Episode #11: "Preparing to Take Flight..."

Yep, Radio Pixar is still going strong, with legs-eleven of the show now online! I’m Rachel, the Director as well as Host, with Michael as my Co-Host. Thomas was Producer and Brad was the Editor. We also added a new member to the RP crew, so welcome to the team, Geoff! Let us know what you think of Episode 11 by posting in this thread or emailing us: radiopixar [at] pixarplanet [dot] com. Enjoy and thank you for your support! =)

Note: We had a bit of technical problems recording my end of the audio so sometimes it sounds like I was recording down a phone line (not a good thing as the host!) but I tried to salvage what I could to make it more listenable in post-production. This episode is a bit shorter than the last two, but next episode we promise will be the BIG episode of the year. Due to a computer virus, The Star Swordsman couldn’t record his regular trivia segment, so I filled in instead. He’ll be back next time, though. Would you like to be involved in the show in the future? Keep an eye on the Listener Submissions thread for callouts for guests, as well as details on audio submissions.

Listen to Episode 11 at iTunes, the Radio Pixar page, or download the MP3. :smiley:

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Michael (The Star Swordsman)
Geoff (Geoff CB)
Thomas (bawpcwpn)
Brad (Brad)

and Special Guests:

In this Episode:

• Pixar News
• Upcoming Pixar events
• Pixar Planet news and birthdays
• Song request
• Forum Talk
• Thread + Fan Creation of the Episode
• Trivia
• Quiz Segment!

More detailed show notes can be found on the Radio Pixar page.

Thread of the Episode
Looking ‘UP’ at the Disney Store!’ by Hog-Hug

Fan Creation of the Episode
Crossover’ by Archibald

Other Links

Pixar at the Cannes Film Festival media
The Pixar Planet Trading Post


SWEET!!! Radio Pixar is finally back to normality. Can’t wait to get to listen to the episode from me Ipod…i’ll give a review in the coming days.

Sweetness!! My song request was played…loved that.

Just listened to the entire clip…I Loved it. Really enjoyed the battle bewteen our two competitors.

It was fun to hear the questions and almost answer them myself.

Congratulations to [spoil]Peter[/spoil] on winning the contest!

Can’t wait to see about the next episode…Great Job Guys!

I combined your posts — Rachel. =)

I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but I really appreciate all of the hard work you guys put into creating this show. Thank you!

I’m probably being silly, but I couldn’t find the new episodes on iTunes. No problem with listening to it on the Radio Pixar page though, just thought I’d give you a heads-up.

Listening to the newest episode now! I’ll review it as it plays.

Nice introduction, clear and concise and with a good input from everyone involved. It’s nice to know what’s coming up in the show and the introduction of the quiz segment sounds great

Nice to hear that you’ve joined the team, Geoff CB, and you too Brad. :smiley:

Yay, I was pleased that the trivia question was about Monsters, Inc.! I’ve watched the movie so many times I knew I had to get the answer. :laughing:

Wow, that many people listened to episode 10? That’s amazing! Radio Pixar is really reaching a lot of people then, especially considering how many there were from all over the world. Hmm, interesting to think that there could even be a few Pixar employees listening…

So far I’m thinking that your chatter is flowing really nicely, Rachel and TSS. You work really well together, especially when you’re both chatting about Up. :smiley: The blimp thing does sound so cool, I would’ve loved to have seen that. At one point, TSS, I’m sure you said ‘round Tomatoes’ instead of ‘Rotten Tomatoes’! Or perhaps it’s just your accent. :laughing: And I agree, Rachel, I’d rather see Toy Story 3 sooner rather than later.

I enjoyed the inclusion of part of martini’s review of the Blu-ray of A Bug’s Life. It sounds really professional when being read out.

Generally the news is a lot better. Instead of just being a long spiel of…stuff, the main points were discussed and opinions were given and all-in-all it was a lot more lively.

Good choice of thread this week! It’s such a helpful thread for those that don’t know where to start when it comes to trying to get an autograph from someone at Pixar, so I’m pleased it has been highlighted.

Hmm, that’s an interesting topic of dicussion- female leads in Pixar films. I’m pleased that was brought up too as it’s something that a lot of people might not have realised as it isn’t actually that obvious unless you really think about it. Yeah, Bo Peep is a very stereotypical female, and Jessie does make up for it in Toy Story 2. The same applies with Helen Parr, but neither are technically the most main, leading characters.

This was generally a very good discussion. Every viewpoint was covered and I really enjoyed listening to this.

Ahh, talking about the summer. Not long to go now!

Yay to the mention of Archibald’s fan comic! It’s brilliant and deserves a spot in the limelight. :smiley: It’s true that the comic book form isn’t used much, probably because it does take a lot of time and effort, and so it’s great that all the work he’s put into it is being recognised.

Nice song request, Al-Bob! I love Life is a Highway. It’s a really inspirational sort of song.

The quiz segment was awesome! Mitch versus Peter- I wouldn’t have placed a bet on who was going to win. :laughing: Well done Peter on getting the technicality about the logo thing! Haha. The questions seemed to be just the right sort of difficulty, not stupidly hard but hard enough to think about. It was great fun to play along at home. I also like how different parts of sound media was used- like the Finding Nemo question, difficult but cool. I’m not sure I’d have done as well as you two if I’d been in your positions, so you did very well to remember all those little details about those Pixar films! Good work, Peter and Mitch. :smiley:

I liked your upcoming events and dates section, Geoff. You spoke very clearly and covered all of the important stuff.

Haha, yay, got the trivia question right! That did not sound like Bob Peterson at the end though…:laughing:

Radio Pixar is improving every week. It’s so much more comfortable and colloquial now which makes it even more enjoyable to listen to and the quiz segment is a brilliant addition. In terms of improvements, well, it’s difficult to think of anything really! At the beginning of the episode the sound quality from Rachel’s end was a little grainy but that’s been explained and I didn’t notice it after a while anyway.

So well done everyone who was involved in this episode, especially TSS and Rachel who were brilliant at co-hosting and hosting respectively! And a particular well done for managing to keep on time with the release of these episodes- it’s a big commitment to do something like thsi with a time limit so to keep it up is very impressive. :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback lizardgirl :slight_smile:

Hehe it might be just you being silly because I found Episode 11 in both iTunes subscription links that Rachel provided. Remember that we are no longer hosting on podOmatic so the old iTunes feed that we used to have is no longer relevant. That one will only go to Episode #10 and will hopefully disappear when we cancel our podOmatic account. Curiously enough, we only have 27 subscribers to the podcast my stats tell me and that is on the normal MP3 version and only 2 subscribers to the Enhanced AAC Edition and I know I am one of them.

Remember folks, resubscribe to the podcast using the new RSS feeds or iTunes links above and the new episode will download automatically when available.

bawpcwpn- I just clinked the link on the top of the page that Rachel provides on here. I’ve tried again and it seems only to go up to episode 10, but if it’s not a problem that anyone else has had then I’m sure it’s something to do with my iTunes account or something. It might be that it’s automatically coming up with the old iTunes feed.

It is. Try this link


There we go! Thanks, bawpcwpn. :smiley:

Al-Bob - Ha ha. Glad you liked your song request. Thanks for requesting it, as well as giving feedback for the show. :smiley:

TheIncredible - Why, thank you. Those words of encouragement really mean a lot. =)

lizardgirl - Woah, thanks very much for your consistant and detailed reviews. happy tear Yeah, for some random reason this episode was Monsters, Inc. themed, so I thought you’d be good at the trivia question. It wasn’t all that hard this time, but we just couldn’t go past Bob Peterson’s Roz: “Goooolden Rooood”. Heheh. Well, considering I was feeling a bit ill the day I recorded, I’m glad you thought we conversed ok. Phew. Ok, thanks for the feedback for the news. Every episode so far has been a different way of presenting the news, I believe, so soon enough we’ll settle on a format the listeners like. Thanks again for the feedback, LG. I really appreciate it. <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

Hm, this episode doesn’t seem to be as popular as the others. I’m still trying to figure out why that is… You can’t be sick of us already! :stuck_out_tongue: It could be something to do with the podOmatic switcharoo. Oh well. We will keep on truckin’. But of course, if anyone else has any comments about Episode 12, feel free to post away. After all, the show is made for the listeners. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I had a question for you regarding Episode 10, which I just listened to the other night. Is it to late to sign up for HogHug’s project? If it isn’t, how do I sign up? Thanks!

Brilliant episode, as expected. However, I would like to comment that the voice audio quality isn’t exactly ideal, but I know how it is to try and record these things- not much you can do about it. I really enjoyed the head-to-head trivia contest. Mabe it could be a regular monthly thing or something.

I’d like to give a great thanks to all the developers and the hosts behind this show! I’ve just begun listening again and I’ve got to say that I’m liking the show! I do have to mention the audio quality, which isn’t bad, just a little distorted, but again, I agree with AJD08 in saying I realize how hard this show can be to put together and I’m sorry to seem like the unappreciative member, it’s just noticeable is all.

It doesn’t detract from the show that much, and like I said before, I’m enjoying it so far and I can’t wait for the next episode and I’ll do anything I can to help out!

Good luck everyone! :smiley:

Yeah, like I said in the second paragraph, we had some technical problems with the audio, but we’ll try to take precautions for next time, so gradually the show will sound more professional. Thanks for letting us know, anyway, and thanks for the feedback, AJD08 and Remy14. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Sure, that segment was a lot of fun to produce, so if anyone reading this would like to participate in another edition of the Pixar quiz game in the future, just PM me or email the RP address.

Well, this is the Episode 11 thread, and Hog-Hog was interviewed in Episode 10, which is probably why you can’t find the info you’re after. :wink: But here’s the ‘Up Tour 2009’ project thread where she has plenty of info (including deadline dates for signing up) as well as a link to the LiveJournal project page.

Crap, I feel terrible. I haven’t been able to listen to any of the shows since episode nine. I should hopefully be able to catch up sometime soon, as school finally ended. I’m sure you gguys have imporved immesnly in the actual show, so I look forward to hearing the new episodes. I will say this though. You guys have done an excellent job of coming out with a regular show, which is very hard to do. So a big “Well done” for doing that.

That’s ok, DocKenobi. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel pressured to provide feedback, but of course, we always appreciate any that you take the time out to give. Looking forward to what you have to say about the show in the future, if you find time to listen to them. Hopefully you’ll find there’s been a bit of improvement since Episode 9 (of which I will never listen to again). :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the pat on the back, too.

Ok, listening to Episode 11 now, and let me say that you guys have certainly come a long way. The delivery was much more interesting than in Epsidoe 9. You guys sound much, more relaxed and I really enjoyed the little bit of banter going on between rachelcakes and TSS. The whole show is much more interesting because of this. I will say that I think the banter, and host comments could be pushed even more, but I completely understand that you guys are still going to need alot of time to get in a good groove, and the shifting a co-hosts hasn’t been a help either. Still, three episodes in, I am pretty impressed with what you gus have done in a short time.

Thanks for the feedback, DocKenobi. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

After clearing a three-assignment hurdle, I gave myself a treat on Thursday and finally got down to listening to this episode. Here’s my review:

Intro - What is the music playing in the background? Welcome Geoff CB!

Trivia segment - Oh, I know this one… it’s on the tip of my tongue… argh… I give up.

News - Woohoo, 2217 listeners! Largest audience in RP’s history? That’s incredible! Wonder why the sudden surge in listener numbers?

Ahaha, Meet Kevin is such a cute clip! I loved it when she coughed after eating the balloon.

Twitter and the blimp were one of the most creative advertising effects I’ve seen.

I remember one of the reviewers on RT’s entry for Wall-E did a bad review on purpose (you can tell from his biased stance and poor arguments).
The Toy Story teaser is awesome. You can’t defeat Buzz, he wins every time. :laughing:

Can’t wait for the new branch to open! More recruitment opportunities, not to mention more ancillary entertainment for us fans!
There’s already a second issue for both series? :open_mouth: Doc Sunbright sounds interesting, and I want to read the origins story for some of Radiator Springs’ inhabitants.

Bug’s Life for Blu-Ray! Excelleent.

Forum Talk - That’s a useful thread on getting autographs, not to mention we can see the replies some people get. TSS, you got a family member who works at Pixar? Maybe you should send a little fan-mail to Mr Bird… your relative can help out. :wink:

Where’s this post of Netbug getting a reply from Wall-E? I’ve gotta go thread-diving, man she’s so lucky!

As for the ‘What about the ladies’ thread, I think that Pixar has pretty strong female leads. Sally wasn’t mentioned, but I thought she was a pretty independent character (she quit her job and doesn’t fall for Lightning easily). The examples you gave of Helen and Eve were great! What happened to submissive Bo Peep by the way? She wasn’t in the TS3 teaser to my recollection… I think Celia from Monsters Inc was pretty boring (though I haven’t watched the film for ages). Yeah, I respect Pixar for giving representation to minorities (like the Latino lowrider Ramone, the black superhero Lucius Best, and Asian Wilderness Explorer Russell). The same can’t be said for Dreamworks, which seems to give more screentime to furry, talking, bipedal animals. :laughing:

‘Summer’ here in Oz is weird… it’s cold! :smiley: Anyway, I’m not doing anything this mid-year cos’ I got final-year projects coming up… but I wish everyone who’s going on vacation to have a great trip!

Thread of the episode - I gotta look for Hog-Hug’s thread. Lucky her!

Fan creation of the episode - Again, I’ve gotta look for Archibald’s comic. Crossovers are my kinda thing, can’t wait to read it!

Pixar Planet News - Good on you Mitch, for setting up the Trading Post. I don’t have much merchandise to trade, except for a couple of film posters and movie magazines. That’s very generous of you!

Happy Birthday wishes - Where’s the opening quotes from? “Happy Birthday! Aw… googly woogly, you remembered! Happy Birthday!” The last sounds like Sully. Nice background music of “If I Didn’t Have You”. Are all these Monsters Inc references throughout the episode a precursor to the fan commentaries? :wink:

Song request - Excellent song choice, Al-Bob! :astonished: One of my favourite Pixar songs, and the music video is freakin’ awesome! Brings back such sweet memories of my first viewing of Cars in theatres, and the start of my fan-love for Pixar… “Gimme gimme gimme yeah!”

Quiz segment - Ahahah! 8D First Date! “Ba-ba-baaah…” And Define Dancing!
I only got the ‘Love Lounge’, ‘the last film to use the 3-D logo’, ‘Brad Bird annoyances’ (People saying “Yes” and fist pumps? Haha, now we know how to cheer in front of Mr Bird!), ‘Death by Monkeys’, ‘Space Ranger’, ‘Mozart’ 'Pete Docter’s parents are doctors (But only because I guessed. That still came as a surprise to me!), ‘Wilhelm Scream’ (because I heard the TS one before in a film compilation), and 'Hopper being Molt’s brother.
Congrats, Peter! 4.5 ain’t too shabby either, Mitch!

Upcoming Pixar Events: I’m looking forward to the Pixar soundtrack compilation, Art of Up and of course, Up (on September 3rd).

Answer to Trivia Question: Oh yeah, golden! :angry: Bob Peterson is awesome, huh?

Outro: What track is that playing? Big show of the year? Ooh…

Disclaimer: Never heard this before! Haha, legalities… must cover your back, huh Nice jazzy number from the scene where Bob arrives at Nomanisan.

Okay, overall, pretty well-organised and tighter (less clutter on the News section, good job). In fact, it may be too tight, this episode felt a little short for me. Maybe you guys can maintain this amount of segments and lengths and add another song request (I’m not sure of the demand, but it would be good if there were more songs to listen to for ‘downtime’…)? I think I’ve suggested this before :question:, but anyway, you could perhaps consider it for future episodes. Just a suggestion, :slight_smile: and of course, it depends on song request demands and time available, so no worries. Maybe you could also use the additional ‘airtime’ to advertise forum community events like the fan commentaries or ‘Thank You’ card projects? :wink:

Audio quality is a little fuzzy, though that’s more to blame for the Internet connections and the headsets people than anything… hosts banter are much better and more ‘natural’, kudos on that!

Great work on Episode 11, people! The Quiz segment is a great addition, and do consider my suggestion for two songs an episode (of course, if there’s enough ‘airtime’ and demand). It’s good also you’re keeping up with the once-every-three-weeks schedule, that feat of coordination in itself is a miracle what with our busy lives nowadays! I look forward to the “Big Show of the Year” with great anticipation!

Thank you for the very detailed review TDIT. Don’t worry, we will take your suggestions into consideration.

Thanks for the review, thedriveintheatre. I always look forward to what you have to say about the show. :slight_smile: (No pressure.)

About the songs playing in the background, after the next episode is released, or when I have some spare time, I’m going to go back and give a tracklisting for every episode so listeners will know. I’m not as big of a fan of Cars, so that’s probably why Sally wasn’t mentioned in forum talk, heheh. The opening quotes for the birthday segment are both from Monsters, Inc.. I have no idea why so much MI quotes and music were used, except it just sounded good. Oh, yeah, “First Date” did sound pretty funny with the quiz segment. Picking the background music for each segment is one of the more fun parts of my job. It seemed like you did pretty well in answering the questions! Legalities announcement… to cover out butts more like it. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, the episode was a lot shorter. Hopefully Episode 12 will make “up” for it. I never thought about advertising fan projects to fill in time. That’s a good idea. We have ideas for interstitials, so maybe you’ll hear from them in the future. :wink:

Thanks very much for the feedback, Andre! =)

Some exciting news: former Radio Pixar Director, AJD08, pointed out to me that the new Radio Pixar AAC iTunes feed has been featured in the “New and Notable” section of the TV & Films podcasts page in iTunes. If you know that iTunes is the big kahuna of podcasting, that’s pretty darn cool! Take a look for yourself!