Cars Toons

Jim Hill has a lot of preview images from Cars Toons, debuting tonight on Toon Disney!

And Victor Navone (one of the John Lasseter co-director, together with Robb Gibbs) talks about Cars Toons on his blog.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Rescue Squad Mater, October 27 (monday) @ 6:56pm (ET/PT)
  • Mater the Greater, October 28 (tuesday) @ 6:57pm (ET/PT)
  • El Materdor, October 29 (wednesday) @ 6:57pm (ET/PT)

From November 1st, every day on Disney Channel, 20 times a week.
On December 23 all the three shorts premiere on ABC Family in conjunction with Polar Express.

Sounds really interesting. You think we could find them on YouTube or some other video streaming sites?

Heh, never thought there would be extra footage from the film. Nice.

I don’t live in America, so I hope :slight_smile:

I’ve read somewhere that these shorts will be available online officially (i.e. legally)… i’m hoping this is true…

This is gonna be so exciting! And yes, I really, really hope it is available online.
The weird thing is, about a year ago, I wondered what it would be like if Cars was made into a TV show like Lilo & Stitch. Guess this is the closes thing to my dream being realised.
I can’t wait! :smiley:

I’ll probably try & find them online since I’m usually busy at that time.

This is pretty exciting! Any new animation from Pixar is always a good thing.And yep, I also hope that they’re available online. Thanks for the links and information, Elikrotupos!

I’m so excited! Rescue Squad Mater here we come!
Anyhow about the online availability, I’ve spoken to someone about that and the person said that they are working on it, so don’t expect them to be online in a flash, but eventually, yes.
By the way, here’s a little video preview: … on-disney/

Oh boy! Too cool. I’ll be on the look out for these. Part of me is glad to see the world of Cars return for our viewing pleasure again.

glad to know that! :smiley:

and here’s an interview (with [spoiler!] clips from the three shorts!) to Victor Navone e Robb Gibbs

Awesome! I can’t wait!
EDIT What cable channel number would Toon Disney be? I’ve been looking all day but can’t find it.


And the other part would be? :slight_smile:

M-O: It’ll be on Toon Disney, and will air (according to Mr Navone) after “Haunted Mansion, Phantom of the Megaplex and Scream Team”. It will also come to the Disney Channel and ABC Family at a later date.

martini: Wow, thanks for the link! I loved the [spoil]Miata twins got a cameo! And it looks like combine harvesters and bulldozers make up the male bovines of the Cars world![/spoil]

elikrotupos: That’s a great link to the interview too! Nice to get to know who were behind the production. Their portfolio websites are also interesting to look at. 1:33 to 1:40 was a barrel of laughs! Does anyone know whose sketch was at 1:18 to 1:25? They last showed Mr Gibbs drawing on the tablet, but I think the animatics was done by a different person, if I recall correctly from my memories of The Art of Cars (I borrowed it from the library, cos’ I couldn’t find it in stores). Whether it was Mr Gibbs or our mystery man/woman, I remember liking that person’s style of drawing cars.

thedriveintheatre: Well, the other part of me is content with only the film version of Cars.

Not really into Cars, but it’s still exciting to see Pixar spread their wings and release something into the TV domain. Hopefully some of these will make their way onto YouTube soon. Good to see they are going to be influenced by Warner Bros. cartoons, too. The Darth Mater picture on Victor Navone’s blog looks really funny, too.

Other interviews (text) and other clips!!

Interview @
Interview @ MSN TV News
Clips @ MSN Video:
Rescue Squad Mater
Mater the Greater

Extended version (I don’t know if it is complete) of “Rescue Squad Mater”

I’d like to know if these shorts have an intro and end credits…

Disney removed all the videos on Youtube…
anyway, they are on AWNtv: … ater-clip/ … ater-clip/ … rdor-clip/

Thanks! It really stinks Disney removed the YouTube videos though. Anyone know where everyone can see all 3 online yet? I would’ve watched them but my T.V doesn’t get Toon Disney.

AWN also has an interview similar to the last two but it includes some more tidbits.

Link: [url][/url]

Elikrotupos: Thank you for providing the video links. Disney still haven’t broadcasted these shorts here in the UK.

you’re welcome… they’ve not broadcasted here too (Italy), and God knows when they will…