Do you plan to write a book someday?

Writing a book?

  • I’m planning to.
  • Yes.
  • No.

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I was just curious if anyone here plans to write a book, whether it be a children’s book or an all-out novel. It’s just I’ve seen loads of stories going on here, fan-based, and wondered if anyone took writing seriously enough to consider writing their own book.

I’ve got three books now, in the making. I had two. Four, if you count that one is already developing it’s own sequel even though the first isn’t done. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d explain them but then I’d have to kill you. :laughing: I am mucho protecto over these stories of mine. They’re like my children. If word got out what they’re about, I’d go postal. It’s just that I’ve spent far too much mental-work, thinking up these things and developing them until they’re pretty much original and shtuff and … I’d go ballistic if that were taken from me.

I also plan to write children’s books, someday, with my own illustrations and stuff (same goes for my novels) but … I have no idea what they’d be about yet. :laughing:

So, share! A yes or no will suffice. :wink:

I don’t recommend you share your ideas on here, though. Anyone can be reading it. :open_mouth: Like … someone with enough money to turn it into a movie. :open_mouth: Which wouldn’t be cool, because you wouldn’t get any money for it. :frowning:

I’m not planning on writing a book at the moment. I did a few years back. I started writing something, but got stuck and never finished. Now my interests lie elsewhere. But who knows, maybe someday in the far future I will change my mind and write one.

For the longest time, I was thinking of writing a published book. But I don’t think I will any time soon in my life.

I have written a couple of completed fanfic on, if that counts. It is the closest thing to writing a book right?

Yes…i’m beggining to believe that my gift is to write.

I’m currently writing many fanfics…such as Pixar, Wordgirl, and some other ones.
I plan to write about Communism in the United States, 11;11 O’Clock, and a story about a massive resistance by the American People against a threatening force that has invaded Canada.

My grandparents have both written life-books or biographies in a sense. they both like to write so i think i share their talents.

I remember I started writing a book a few years ago. It was going to be about the first eye transplant surgery, and then the guy who got the eyes started to see the undead because the guy who had the eyes before was haunted. Before I could finish, a movie called THE EYE came out and the storyline was very similiar to mine. So I never finished the book.

lol No, I’m afraid.

Writing… no, publishing a book is much different than simply posting up a fan fiction, not to mention the huge difference in pressure, with the former being much more stressful. I mean, you are selling a novel that is going to not just receive a few simple reviewers who just got bored in the midday, but hundreds of critics who are going to find the best methods to slam any available flaws across the pages of your work, if they could find any, that is.

So, no, I don’t think I would go pro in the business of story-telling; it’s not worth it. Unless I do become as famous as TSS someday, that which is a goal that’s a bit far off the realistic scale for me, I think I’m just going to bury my head in the comforts of my Microsoft Word. :wink:

~ WBoon :sunglasses:

I wish I could find the time to write more. life is sucking away all my free time up to the point where I can not find enough to write.
I hope next year I can find more time tough.

I’d like to write a book some day if I would have an idea. But for now, I will keep writing fanfictions :smiley:
But if I’m going to write a book, it will be certaintly a fantasy book. Although I hardly find any time to continue writing.

I would write a book, but only if I had a theory/idea/story so awesome that I would have no choice but attempt to share it with the world.

Yes. I will probably publish a book someday. I’ve already started to write one.

Yeah, I like to think I’ll be published one day. snorts at her own inflated ego :laughing: I’ve sort of got a thing I’m writing, but it’s nowhere near being a fully-fledged book. Sometimes, I’ll read through my stuff and go, ‘hmm, not bad’, and then I’ll read another book by some amazing author and realise that, let’s be honest, it’s rubbish. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think I’d be an author as an actual career, though. Writing is fun, but it’s not so fun that I’d be happy to spend most of my time doing it.

Edited to protect my book plans. Hope you understand.

Well Im a horrible writer so it’s highly unlikley I’d be able to publish a book. x3

Oh, most definitely! I’ve always been an avid reader and writer, ever since I could pick up a book. When I was young, I used to make up various children’s tales and quote them to my mother, and I would often read books to her in the morning when she made breakfast.

Not to brag, but… I’ve pretty much gotten straight A’s in Language Arts/English all throughout highschool up until the tenth grade, during which I discontinued the “course” and finished up via a GED test instead. (Additionally, when I took the GED test, I got 99% on the English section of the quiz.)

There was actually a time (during my years in ninth grade, I believe) when I was required to compose a short, 300-word story for my online English class. (I was homeschooled via an online program.) However, instead of following the guide-line, I ended up writing a 7-page novelette. Despite the “overuse” of words, which was completely unintentional, I received close to full marks for the project. Consequentially, I fell in love with the story I wrote* and hope to publish it some day.

To all of you aspiring authors out there: I hope that you get your work(s) up on a shelf someday!

*I hope that I didn’t sound too vain there. :blush:

Thank you for stressing this.

This is a grave mistake that no budding or veteraned author should make, no matter how loose, choppy, or fleshed out his (or her) novel is, in my humble opinion. An original composition is too precious of a thing to be dispensed into the wrong hands.

KE - I love your idea, and I would definitely read something like that! I’d probably consult all of Shakespeare’s works beforehand, so as to become familiarized with the original content, but, that aside, there’s never such a thing as too much humor. :wink:

– Mitch

Yes, I’ve been planning on writing stories my whole life! But so far, nothing’s published. I’ve thought of the ideas when I was little, like seven years old, and ever since then have been working my way up from there- editing a lot of stuff and enriching volcabulary, correcting grammar, and adding more sequences to make it more interesting.
I have some planned for chapter books and others planned for short stories combined into one book. I write fanfiction for practice.
I won’t reveal the titles or ideas of the stories, though, because anyone reading it could take the idea.

I’m a huge fan of police movies (like Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Dirty Harry, etc.), and I really hope to write a detective film-noir (or even a police procedural) set within the fantasy or science-fiction genre. Better yet if it’s an opposite-gendered team (like X-Files, Moonlighting or Bones) for that spicy romantic tension! :wink:

I also used to love the Horrible Histories, Science and Geography series from Britain (by Terry Deary, Nick Arnold and Anita Ganeri respectively), and I also wish to write an engaging non-fiction book for kids or laymen in a similar manner. I’m also considering film criticism, maybe one day I’ll write a compendium dissecting film car chases or the themes covered in Pixar movies that transcend the genre…

Yes, I plan to write books someday! I’ve been making up stories ever since I was really little. I agree with not posting about the stories online-which is why I don’t even post art of the characters anywhere.

My interest in writing spurred out of an uneventful summer after graduating sixth grade. What surprised me then was how I didn’t abandon my work after a few pages; I actually wrote a LOT for someone my age up until high school. That said, the stories were incredibly lame and embarrassing. This isn’t me being modest–my stories were basically “Degrassi: Next Generation” written by a child.

As for writing and illustrating children’s books, that sounds like a fun career, but I’ve heard it’s pretty competitive out there. I did write a book about an alligator and his “bayou buddies” for an English assignment last year, though. Here are some thumbnails, if anyone’s interested. The text I wrote isn’t incredible, and the drawings were literally done the night before it was due, but whatever! I had fun doing it.

Really, what I’ve always loved about writing is the characters, storytelling, and prose. I think filmmaking would be a more comfortable way for me to do these things, if anything.

For the inhumanity he had dealt unto Jesus, for the thievery of His trust despite the foresight, for the very trade to the Devil he had made, Judas guiltily hid the noose behind his scruffy beard, and tugged the prickly texture of the rope tightly against his coarse skin. And as his hollow eyes were thrown over at the setting sun penetrating its blazing rays between the rusty set of parallel bars, as the air stifled and the livestock went mute, the very humane Judas could be then easily described as dropping dead.
~ Ominous’ Description of Judas’ Death

Yeah, I love writing. :laughing:

My thought regarding literature involvement, be it creating or consuming its message to the world, is that it is nothing short of a genius’ stroke. The first writer to have ever found himself (or herself) interested in telling a story through art is the very symbol of human’s caring nature. One has to care in order to tell a good story, whether through a historic painting like our prehistoric ancestors did, a captivating film like E.T., or even through the most simple method of presenting your thoughts by carving words on the stone wall.

I would love to share my ‘thoughts’ about life with the rest of the world, but, when it comes to serious writing, four words come to my mind: freelancing, works, equally, well.

To me, being an author is a risky job. A riskier career than being a fireman, a Police officer, or even a soldier of the army. All three mentioned occupations could be accompanied with long hours of training, exercise, and practice. When you want to make a living through writing, however, it would matter little if you take up months of creative writing lessons. It is as good as comparing to the career of a singer, an actor, or a movie director; you require talent.

In short, your thoughts might not always sell.

However, discouraging any aspiring writers from pursuing this hobby is the least of my intentions. I say, go for it if you have the flair, go publish a book. As for this little Flare, I feel it would be better if my unstable writing skills if they be left cornered within the solid frame of my computer.

It is cheaper that way. :slight_smile:

p.s.: queen_of_painting, I am loving that book. :wink:


Love writing stories, but books are like, not for me.