Cars Fan Commentary

Cars is going to be the fan commentary of the month for August, but before you head to the starting line read this…

Anyone who is interested in commentating on Cars and who has NOT participated in a practice/feature fan commentary with the Pixar Planet fan commentary group before, please send me your schedule so you may participate in a compulsory practice that is going to happen sometime after 20th July. This is so that by the time it is August, everyone will be prepared and have completed a practice so they can participate in the Cars session.

You have up to 10 days from the date of this post to send me your schedules via a private message, or post them in this thread. If your schedule changes, don’t forget to update me the same way. Whoever indicates interest can choose whatever Pixar short film to practice on. To those who have done a practice and want to participate in the Cars session, hold tight. The callout for your schedules to commentate on the feature film we be around the beginning of August.

If you have any questions, first, take a read through this thread, especially if you are new to fan commentaries: Fan Commentaries - Rules and Information If your question still isn’t answered, post here or send me a private message.


Practice after July 20? I’m volunteering to help with my church’s vacation bible school program July 20-24. I’m co-directing the music. Maybe after then would be helpful! I really want to be in the Cars commentary, and I need a practice in. I’ll let you know if I have any other plans later on, but this I can’t change unless any plans.

For me, the best shorts to commentate on would be either Boundin’ or One Man Band for I’ve actually seen those two. XD And I don’t own all the shorts anyways.

There should be no problem having the practice on 25th July onwards. Even if the practice goes into early August, it’s not that much of an issue, either. Glad you’re interested in participating, LightningAndDoc!

Of course I’m interested! Cars is my favorite movie!!

I’m willing to participate, however, are we just going to give people who haven’t commentated on a film yet a chance, or can I still participate?

The Star Swordsman - This callout right now is for people who need to do a practice in order to participate in Cars, but when the time comes around you should be able to make it in the feature session. Everyone will have an equal chance of participating in Cars, unless the number of participants goes over 10, in which case, I think I’d give give priority to those who haven’t ever done a feature commentary.

LightningAndDoc - You’ve told me the days you wouldn’t be able to commentate, but don’t forget to send me your schedule for the times you will be free. :wink:

I’ll hope to have a set in stone schedule after then. I’ll try to send you my schedule as soon as I can.

Ok, you’re the only new commentator who needs to do a practice for Cars, LightningAndDoc, so please send me your schedule then we can organise to do a practice sometime after 25th July. Thanks!

I’m all alone!!! :frowning: We don’t have anything scheduled in stone. So, you could just choose a date and time, and we’ll work our schedule around it. I’ve got a pretty lazy summer. But just on personal preference, I’d enjoy a Saturday. :slight_smile: Besides, most of our plans fall on weekdays, and Sunday means church. So Saturdays would be the best days to be free. :wink:

LightningAndDoc - I just need to know a few things before figuring out some times: What time zone do you live in? Or you can PM your state and I will figure out the time zone. What time would you be willing to start the commentary and what time would you need to be off the computer? I know you’d prefer a Saturday, but would you be able to do the practice on a weekday, if need be? Thanks! =)

If you don’t want to be alone, LightningAndDoc, I can join you in the practice commentary if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! :smiley: I don’t think I could commentate on my own for the practice.

Mind if I join? :sunglasses: I can do both times, but Friday would be preferred.

Sure, you can join in, cookie. =)

Thanks Rachel =)

Hehe… you like calling me ‘cookie’ don’t cha? 8D

Yeah. And whenever I see your username it reminds of that “C is for Cookie” song from Sesame Street. =)

I added an extra time (Thursday/Friday).

8D Rachel, that’s amazing

Now whenever I look at my username, that’s what I’ll think… x)

Any of those days work for me, but I’d prefer either Thursday or Friday.

Rachel:Minneapolis and New York aren’t in the same time zones. NY is one hour ahead of Minneapolis.

Edit: What short film are we going to commentate on?

I’d prefer Thursday or Saturday. I might have to go to bed a little earlier on Friday. I just found out that there’s a 50’s car show at my church early Saturday, and I’m going Hudson Hornet searching!!! XD So I don’t want to be late to it. But then again, 10:00pm isn’t too late . . . I could do any of them then I guess.

And like Hannahmation said, which short film are we commenting on? I would need to know for I might wanna watch over it a few times.

Ok, thanks Hannah. I fixed it.

We are going to aim to record on the Thurs/Fri. As long as LightningAndDoc and at least one other commentator turns up, we will practice at that time as it’s important to get this done quickly so we can then do the feature.

We can commentate on whatever short film you want because I usually leave it up to the participants, but since you haven’t picked any, I’ll just say Mater and the Ghostlight.