Favourite Character

Who is your favourite character

from Finding Nemo?

Mine are Gill and Dory. Gill is simply the hottest fish in history, and Dory is


Bubbles, 'cause he’s hyper and

funny :slight_smile:

And Gloat, because he’s cute and I love Brad Garrett, who voices him.

Some of

the fishtank fish - i like some of them. Corel for that brief moment in time and MR RAY! Oh come on isnt he

awesome! Or Bruce. Dame Edna is soo funny. I would have loved to have seen an outake where Bruce is dressed up

like Dame Edna and talking like her. So Mr Ray and Bruce. And possibly the root beer float whale.

Gil, hands down! Although Mr. Ray’s songs were hilarious, and I completely adore his class,

especially Tad. ‘I’m obnoxious!’ Classic!

I have to go with the classic cute character…Squirt! My boyfriend bought me a stuffed Squirt for my

birthday one year…actually, he bought me two, so I have one at my parent’s and one at my apartment. Although,

when I was thinking about characters, I thought of Squishy…
"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be

mine, and he shall be my Squishy…Ow! Bad Squishy, bad Squishy!

Dory, the blue angel :slight_smile:

I like Nemo, and his dad because they make a good team even if they do have disagreements. I

also like the small kid turtle cause the voice for him was really cute, and I love dory too

Nigel is one of my faves, closely followed by – surprisingly – DARLA!!

Fun Fact Time!!! :smiley:

The small turtle - Squirt - who is also one of my

favorites is voiced by Nicholas Bird, son of The Incredibles creator, writer, director, and voice talent (Edna

Mode) Brad Bird. He is also the voice of Rusty McAllister (kid on the tricycle) in The Incredibles. :slight_smile:

Definately Dory.

I found out last month that he was

voiced by Stephen Root who was Milton (the red stapler guy) in Office Space. Once again, he plays a character

who treasures the one thing that fascinates him. :laugh:

And my favorite characters are Dory, Crush, and

Squirt. You can’t beat Dory’s whale-speaking scene, and Crush is the coolest 150-year-old around. LOL I just

love the language he uses. And Squirt is an adorable little dude. I love the interaction between him and Crush.

“Now gimme some fin slaps fin…noggin headbutts…dude!”



The tank gang rule. They are so funny, yet strange

I have to check that out, lol :slight_smile:


got an art teacher who sounds like Crush. xD He’s a hippie-like person, always saying "That’s just not

cool, you know man? Stepping on baby animals is not cool …" he talks with an ‘out there’ voice that

sounds like a mix of Crush and Fillmore. xD

My favorite is Bruce and Gill. Bruce

because he is a shark and sharks are my second favorite sea creature. Gill because the guy who played Green

Goblin in Spider Man 1 is the voice of him.

Bruce and the other sharks are really cool,

yet scary. I laughed a lot when Bruce started chasing Nemo and Dory

Marlin & Dory you mean,


I love the school of fish. They are

cool with their expressions

Would you consider brilliant? He thinks of creative plans,

but he thinks about his goal and how to do it instead of a couple steps ahead after that.

That’s so awesome. If they were in Cars, they would shape into a car or a

truck. Probably a trophy

I loved the whole bit with the Angler fish, I think it

was. The one at the bottom of the ocean. So cool :smiley: