Create your own horrible Disney sequel

These were the ones I made up in other boards:

-Homeward bound 3: Chinese adventure
Sassy, Chance, and Shadow’s owners leave for a China vacation, taking along their pets. When they reach the country, the three get lost from their humans. Now they must join together to find their humans’ hotel in China. Along the way, they try to learn Chinese so that they can get help from these Chinese speaking pets and fight the communism that gets in their way.

-Oliver and Co. 2: Leprechaun Invasion
Just another ordinary day for Oliver, Jenny, and their friends, right? Well one day Dodger looks nearby and notices all these red haired, bearded, green suited, small people running amok NYC. The leprechauns want to take over New York City and enslave all the humans and pets who live there. Can Dodger, Fagin, and Oliver drive them out? Meanwhile, Tito falls into a time machine pit that takes him to the 1940s (omg, WWII!), so Georgette must find him through the time machine and save him.

-Finding Nemo: The Midquel
It’s about everything that happens to Nemo when he’s in the tank - after that dentist kidnaps him, and before Gill starts his first plan of escaping. BORING!

-Chicken Little 2: An Inconvenient Truth
Chicken little’s days of complaining about the sky falling are over. Now he’s lecturing everyone that THE SKY IS BURNING and then he becomes unpopular once again. Then C. Little creates his own documentary-movie about global warming and Al Gore sues him for taking his idea.

-Fantasia: Contemporary Edition
Instead of classical music, it’s pop songs! The animation is based on corny anime, horrible animation found in today’s kid’s cartoons, and more animation by amateurs who have never even studied animation.

LMAO!!! Greatest… Thread… EVER!!! :laughing:

Let’s see… How 'bout…

-Snow White 2: OSHA and the Seven Dwarfs
The dwarfs must fight back when OSHA forces them to change their safety standards at the mine. The whole operation is nearly shut down until the big number “Dopey is no Dead” forces the inspectors to realize the mine must be safe, otherwise Dopey would’ve been killed in it long ago. Snow White never actually appears in the movie, and late in production the title was changed to “Snow White 2: OSHA and the Seven Little People” and all references to dwarfs were poorly dubbed to read little people to be more politically correct.

Lilo & Stitch 4
Stitch has found all his cousins, but now it’s time to search for his uncles and aunts! Lilo ( replaced once more by, Dakota Fanning) teams up with him once more joined now with witty (annoying) experiment 6684! The Hawaiin fun never ends with this epic adventure, now im stunning 3D (reference to Ratatoing).
*I actually like Lilo & Stitch cheapquels but this would be going too far.

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Ooh, this is going to be intresting. I’ll have to come up with one soon. Great ideas though rmsh!

Oh yeah, “Fantasia Contemporary Edition” will also feature some “stunning 3D” like it is in Ratatoing.

The Lion King 41/2 : Simba Meets The Jetsons

The Black Cauldron 2

Flubber 2: Malfunction in the Mainframe

Mickey’s Fourteenth Time Upon a Christmas

Bambi 3 : This Time, It’s Personal

The Little Mermaid 26 : So Very Tired

Home on the Range : After the Barbeque

Tarzan 5 : They Don’t Pay Me Enough

Right o!!

No, Bill. The sequel IS the barbeque. 8D


What do “This time, it’s personal” sequel titles mean?

PV - In the words of Apu in " The Last Temptation of Krust" Simpsons episode (sort of) : " I have been corrected, and I love it! " 8D

The Santa Clause 4: Down the Chimmney

Bambi 3
Bambi’s mother: Hey Bambi, I’m not dead afterall!
Bambi: …???

Land Before Time: Christmas Special
… wait a minute… Christmas wasn’t around yet!!
(ugh, my friends and I made awesome jokes around this, but it may be inappropriate to put them here)

Cars 2
McQueen meets Thomas the Tank Engine.

Beauty and the Beast: THANKSGIVING SPECIAL! evil grin

Hercules 2
The truth about Zeus. Oh, come on! They can try and get at least ONE thing right in the Greek myth. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks up

Hmmm…So was THIS the place where Disney got it’s sequel ideas? ^0^ :slight_smile:

(couldn’t think of anything on the spot but that joke heh heh)

Wild Hogs 2: Out of Gas

PIrates of the Caribbean 4: The Search for More Money.

Isn’t that the Spaceballs sequel hehehehe

How funny but I can definetly see how that would fit with Jack and company. :laughing: SPaceballs huh? :unamused:

Pirates of the Caribbean 10: The Mermaid of Death

Just something random I came up one year ago XD

We’d better be careful, guys- someone from Disney might see this thread and actually use some of our ideas. :laughing:

I know you’re kidding but, they can’t cus John shut down the cheapquels, FOREVER!!!