhero again- old habits die hard.


is a marvelous character. The guys at Pixar have done a great job portraying her and her development throughout

the storys.

As the previous posters said, she has gone through quite a change. One is the crossroad

between normal and extraordinary. I think that she was trying to be a good mother and sheltering her children

from the outside world. The overprotection she veiled over her kids also had an effect on her. Becuae she was

focused on protecting her family and forcing them to live normal lives, she forgot the fact that she is a Super

and nothing can change that.

“It’s in your blood.” quoted from

Elastigirl durring the cave scene with Violet.

It was great to see Elastigirl back. She knew she couldn’t

hide who she truely was forever. Supers were forced into hiding since their super heroic actions actually was

causing more problems than fixing them. Now since the attack on the omnidroid, the forgoten heros came back and

now they are respected once agian.

Nice descrption bro. In the interview at the beginning of the

movie, she said that she would never think of settling down. She’s at the top of er game, on fire, and is always

ready for action. But 15 years later, it was the other way around. She got use to settling in and tries her

hardest to get bob to realize that the family is more important

Just going to go off topic. Any one seen Elastigirl’s

secret profile in a tv commercial? How is her weakness “new clothes”?

When you look

at her face when Edna is showing her supersuit, she was speechless. I believe she didn’t know what to say or

probably doesn’t want to accept these new clothes

Isn’t durability one of Elastigirl’s strengths? I also notice that

she is really balenced when she land on the transportation pod