Cars Toons

Thanks for the links, Elikrotupos. It’s always so cool to see new Pixar animation. Though I assume these are just clips from the Cars shorts, not the whole things?

Yeah, sadly they’re just clips. I bet we will have the full shorts soon.

I love the car toons

so funney :smiley: 8D :laugh:

I’ve only seen two so far (Mater the Greater and El Materdor) which were the only two that have played on Disney Channel so far (I know this because I’ve been watching non-stop.)
Mater the Greater was… great although the big funny moment was spoiled for me it’s still cool to see the Cars characters back in short form.
El Materdor was hilarious, my favorite so far! Lots of funny moments and Larry the Cable guy’s Spanish accent made me crack up.
To quote the press release “Disney Channel will present all three shorts throughout the day on Saturday, November 1.” Yeah, that didn’t happen, I’ll be speaking to somebody about that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, I’m gonna keep watching to see my most anticipated one Rescue Squad Mater and if you haven’t seen the previews yet, don’t bother, it’s better to see them fresh. They’re great mostly because they’re just for laughs!

lol :smiley:
well, to be honest, I read somewhere (maybe the Victor Navone’s blog) that they will be broadcasted 20 times a week on Disney Channel, that means no more than three every day.

I forgot to add, for those of you who were wondering, Cars Toons does have an intro.
In classic cartoon fashion the first title card shows “A Cars Toon” similar to the logo available online, then it switches to Mater’s garage which reads “Mater’s Tall Tales”, and then the final title card shows, one of three being the title of the episode in a fitting font.
There is an “outro” but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, it’s different in every episode.

thank you!
I wanna see them ;___;

I’ve found the whole El Materdor on Youtube. Here’s the link.

great! thank you!

Well, there’s one down. Still have the other two to see. I really don’t want to wait until December… but I shall if I must… :confused:

Thanks a lot, M-O.

Thanks for that link, M-O. That episode is pretty funny. I’m looking forward to the next one.

That was really good! Does anyone else get that ‘squee’ feeling whenever you watch new Pixar animation, even if it’s only a short? There’s something so sharp and colourful about the Cars universe that I’d forgotten all about. And the authentic music was great, too.

Thanks for the link, M-O. :smiley:

No problem! I’ve seen all 3 now and I think Mater the Greater is my favorite. They are are really good though.

I’ve found Rescue Squad Mater on Youtube too.

Thanks for the link MO, The “El Materdor” where they show a black colour version of Guido cranked me up.

Thanks for the links, M-O! I’ll upload these videos up on my own YT channel at a later date because Disney will probably be on the lookout now as they may be still airing these on TV. I’ll write my own thoughts on the shorts in the future too.

I only saw one episode, on Disney Channel. It was El Materdor. Really hilarious, especially how those two fangirl cars (Mia and Tia, I think) were pictured as fans of “El Materdor”. 8D

All right. I finally saw one of the Cars Toons shorts on the Disney Channel, and, as much as I dislike Cars, I was laughing my head off. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the same episode as bright dot-dasher: El Materdor. It was hilarious…

– Mitch

I saw El Materdor too. It was a hoot!

[spoil]I suppose farm and construction vehicles are the ‘beasts of burden’ in the Cars world. I liked it when Mater puckered his lips and taunted the ‘bull’, and when he does the passes with his muleta.

And although it was pretty grim when he ‘died’, I laughed at his abruptness of it (two planks plant and form a tombstone, followed by his cape).

And it’s cool to see Lightning in a beret! And I liked Mia and Tia as giggling fangirls! “Senor Materdor!” :laughing:[/spoil]

Great work animators, and I’ll review the next shorts when I watch them.

I wonder if the future episodes with feature other characters besides Mater telling stories.