Can anyone help me with this video error?

I’m not really sure where this goes. I know that it’s off-topic in a way, but it has to do with Wall-E. Feel free to move this where it belongs.

I just finished making a Wall-E music video, but when I saved it to my computer in the format that You Tube requires, the video came out black. Only the titles and credits were showing.

The video format I downloaded is avi. Do I need to convert the avi. file into something else? Or is it just my laptop having a problem, and I can download the video directly to You Tube?

Please help, I spent hours on this video, and I’d be really bummed if it didn’t make it out to the public.

Well firstly, what program did you use? And what format were the original videos in?

Windows Movie Maker-Program
avi.-Original format the video came in.

So are you sure that you have put the video together properly and “rendered” it propely?

Re-finalize the video and see if that helps. If not Up load it to megaupload and I will take a look.

I’ve checked and saved it to my computer three times. They all come about black minus titles and credits.

I’ll try the megaupload. It’s my first time using it, so I’m not really sure what I’m suppose to do to get it to you.

If you can’t get the maga upload working, if you have an Messenger or similar account, I will try helping you over Teamviewer.

I want you to uplod the video to see if it is just your PC or the video.

I have an msn messenger if that works.

yes, pm me with your adress, and I’ll talk to you on there!

I have encountered a problem like this once or twice before when I make MVs. My suggestion is to save it as another file like wmv. file instead of an avi. file. If that doesn’t work, tell me.

WMM 2 doesn’t have that option. I tried that during a teamviewer session, but it only supports AVIs.

If all else fails, Youtube works greatly with Mac video files. If you want to, you can send the movie to me, I’ll save it as a .mov out of quicktime, and send it back.

No, the actual movie info is miising. VLC plays anything. It;s not the video file, it’s WMM.

Are you sure? When I made an MV, the wmv was supported just fine.

Well I used TeamViewr to provide remote assistance to the OPer and I had the exact same Idea. But there was only quality options.

I always (well, used to) use Windows Movie Maker, and I always export my vids as WMVs, except my last two.

I’ve used WMM with BootCamp and exported as wmv’s before. Maybe that version is corrupted? Perhaps a reinstall is in order?

I may have missed something. When OP coems back online, I’ll take another look, as she has WMM2 with Vista and I’m using 1 with XP.

I am so sorry about last night. A rat crawled out from one of the rooms and I accidentally shut the laptop and started freaking out.

If you’re still up for it, can I meet you on messenger around same time and try out Teamviewer again?

FoA: Try, and convert the video into .mpg or .mov format.


I wondered why it retuned a laod of messages.

And its not the video, it’s wmm not making it properly.