Cars Fan Commentary

Sounds good! Thanks for the update Rachel.

Sounds good to me too. Thanks Rachel.

Thanks Rachel for the info. Thank goodness it’s a short I’ve seen many times! :wink:

How long does the short say it is on the dvd? I have 7:09

Hehe… using YouTube:

My DVD player says that it’s 7:08.

Okay. That’s close enough. Thanks Peter.

The time on my DVD says 7:06. That’s still okay, right?

LightningAndDoc - That sounds fine.

On the menu screen, mine says 7:06 as well, but when I play it, the time shows up as 7:08.

That must be the way it is. My menu screen says 7:06. Just checked the play time though is 7:08. ??? No clue why it’s off by two seconds.

Here’s the first Mater and the Ghostlight practice in mp3 format.

I sound so weird!!! XD I’m just so unused to hearing my own voice!

Hello everyone. Rachel asked me to help her find a time for this month’s Cars commentary (or commentaries). If you’ve participated in a practice commentary and would like to commentate on Cars, send me your schedules for the month of August (or as much information as you have for this month). The deadline for sending your schedules will be Saturday August 8th at 11:59pm New York time. In your schedules please be very specific about what times you can be on the computer to do the commentary.

Thanks for sending me your schedules.

TSS - I know you’re away so I’ll give you a few more days to send me your schedule for the month of August.

Because I don’t have TSS’s schedule yet, I cannot yet finalize the groups for the Cars commentary. However, based on the six people’s schedules I have so far, I can draw these conclusions:

Actine, Hannahmation and totoro - you will be in group A and will have only one chance to record a Cars commentary this month, on the 16th at 11:30 UTC. So be ready to commentate in about a week.

LightningAndDoc and thewisecookiesheet - you will be in group B and will have several opportunities to record a Cars commentary this month (this may change if TSS joins your group).

thedriveintheatre - you will be in either group A or group B. If you end up in group A, group A will meet on the 16th at 12:00 UTC.

I’ve added TSS to group B. So here are the groups:

Group A: Actine, Hannahmation, totoro and me. Group A will meet on the 16th at 11:30 UTC.

Group B: LightningAndDoc, The Star Swordsman, thedriveintheatre and thewisecookiesheet. Group B will meet on the 21st at 23:00 UTC. If the 21st doesn’t work out, group B can also meet on the 22nd at 23:00 UTC or the 29th at 23:00 UTC.

Thanks for the updates qxgnxamy. Unless something drastic pops up, I should be able to make it the times for Group B.

Thanks for the times. I’ll have to remember, August 21, hopefully. :wink:

I can’t wait to commentate!!! (hey, that rhymed! XD) I have sooo much great info! Now, if only I had the blu-ray so I could gather more info for the commentary. . .

Well, even though I won’t be commentating on Cars, those times should be fine for me to listen in and do a back-up recording just in case. :wink:

Ooh, cool, I think I haven’t commentated with TSS and LightningandDoc before! :smiley:

Uh, small problem guys. I know I told qxgnxamy I was free on Saturday mornings (Sydney time), but I forgot that my final year project group holds weekly meetings on Sat morns, and with the deadline in October, I don’t want to miss out! So uh, are the second and third timings okay with you guys? Sorry for any inconvenience! facepalm :blush: