Episode 6: "Catching UP"

Surprise! Radio Pixar is back on the air with a new in-your-face episode, and literally, because this is the first ever episode featuring VIDEO! :mrgreen:

Episode 6: “Catching UP” (Upcoming Pixar)

I’d like to give a big thanks to Thomas for toiling away at assembling the videocast and making it work. You rock. :wink:


I’d just like to add that this is the first podcast, let alone video podcast, I have ever put together, so sorry for the kinks and bugs and whatnot. Next time, if we do a video podcast, I’ll have all that sorted out hopefully, to make the video more enjoyable for you. I do realise that I my audio is softer than PV’s, but now that I am aware of these issues, I’ll strive to fix them next time.

PV and I decided on actually making it a video podcast half way through recording it, so that’s why there isn’t much material for it except just some images, but hopefully, it just adds to the experience of the audio.

This podcast doesn’t conform to the usual Radio Pixar podcast format, because a) it’s a catch up podcast b) it’s a vodcast!, but also next time, we’ll get back to the usual Radio Pixar format.

Hope you guys enjoy it. And a BIG thanks to PV for all her help.

This is absolutely awesome! I’m loading it right now! It’s amazing that this Radio Pixar has both video and audio- I can’t imagine how much effort and computer expertise it took to do something like this. Well done everyone who contributed to this! I wish it would just hurry up and load. :laughing:

WOW! Finally!!!
It’s really good (I haven’t finished watching though) but for what I’ve seen, it’s very, very well done.
I can’t wait to see more (when I finish this one heheh).
EDIT: I found one piece very personal, it made me laugh (I bet you can pick out which one it is :slight_smile:)
EDIT #2: Me and Rachelcake’s icons are featured LOL
NOTE: Can I suggest that you switch from Pod-O-Matic to YouTube for shorter loading time, you could put a separate button that says, download to iTunes or something with the YouTube Video on the RP homepage.

It’s like I haven’t eaten in months, and then someone throws a steak at me! :smiley:

Ok, so I wasn’t that starved for a new episode, but I’m happy a new one was made. Thanks guys! :wink:

While I do agree with that idea Martini, YouTube has a limit of 10min or 100mb whichever comes first for the file, and although there are ways around that, it is complicated.

Sounds good! I’m just waiting for it to load now. :angry:

EDIT: By the way, could this be uploaded to YouTube for better steaming?

Wow! I actually had an idea for you guys incorporating video with your podcasts, but you beat me to it!

Listening/watching it now. Full review later. :wink:

Heh, I thought I was hallucinating for a second when I first saw this thread. :laughing: I do quite enjoy the fact that you guys have brought video into this episode. While bawpcwpn’s audio is softer than PV’s (I could barely hear what he’s saying in some parts) , that doesn’t, in my opinion anyway, take away from the quality of the episode in any way. I quite enjoyed both of your takes on the various subjects, and the discussion overall. I have to say again (I mentioned this once before previously) that PV has one heck of a beautiful voice (including the giggling she does at times) . That made my viewing/listening exprerience all the more enjoyable… just listening to her voice. :wink:

I could rant on the episode further, but, heh, that’s all I can think of at the moment.

It certainly took a while, but better late than never :slight_smile:

I just finished watching the episode, and it was great as usual. What you guys said about Blu-Ray is absolutely true. I think the movie industry’s trying to transition into the new format too quickly, thereby forgetting that the majority of households still do not own Blu-Ray players. From what I remember, the transition from VHS to DVD wasn’t that quick, but the latter format eventually took over the former, so there’s certainly no need to hurry.

Oh, and video podcasting was a great idea! Even if most of the stuff shown were only images, they were all very well selected, which made the entire listening experience very interesting.

Great job!


This is obviously very minor, but unless I was hallucinating, I think bawpcwpn mentioned Ratatouille’s BAFTA nominations twice :laughing:

Bleh. I got about 20 seconds of it loaded and somebody decided to shut the computer down whilst I was in Jersey. :stuck_out_tongue: Ah well, I’ll try loading it tomorrow- my sis is having songs bought off iTunes and they have 4 hours to go. :open_mouth: I hate dial-up.

It’s true. I did. Something I forgot to remove during the editing.

:confused: A113, perhaps you should read the post directly above yours.



…My review…

First up, a big thank you to Thomas and PixarVixen for hoisting Radio Pixar out of its slump, and back onto the airwaves. :mrgreen:

I know it must have been a big task to get into the swing of things again, especially as I’m sure you have your own lives going on in the background. It would have taken quite a bit of resolve to tackle the task of getting Radio Pixar back on track, and going over all of the topics that were sadly missed during the down time and seeing what should be put to air. Give both of yourselves a pat on the back, as well as anyone else behind the scenes who was involved with the program.

How long did it take to get it up and running, by the way? I mean it was delayed for six months + and the podcast material seems pretty up-to-date so I’m guessing after all of that procrastination it wouldn’t have taken that much time to get it going again as you probably thought it might have. Just an observation.

Now about the video podcast… I think it’s an interesting idea and I can already think of some opportunities that could be used with this medium. For now, I think it is still on the developmential side, and you can tell that making a video to match the podcast, was more of an afterthought. But I liked looking at the pretty pictures and the shots of Upcoming Pixar being surfed around on were used to great effect to demonstrate the merger.

I liked how you showed the Ratatouille teaser and WALL●E trailer on its own before talking about them. It gave the podcast more of a TV show type of feeling, and was using the video format to its advantage.

As to whether or not you guys should continue doing the video thing - it’s up to you. Just thinking about it, it would be hard to make a podcast that worked just as well in either format. I think in the end, one format would suffer unless you did a lot of planning beforehand. Does that make sense?

I agree with you guys totally in regards to the Academy Awards. Shrek the Third doesn’t have any heart, and will not be a classic film like Ratatouille. But that’s a no-brainer. And talk about all of the awards it’s nominated for - hearing them all read out gives me a new perspective to how well it is doing.

About the Ratatouille DVD release: Well, you’ve read my opinion on that matter. And I know that many others feel the same way so hopefully someone from Pixar will listen to it, or even come and visit the forums afterwards to see what we think of its shameful one-disc release.

It was good hearing you both hosting the show, because it gave it a bit of a different flavour, and I hope you team up again. I’m sure you guys will be able to build up more confidence in talking to each other and playing off each other. It was also good to hear you taking turns and having a conversation, instead of just talking, talking, talking by the same person, which is what is usually done with Radio Pixar. You should try and keep this format. :wink:


— I know this isn’t a typical Radio Pixar podcast and the format is different, but next time you should definitely keep the conversational tone of the show, but also invite some different people into the show giving their perspective on a certain aspect of Pixar. It will make the show a lot fresher as well as bring new ideas to the table.

I can think of a handful of people that have passion for their particular Pixar niche, and would be quite capable of creating a video or audio segment based on it. Even if you gave a few of us a trial run over the course of a few shows. :wink:

— More of an interaction between the forum and the show. Since the forums are “where it’s at” and most of the fan’s reactions to something Pixar-related are gauged from the forums, it should be paraphrased on the show. A good time to do this would have been during the Ratatouille DVD segment, even if you picked out a couple of members who had an opinion on the subject and had given the opinion airtime.

Doing this would promote the forum to non-forum members who listen to the podcast as a place where active and in-depth discussion of Pixar topics take place, as well as give us members a feeling of having our opinions recognised and broadcast elsewhere. Basically, there should be more of an interconnectivity between the forums and the show - not so much of a one-sided thing. We talk - you listen. That’s it. End of story. Because that’s how it feels to me.

Anyway, what do you guys think of these suggestions, particularly PixarVixen? I also have a lot more ideas to bring to the show that I would love to share. If you would like to talk to to me about them, just private message me.

…Wrap UP!..

Overall, it was an interesting show to say the least. I like how a different format was chosen for the catch up show, and I applaud the effort. With a bit more polishing and practise the video podcast, if it were used to its full potential, could be something quite special.

Personally, I think I would rather see/hear a seperate Radio Pixar podcast, and then a separate Video Pixar podcast. But if you guys can work out a way to juggle both formats and make them work just as well into one podcast, go for it. I can’t wait for the next Radio Pixar.

Oh, and what did everyone else think of hearing an Australian on the show? I can’t tell the difference since I’m quite acquainted with the accent… :wink:

Maybe it was such good news that it was worth mentioning twice. ;-p

Yay. I’m famous!

LOL FONY dial up. not good, not good at all. You can’t do anything with dial up now.

This episode is awesome. The images and video are great. They are well synced. Great job.

Oh who said “aren’t we all?” at the end of the show? It has a different tone and sound.

:blush: I can’t believe I didn’t see that! LOL

It can be done. Just use Quick Capture. :wink:

Doesn’t Quick Capture only capture photos? I checked it out, and I didn’t see anything about capturing video…

EDIT: My bad, I was looking at the wrong program. :blush:

I’ve a better idea! What about uploading it to Google Video?

It’s not downloading for me. I tried to load it again after deleting the half-loaded bit and it won’t let me. It keeps showing up looking all garbled and messy. I think it’s something I can’t figure with iTunes- it has it on the list but doesn’t have a selection to click to download. >_<

FONY, try the podcast here