Favourite Character

Who is your favourite Toy Story character?

I have a

hard time choosing between Woody and Buzz. Woody was great in the first film, and Buzz was great in the second

one. Rex, Mr. Potato Head and Hamm are funny as well. I think I’ll go with Buzz, also because I really enjoyed

watching the 2-D animated series that came out afterwards.

Jessie. A tragic character, but she kept good spirits, unlike Stinky Pete.

Slinky. <3 I love him. Woody’s a close second

favorite though :slight_smile: <3


of Slinky it’s a shame Jim Varney died in 2000 . . . wonder how’ll that will affect TS3??

I was thinking the same thing. Well, since they’re going on

with it… I hope they find a good replacement.

Yeah, I know- that’s why the third movie worries me … hopefully it’ll become like Lumiere in KH 2 and

they’ll find a voice so similar that it’s hard to tell … not that I’d want to replace Jim Varney- it would

just be too hard for me if Slink’s character sounds too different …

Yeah that is sad about Jim Varney. I always loved the

Earnest movies.

I cannot pick my favourite character. They are all such strong characters and i love them


Hamm! "Ok,

nobody look until I get my cork back in."

Woody and Buzz are my favorite

Woody, because he is a great

Buzz, he has all of the cool gadgets.

I like Buzz Lightyear. Look at all of those cool gadgets. Not to mention his little speech about defeating


I love the comercial about Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.

It was so cool. When I saw that, I felt like getting a toy like that

I never really liked Buzz…That is,

untill Buzz Lightyear of Star Command came out. He’s really cool in that. :smiley:

Woody’s my fave, because

it’s so rare to see one of the main characters, who’s meant to be a ‘good guy’, hated by his peers and

showing jealousy. His personality was really real.

I have never seen Buzz Lightyear Star Command. Is it


I heard it was okay. Buzz looks a little wierd in 2d animation,

but its still good

I sometimes just watch the beginning 'cause that’s


Anyways, back on topic … I like Jessie, even if her really loud voice

gets on my nerve … I felt sorry that her owner dumped her. Creepy thing … my sister’s name is Emily and she

thinks toys are for kids and she’s big on hair and make up. Disowning a doll like Jessie is something she’s

done a thousand times over. =P

I use to feel like that. Instead, I was watching my little siblings grow up. First, we had so much fun

together. Now they are drifting away from me. I miss all the good and fun days. But you can’t be a kid


Your siblings grew up? Maturity is an unknown word when it

comes to my brother. My sister acts mature, most of the time, but she goofs off in an annoying and pestering sort

of way. It’s sick.

Hamm’s another favorite character of mine- probably because I like all of John

Ratzenberger’s characters.

Hamm is hilarous. I too love John Ratzenburg. During the moving van chase, I love this

quote. “Pig Pile!”

It’s cheesy good.

Whenever a new Pixar

film comes out, I always end up waiting for the Ratzenburger character to come on screen. It’s amazing how his

voice suits all of the characters he has played perfectly, even though they are all very diverse.