Episode #9: "Floating on Cloud Nine"

Radio Pixar is back after a 6 month hiatus! Did you miss us? The first show for the year is packed with many Pixar-related goodies for your listening pleasure. I was the Acting Director and Host for Episode 9, and Thomas joined me as Co-Host and Editor. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the show, and for our listeners for being so patient with us. Let us know what you think of the show by posting in this thread or emailing radiopixar [at] pixarplanet [dot] com. We hope you enjoy Episode 9. =)

Listen to it at iTunes, the Radio Pixar page, or podOmatic.

Thomas (bawpcwpn)
The Star Swordsman

and Special Guests:


In this episode:

• General Pixar News
• Trivia
• Round table discussion, Part one.
• Pixarian birthdays and Pixar events
• Pixar at the Oscars
• Up video game report
• Pixar Planet member birthdays and events
• Vox Pops
• An exciting competition! Keep your ears open!
• Lots more!

More detailed shownotes for Episode 9 can be found here.

Thread of the Episode
Please, no. by oneincrediblegirl

Fan Creation of the Episode
WALL•E/Watchmen Trailer Mashup

Other Links

Emery Fund Screening of Up
Up release dates
Mitch’s Animation Symposium report
Up video game demo download
BOOM! Studios website
Up exhibit at Walt Disney World images
Partly Cloudy production artwork
Daring Fireball - “Best Picture” article



It’s not showing up in iTunes…

  • C-3PO

Give it some time - the RSS feed has to update and iTunes has to pick up on that.

Here’s the RSS feed if you are interested.


Really great episode, can’t wait to hear more!!!

This is a brilliant episode! Rachel and bawpcwpn, you both hosted this episode really, really well. Rachel, you’ve got a clear voice and good pacing and bawpcwpn, you sounded really enthusiastic about Up and your love of Pixar came across well. Having both of you take turns to host gave the episode a lot of variety, and with the contributions of the others, it was impossible to be bored throughout. I’m actually surprised at just how much information is contained in this episode! I know it’s been a while since the last update, but to cover so much in a relatively short amount of time is impressive. I also liked the music in the background throughout most of the episode- I know this has been tried before and it hasn’t worked well, because the music actually distracts the listener, but you’ve handled the balance of music to create interest without detracting from everything else and it’s at just the right level in this episode.

The fact that so many Pixar fans contributed to this episode is what makes it, in my opinion, one of the best Radio Pixar episodes so far. It seems like it was a real team effort and I think continuing this will mean a really successful future for Radio Pixar. So well done Rachel and bawpcwpn and everyone else who contributed! The roundtable discussion was a highlight- the topics discussed were interesting and it was cool for there to be a more chatty and relaxed section to the episode.

Oh, and TSS, you actually had me LOLing when you introduced yourself. ‘Yo yo yo!’ I love it. :laughing:

I was listening to this episode while doing some work, and this is a really, really good one! Rachel & bawcpwpn - skillful presentation. Was able to hear clearly… which is a crucial element for a podcast and which many podcasts unfortunately don’t possess. News delivered short, sharp and concise, and I applaud you Rachel for that.

User contributions - oh my! Really good! It makes the experience really, really good!

TSS - for once, for once! I was able to get a right answer for the quiz! :stuck_out_tongue: Keep it up - one of my favorite parts of the podcast!

A most magnificent episode, indeed! Everyone involved in this edition of the show submitted some delectable information, and the very fact that all of the sessions included came about by way of pure team effort is wonderful. In addition, the pacing/timing, input, and topics highlighted positively reeked of awesomeness. Needless to say, I eagerly await the tenth installment in the series! :smiley:

Since this episode was so awesome, I thought I’d break my overall feedback on it into sections. Voila´:

Introduction: First of all, congratulations on being promoted to Acting Director and Host for Radio Pixar, Rachel! You carried on the show nicely and fluently, presented your information clearly, and sounded professional on the whole. Great work!

Thomas, I also loved your input! You had some great information to offer up to the audience and made the show more entertaining. By the way, was it you who pronounced “tomato” as “to-mah-toe”? 'Cause that was funny. I loved how you pronounced it. Heheh.

Trivia Question and Answer: Great quiz, The Star Swordsman. It was a hard one this time. Awesome. :wink:

Round Table Discussion (Part 1): Wonderful segment! The views and opinions that were presented were interesting, and the session itself was enjoyable and engaging. Hannahmation and thedriveintheatre: You guys made it so much fun. I especially like your accent, thedriveintheatre. So, yes, great input everyone! :smiley:

Pixarian and Pixar Planet Member Birthdays: Happy birthday to everyone who’s celebrated over the past few months!

Pixar at the Oscars: Nice recap. I like how a piece of the score from the WALL•E soundtrack, “2815 A.D.” (which is pretty forlorn and depressing music, by the way), was played when Rachel mentioned that WALL•E lost several of its awards/nominations to other films. :laughing:

Song Request: What a fantastic idea! I think I have a request for the next piece of music… (heh)

Up Video Game Report - Oh ho ho!! Ok, first of all, guys, I sound nowhere near as boring in real life. And as for all of that static in the background, I have absolutely no idea as to how that came about. My mouth was too close to the microphone, too, and I’m too verbose overall. I swear, I’m going to do my utmost to get on the next show so as I can resolve these issues. I’m gonna sound more upbeat, for one thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gosh, it’s so embarrassing to hear my voice on the air…

Vox Pops: Puh-ha!! Oh, gosh, you were hilarious, thedriveintheatre. That was too funny. And Hannahmation, I loved it when you said that Russell was, “… pretty much amazing”. I guess we’re on the same page, Hannah. :wink:

Animated Feature Symposium and Interview: Once again, there was too much static on my side of the island, and my voice sucks, but it was fun to participate in nonetheless! Again, thanks for having me on the show, Rachel. It was a fun experience. :wink:

Note to self: Fix boring monologue…

Those were only a few of the topics discussed in this latest episode, but all of the other segments were just as interesting and informative.

Overall, I highly enjoyed the latest Radio Pixar episode and look forward to the next show! Rachel, Thomas, The Star Swordsman, Hannahmation, and thedriveintheatre all brought something note-worthy to the table, and made the installment all the more entertaining and engaging. Keep up the great work, guys! :smiley:

I found that Radio Pixar will also play on QuickTime, so you can try that method if it’s taking too long for the episode to load on iTunes.

– Mitch

Overall, it was great to see radio Pixar up and running again. I really can’t wait to hear the next ones. It was intresting to hear all of the discussions, news, and other fun stuff.

I love the listener submissions. It was fun to hear people so excited for Up. TDIT, you were by far the funniest. I love it.

The roundtable discussion was very informative and well done. I love hearing everyone’s opinion. Everyone had something to say. No one was taking over the discussion yet no one was left out as well.

As for me, I felt that I had a lot of energy in my voice, but I need to work a little on my enunciation and to slow down a bit.

I liked it…i actually wanted to hear all of it instead of just the discussion like the prior ones. The News is still really long and sometimes borring (if you don’t care for news) but the entire episode was on the line much better.

I would definitely join in if i could get my sound recording system working properly.

Radio Pixar Episode 9 was a great listen! I Also fun to participate in! A lot of good variety in the show as far as what was covered and it was nice hearing from a bunch of different people as well. The contributions from various Pixar fans really makes the show I think.

Great job to all who contributed! Especially to our hosts Rachel and Thomas!

It’s finally on iTunes. I didn’t hear it all, but here is my feedback: I don’t know how scripted the news portion is, but I think that it could be a bit more concise. You wouldn’t want people shutting it off because the news is going on for too long. I usually never have a whole hour to just listen straight through like this, and other people may have the same problem sometimes. Maybe, you could divide the show into sections so that you could put up a schedule with times, like 18:00 min. - trivia; 20:00 min. Round table discussion - and so on. This way, if you have to stop listening to it, you can easily find your place again, or, if you want to listen to a specific part, than you can jump to it easily. Also, if the show is going to be more regular, than you could have more frequent 20 - 30 min. episodes, rather than 1:00:00 ones once in a while. Just a few thoughts. :slight_smile:

  • C-3PO

Haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the full episode, but I’ve listened to quite a bit, so here are my thoughts so far.

The new format is very cool. I really like having a roundtable on every episode, the news was great, the members specific section was cool, and I really liked the little interview with Mitch at the end.
One thing I would like to hear is a more conversational tone to the show, kind of like a morning radio talk show. I know that you’re all new at this, so it’s goign to take a while to get comfotable doing the show, but I woudl like more of this in future episodes. It really makes it more entertaining to listen to, epsically things like, which can be boring for some people. It definitley started to go that way in the roundtable, and TSS was pretty lively too.
I also, would have really liked to here the whol roundtable. That was my favorite part of the cast, and I was dissapointed to here I had to wait to hear the rest. I actually enjoy long podacasts, (the main one I listen to is typically two hours long), so I say put the whole thing in.

Other than that though, great job guys, can’t wait for the next one, and I’ll have to make sure to get a listener submission in on time.

I agree with DocKenobi here in that I think the show could be more upbeat orally, although, as was stated, getting back into the thick of things does take some getting used to, especially after a long hiatus. Still, some of the conversations (and the news section, especially), were a bit stiff, although I suppose you could say, “Hark who’s talking” in this case, as I was just as wooden.

– Mitch

I meant to ask this, was this whole show recorded live, or were the parts recorded seperatley and then edited together?

Parts were recorded separately then eddited together.

Ah, ok. I’m not sure how hard it is for you all to find a solid time to work together, but it might help if the show was recorded live. Might help make the show more conversational and upbeat if everyone can play off each other. Just a though.

Well, we all live in different parts of the country, so getting people together was really, really hard to do. Plus, it was easier for everyone to work on their own time to record what needed to be recorded.

I figured as much, seems like there’s different continents involved as well. I just felt that a mostly live show would help liven things up a little.

It could be modeled out of current fan commentaries, however you do it - was listening to the Ratatouille commentary and if that was live, that was a really good job.
There’s always the possibility of Skype, provided everyone has adequate upload connections, or even using Skype as a guide, getting everyone to record their voice locally, then sending it to the editor then syncing it. You could help syncing it by getting someone to “clap” at the start to use as a reference when syncing.