Favourite Character

I know how you feel. Me and my sister used to play all the time but now we

don’t, 'cause we’re older…Man, it’s like, "Oh, you can’t use your imagination anymore becuase it’s

immature." :cry:

I watched a bit with some kids I was baby-sitting. I kept wondering how hard John

Lasseter cried when he first saw it.

That’s stupid- Most of the Pixar animators are 30+

years old, and it’s clear they use their imagination. I follow true to my heart- I don’t listen to the people

who put down things I like or what I believe in. I use my imagination all the time, and one of these days I’m

making a comic and a novel. ^^ Power to the imagination! Lol ^^

Anyways, I think I mentioned my favorite

character is Slink- I was just curious if anyone else bought the Slinky toy pull-along … I did when I was real

little :slight_smile: lol

I bought one in 1998 or so . . . one

that looked exactly like Slinky!!

I think that

one of the coolest things of the characters of Toy Story is how if you buy a piece of merchandise from Toy Story,

say like a Woody doll, then you can practically imagine it’s real!

For not having any PIXAR buds involved, suprisingly, yes! It’s rather good . .

. but that could be because it was created by the makers of Kim Possible . . . Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley.

(Did I get those names right?)

I’m kinda partial to Buzz. But i also

like Hamm & Potato Head

[b]Buzz Lightyear is my favourite character :smiley:


My fave character from Toy Story will always be Woody


My favourite Toy Story character is


Lightyear. :sunglasses:

[b]My favourite is from Cars Mater.


is so funny!!![/b]

Me too!!! Although

it’s not the cars section but, Mater rox! I also like Buzz and Woody but, then again who doesn’t? . It would be

hard to chose your favorite Pixar character of all time. As usual I’m a CarFreak! :laughing:

The defintion of

Carfreak: A person who like the movie Cars way too much!!

Woody is my favorite toy because I can relate to him. He may not want to admit it, but

he does get jealous sometimes when others are paid more attention to.


And believe it or not, back when Toy Story was first released on VHS,

I had a brief crush on him. Ain’t that the darnedest thing? ;-p


PixarVixen - Haha – you’re

funny. :laughing:

Well, I would have to say that my favorite character from [i]Toy

Story[/i] is, believe it or not, Slinky Dog.

I love how Jim Varney just put so much life into

that character – he made him rather “witty” and fun, in his own little way. Plus, I love animals, so

that may have something to do with it. :wink:

Uh, miss mode, you do realize this is in a Toy Story thread. It is

asking your favorite character from the Toy Story movies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mitch - hey ! that’s my favorite character !


i thought he ws so cool ! i still think he’s so cool ! wow , my favorite characters are never the

main characters . it’s freaky .

gottalovepixar - Really? Wow. I didn’t think that most

people favored Slinky, as he is a rather minor character compared to some of the other main toys within both

feature films.

Heheh – yeah, I am the same way, as well. I usually never tend to favor the main

characters, with the exception of Lightning McQueen from Cars. More than likely, I

will connect myself with/become attatched to the side-kicks.

Well…that’s the way the world turns,

isn’t it? :wink:

When I was young, Slinky was my favorite minor character.

I loved his voice and his body figure.

Hmm… this is a

tough one because so many of the characters are likeable. But I think I’m going to have to go with Rex and Mr.

Potatohead, because they’re really funny.

I thought Rex would have a more fiercer voice when I first saw the movie, but I was taken aback to hear his

voice sounded so timid.

I like Slinkey and Hamm.