Favorite Movie

Favorite movies.
You can only name one…or, if it’s a tie, two.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog. (Little Shop of Horrors is my favorite play and my favorite thing in the world, but not my favorite movie.)


There, no changing that :slight_smile:

I love your choices, The Chicken Man!

For me, it’s Across the Universe. It’s a really wonderful movie about a time period I’m fascinated with.

Nightmare Before Christmas is an extremely close second.

I guess I’ve got a thing for musicals…

I’ll say ‘Clue’ :slight_smile: I love it :smiley:

I’ll probably have a different favourite tomorrow though :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine would be a tie between The Iron Giant, Up, and Back to the Future.

Forever Up!

I <3 Dr. Horrible!!

For me, it’s The Incredibles and Toy story 2. Which I prefer depends on my mood. Close second goes to HtTYD, and third is Up. KFP is in the top 5, as well.

The Incredibles. This will never ever change.

Awww, but Rick Moranis is in the movie!

My favorite film of all time is Gone With the Wind. By far.


I mean, the movie’s pretty good with the original ending, but I recommend the play, because telling people “the movie with the original ending is good” causes people to get the DVD rather than watch the proper version online. I lost an internet friend (well, I had to abandon him) because he watched the movie and then said the theatrical ending suits it. Yeah, I’m a hardcore fan.

I mean, the play was a morality tale about how murder is wrong under ALL circumstances, a lesson that some people need to learn. The movie as released not only violates the message, but says that murder is OKAY.

I haven’t seen that movie, but I agree with TCM in a general way. You shouldn’t taint something’s message like that. Or endorse crime.

Has to be Grease, followed by Zulu.

Seeing as I have watched them both for years and years, they never seem to get old and I believe that, 90% of the time, movies you love as a youngster (and back then rate them as one of your favourites) will always remain with you forever. So in that case those two will always be atleast in my top 5. :smiley:

^Zulu is fantastic. It’s in my top 50. :smiley:

As this is my 1,000 post, i will willingly bring out my most favorite of just about any genre of movie!

Comedy: How High
Romance: Wall-E
Sci-Fi: Wall-E
Christmas: The Polar Express
Action: Blade Series
Drama: I don’t watch drama!

Wow, i’ve just gained 563 pounds, sitting on a hoverchair, with the holo-screen in front of my eyes, inside a giant ship, in space, all in just one click!

Happy 1,000th post Somethingguy! Mind if I copy you?

Comedy: The Hangover, The Birdcage, Little Miss Sunshine
Romance: Gone With the Wind
Sci-Fi: Wall-E
Christmas: Christmas Vacation
Drama: Gone With the Wind

Ooh, me next!! 8D I’m modifying this list, if that’s okay. :slight_smile:

Comedy: Toy Story
Romance: Beauty and the Beast/Tangled
Sci-Fi/fantasy: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Fifth Element
Christmas: A Christmas Carol(1984, George C. Scott)
Drama: Wall-E, A Beautiful Mind
Superhero: The Incredibles
Western: Quigley Down Under
Historical Fiction:Pocohantas
Biographical: Ammadeus, Ray
Horror: The Sixth Sense
Martial arts: Kung Fu Panda
Action: The Incredibles
Movie musical: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin

Sweet list IV! :wink:

Thanks. I couldn’t think of a historical fiction. :frowning: It’ll come to me…

Well, I’ll suggest on to you. How about National Treasure? I remember you like Nick Cage so much. :wink:

I do love National Treasure, but since it’s set in the modern day, I’m not so sure it would qualify as “historical” fiction. I’ll look the genre up, maybe I’ll find something.

Edit: I chose the Disney Pocohantas. It’s based ona real girl, but false events. 8D