Do people know you have an account on Pixar Planet?

I was just wondering if your friends or anything know you have an account on here and have “internet friends” XD My really close friends and family do, but not many others.

Just my family and maybe one cousin other than that i don’t think anyone else knows. :slight_smile:

i think my brother knows i have an account on here ! :smiley:

Yes. 8D Pretty much all my close friends do, and my entire immediate family knows. some of my friends IRL have accounts on here.

My mum does, and she laughed at me 8D

Haha, I never ‘directly’ told my parents I’m on here, but I used to browse the boards countless times over the years and they’ve seen me on here quite a bit, so they probably know and don’t really care. They’re kinda overprotective and think everyone on the internet is a 40 year-old pedo who still lives with his mother, so I don’t talk much about my life on the internet. :laughing:

They do know that I’ve made friends with people online, and let me add a select few on Facebook. I would only add people I trust deeply, anyway. I’ve even started mailing stuff to a couple of these people, so yeah. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

The only other people who know are my best friend (who probably thinks I’m crazy) and a couple other friends… or past friends, I should say. :frowning:

Anyhoo, so yeah. Some people know. :stuck_out_tongue:

little chef

I tell my brother about a lot of stuff that goes on here, so he definitely knows. My dad doesn’t know, but he’s stumbled across PP when he was looking up something Pixar related. My mom might know. And none of my friends know. So really, my brother’s the only one.

Is there a reason to hide it or something?

My dad stalks me online and one of my friends know.

TCM: Well, any normal person who sees you on a Pixar site might think you’re a little crazy. It’s bad enough in real life, when you tell people that all your favorite movies are Pixar movies (or animated movies in general) and you get weird looks. Joining a fan site just might make you look all that much crazier! :laughing:

So I, and from what I’ve read, and a few others seem to like keeping a low profile about being a part of a Pixar fan forum, I guess. That’s all! There’s nothing wrong with being a part of the community and no one’s ‘hiding’ it. We’d just prefer not to talk all about it IRL, is all. :slight_smile:

little chef

I think my family does, that’s all. I may of told a couple of my friends about it.

Honestly, I talk about it quite a bit. I get a lot of useful information about upcoming movies here, and people ask me why I know these things. :stuck_out_tongue: 8D And my parents know just because, well, I talk about it a lot. This is my favorite website!

A very select few people know I come here. And only one of those few actually know how dedicated I am to it. I try to keep this private.

This board is funny cause it sounds like if being a member was a shaming thing 8D

I know! Everybody’s like “Oh my gosh, I’m so weird. I must conceal my secret identity—an active Pixar Planet member!! If my BFFs knew I used a forum, they’d KILL me!!!” :open_mouth: 8D 8D

I don’t mind if people find out if I have a PP account now, compared to when I first started. But when poeple start asking me about PP, it gets a little awkward.

I like to be asked. It means that person might join. :smiley:

I find that since it is physically impossible not to be a fan of Pixar, it’s a lot easier to admit to people that I have an account on here.

I don’t really care about my credibility anyway, I mean I watch My Little Pony and own a pink teddy bear. :laughing:

It’s easier to admit to your PP friends. But to other friends, most of my friends just wonder what Pixar Planet is. THen I have to give them a 2 minute overview of the site and my job responsibilities.

I would hope people knew I have a PP account. I mean, I used to talk about it all the time. Back in Ohio, everyone knew I was obsessed with Pixar.