Contributions for Cars 2 issue

Hey everyone, I’m pixarfan9099 and I’m the new editor-in-chief of Peach. I was hoping to try to get an issue out by the time Cars 2 comes out in North America or around then. I was hoping to have an article on Cars 2 and maybe one on the update to the site. If anyone would like to contribute, PM me or email at pixarfan9099 @ Thanks a lot!


I will attempt an article but have 1 week before i leave for my summer staff position. So don’t expect it…just try to be surprised if i manage to get one in.

Hey, y’all, just an update on contributions: I have one. If anyone has anything, please have it between June 10-15. I will be out of town from the 11th-13th, but I would like to have it out by June 24th. Thanks!

Congratluations on becoming Editor in Cheif!

I have an idea, maybe you can announce about the issue on the Cars forums as well? More people will see it there, and many of their lives have been changed by Cars, and I’m sure they have insight about it.

I could definitely do an article! Just tell me what to do!

Well, you could write about Cars 2 and Disney’s marketing plan for it, or something like that. Or maybe an opinion column. Or whatever comes into your pretty little head. It’s up to you.

Congrats on making editor!

It’s nice to see Peach will be starting up again. I realize it is too late to contribute to the Cars 2 issue, but I will happily contribute to future issues.

Actually you can still contribute. I’m hoping to get an issue out AFTER Cars 2 comes out. Netbug009 is planning on doing a review and MissCarrera has contributed part of her fanfic as well as a picture. But so far that is all. I would like to have this issue out by July 15, so I would like contributions by July 1. Thanks a ton!

What exactly do you need for the issue? I really have no ideas right now.

Maybe I can do some sort of opinion piece about how people are reacting to the film? On second thought, maybe not.

I really do want to help though. Just let me know!

Review the film, or you could write the opinion piece on how people are treating this movie based on the first Cars, not the film itself. Or… I got nothing else. Just do what you feel like doing.

I could do an awesome review - I love doing reviews!

I could do something if it’s graphics related. If you would like, that is.

Hey Pixarfan, With the aim of the issue coming out after cars and I’m guessing before the UK release next month I’ve come up with a unique article if you want it.

Taking the Track “Collision of Worlds” (Brad Paisley and UK’s Robbie Williams) analysing the differences featured in the track… taking in those Brits who feature in the film. Along with some comments that UK advertising has shown… Such as The Mall (UK Race) in London With Union Jack, St George’s Cross and Scottish Flag but No Welsh Dragon- (Not Impressed)

All of you could that. Captain Pan, your idea is great. It would be fun to see opinions from across the pond.

I could also do a review of the soundtrack!

Cool! That would be great.

Yeah, I’m going on a road trip so I’ll have a lot of time on my hands.

Are there any spots open on the staff? I would love to contribute regularly.

I think I can add you to the group. It would be great to have you!

That’d be awesome! I would definitely contribute to every issue.

One tiny problem: I don’t know how to add you to the usergroup. I mean, I can, I just don’t how, :stuck_out_tongue: