Favourite Character

That fish is really

creepy, but I love the way Pixar designed it. I knew there was a fish that lives in the bottom of the ocean, but

I never expected that.

Favorite character… Dory and Bruce, hands down!

I like how mysterius Gill is, but all of the fish in the fish tank rock.

I love the sea turtles. Especially

Crush and Squirt.

[b]"Give me some fin. (slap) Noggin (donk)


I also like Squirt joins Nemo in his science class. I love his cute


Manta: “Sweet”
Nemo and Squirt: “Totally”

I liked

that green fish … the trembly one. Was hilarious at the end when he eats the angler fish. xD

I love the part when Marlin and Nemo leave so Nemo can go to school.

Everything looks so colorful and so bright. I never thought the ocean would look something like that

I really like Dory. I think it was her character that got

me so interested in Pixar. I think Ellen DeGenerous did an excellent job with her.

I also like Crush only

because of Turtle Talk at California Adventures. If you’ve ever seen it… it’s about the greatest thing ever.

It’s where the audience talks to Crush … it’s really cool cause you ask him questions and he responds… I

don’t know how they do it! It’s a lot of fun to sit on the “lily pads” and ask random questions.

I’ve asked him if he ate turtle soup before. :-D)

I have to go with Dory too, for

the same reason. She is an angel! She’s so sweet and helpful, even if she doesn’t always know what’s going


I love how Pixar animated her floating down to Marlin - an angel

descending to help him.

When does Dory descend down like an angel?

First when Dory

and Marlin first meet, and then later in the whale. There’s something, either on disc 2 or in the commentary, I

can’t remember which, where they actually talk about that and show the two clips side by side. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I remember that. But I never saw it as

exactly angel-like… I thought it was to show that Dory is consistantly compassionate when her friends are


Dory’s just so amazingly good hearted, isn’t she? Very pure.

That was the whole “There, there it’ll be all right . . .” line of

hers, right? It was nicely done as she did it both in the beginning when they met and at the end . . .

For a compassionate agel fish, she is adorable.

I love Gill a lot cuz he

was really cool. But my fav is definitely Marlin! Why? Cuz he reminds me of, me! I’m really hyper & nervous

about almost everything too! I could totally relate to the line where he says "I’m feeling…happy. Which

is a big deal…for me"

[b]I?m watching Finding Nemo again right

now, it just keeps getting better and better ever time I watch as does ever Pixar film. Finding Nemo Soundtract

is my Favorite Soundtract, The score on the movie is just so good.

My Favorite character in the movie

is?..Well to tell you the truth I really don?t have a favorite character in movie, I really like all of them

about the same. [/b]

Marlin of course ! I can’t help it , u gotta feel a little sorry 4 him . I mean , seriously

, his only son almost died like what , 5 times ? Then Gill , because he’s cool ! Coral too , even though she

was in there 4 like 5 minutes , all of which made me cry !!! :frowning: Did anybody see the bedtime story deleted

scene too ? that almost made me cry 'cause Nemo’s like " and the ocean took mommy away right ?


I do love Dory’s character. She felt to me like a properly done fool-child type. She

did manage to indirectly make marlin realize that with telling her what her limitions are that he was holding

Nemo back. Of course there was the heartfelt talk to marlin about that she doesn’t want to forget, I always get

choked up during that scene. :slight_smile:

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