Dash's Flix!


Well, in my directorial debut I have completed my first ever Fan Video. It’s a tribute to Dash put to Billy Joel’s Running on Ice - the same song he skates to in The Incredibles on Ice.

s2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/Th … gonIce.flv

Overall I’m ecstatic about how it came out. Very pleased. A few minor transitions that I wasn’t quite happy with but for a first time I’ll let it slide and as I learn more I may come back to it. Quality is amazing except online of course but if someone would like to see an HD version hit me up and I can send it to ya.

Tell me what ya think! I do wanna know! =D

Dash, what can I say? That is one of the best Dash Videos that i have ever seen in my life! Absolutely incredible! You made this with a full 100% incredible effort. I love it!

Now, a lot of this were in line with the music. That i was really happy for. You used a while variety in this tribute video. And Running on Ice, I couldn’t think of a better song than what you chose. (Kinda like a future Idea of mine with Violet and Clay’s “Invisible”). The transitions were good enough. I was pleased. And the intensity was in the right spots, especially in the chorus. Incredible job.

I haven’t seen such an incredible music video in so long. Wonderful work. especially the ending. Overall: 10/10.

Umm, how many Dash music videos are there other than the ones you’ve put together? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job, Dash. I think you used “Running On Ice” to its full potential. :smiley:

This was the best lyric to video match-up: “As fast as I can climb, a new disaster every time I turn around.” :sunglasses:


Thanks guys - glad you all liked! =D

yup yup - I also liked the matchup of “They say this highways goin’ my way but I don’t know where it’s taking me” as well as the contrast pesented in “civilized experience.” =D

PV: yes PV, i do mean other Dash Music videos besides mine. You will be surprised of how many Dash MVs I find on the net.

Dash: Do you plan on posting this on youtube?

hehe - everyone’s asking me that all the sudden - yeah - I’ll probly get it up there eventually as soon as I’m motivated to create an account on the site. =)

[size=92]HO…LY… CHRYSLER. :open_mouth:

Quoting from the end of the video: “THAT WAS THE BEST VIDEO EVER! I love our Dash…”[/size]

Very well done Dash. That was a great watch C:

Yeah, Dash in action! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! (snigger)

Yow kapow! Very nice job on this one, Dash! You’ve got the skill, dude. (May I call you “dude”?) :wink:

Do another one! :mrgreen:

Dash, that reminds me. You have so much talent in making music videos. Do you plan on making another one? Another Dash one, or is it someting new?

Im thinking about doing a cars flic

Really nightwheel? That is so cool! I love seeing people give things a try. Is this video going to revolve around a certain character? Or is it a tribute to the whole movie.

(PS: We have a thread dedicated to music videos of Pixar)

I like dude - no one ever calls me dude - more people should call me dude.

Yes - I plan on making more. Actually my next one was going to be a Violet one to “Invisible” but after hearing you were planning that I decided I didn’t want to steal your thunder. I was actually going to do one for all of the songs from the Ice show with their respective characters but when I downloaded “Too Flexible to be Human” for Helen I very quickly realised that for her segment they used the only four clean lyrics in the whole song - and they’re really not that clean when you put them into context so scratch that idea. So I’m not so bent on making them all any more. I still want to do a Bob/Helen one to “Wind Beneath my Wings” though cause it’s just that beautiful. I was gonna hold off since it’s so long and might be kinda tricky but I’m now thinking that may be my next one. I’m also thinking about doing a Bob one to “I Need a Hero.”

So - in short - yes I will be doing more and of more characgters too. I’ll probly also do some other than just The Incredibles - likely candidates would be Kim Possible, Cars, West Wing, Heroes (if I can get footage), Pixar in general, Pixar shorts, and Pixar (behind the scenes with the people who work there). =D

Awesome. I call everyone a dude, so I’m happy. (snigger) :wink:

…and Ratatouille, perhaps? Just a thought. Heheh.

I can’t wait to see whatever you conjure up next, Dash! :slight_smile:

hehe - Need footage first. :wink:

But yes - by the time that one hits DVD stands I will more than likely be gearing up for video.

Sorry for stealing your thunder Dash. I will let you do one of Violet with “Invisible” if you want.

Maybe we can both do one. =)

okay, that is fine with me. As a matter of fact, if you look at the lyrics, you will find there is just much more about this Violet music video than what many think.

And I have a new one!!!

It’s called “Everytime We Touch” and is a tribute to Bob and Helen to Cascada’s song by the same name. I got the idea from a KimRon video that I love and ran with it. Overall I was very pleased and made it a LOT more intricate than the last, including opening and closing titles. I also did more with effects on the film and even made my own mix of the music by editing two different versions together.

So here it is…!


Tell me what you think!

I saw this video a few nights ago when PP was down, and I must say it was really great! :smiley: