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No, really, it’s happening: [url]Andrew Stanton Returns for a Finding Nemo Sequel

I honestly have nothing to say about this…

Awesome! Can’t wait!

Finding Nemo is the last movie I’d pick for a sequel. I personally really hope not. Especially because if it does get made it more or less sounds like a means of Andrew just getting another chance to direct a live action movie at Disney, rather than a drive to actually make it. I’m skeptical.

Make it stop. Please. Make it stop.

Just… ugh. I’m so disgusted. How can Pixar do this? How? I hope this doesn’t turn out to be true. Nemo is such a great film and it would be a shame to have it tarnished by an entirely unnecessary sequel.

Pixar only makes sequels if they’re as good, if not better than the original. We know this. Why are people continuing to blast Pixar? First TS3, then Cars 2, then Brave? I thought we were all superfans here. I for one will support Pixar until they make a movie with overly offensive content. Brave’s was not bad, as far as I’m concerned, so count me on “Team Pixar”. Really, I’m tired of all the “Pixar’s DOOOOOMED!” posts.

I am dissapointed by this.

I have to agree with that statement.
I hope it doesn’t get made.

It should be called Finding Nemo Again.

I just can’t believe this is happening. I’ve been sticking up for them to everyone out here in real life for a long time now, and I just don’t want to see them fail again. Cars 2 was not good. Brave was good, not fabulous. Plus with all these other sequels, just I can’t understand it. I’ll eat my words if this is a fantastic movie but I just don’t see it coming out that way

I’m going to vomit and die. RIP Pixar’s integrity.

I’m not going to jump the gun here and say that Pixar is selling out. Stanton could have a good idea for it, but I don’t think a sequel needs to be made.

I’m with modeltrainman all the way; we are supposed to be devoted Pixar fans here! I think half the reason some people didn’t enjoy Cars 2 was due to the fact that some people told themselves that it wouldn’t be worthwhile, and when they convinced themselves of that, their negativity clouded the film’s pure amazingness. On the other hand, Pixar’s never disappointed me because instead of prematurely downing an upcoming film, I say “I think it’ll be great whatever they do!”. Well, I know I’m seeing it 100%! I know it’s definitely the least likely sequel I imagined Pixar would do, but who cares? It’s Pixar! It will rock! And Pixar is so not selling out! Bring on Finding Nemo 2! Woot! :mrgreen:
Huh, it’s funny, I never imagined I’d find people hating on Pixar in a Pixar fan forum… :cry: can we please all try to be positive here?

I personally think that it is too early for anyone to be pessimistic about this. All we know is that it’s happening. We don’t know anything yet about the plot, or anything like that. It’s not fair to judge at this point. We may all still be upset about Cars 2, but remember, this is also the same studio that made the Toy Story sequels. I, like many others, feel that Finding Nemo doesn’t really need a sequel, but if you had asked me back in the 90s (and if I had been older than I was back then), I probably would have said the same thing about Toy Story. So while it has been proven that Pixar has the ability to make a bad sequel, it has also been proven that they can make really good sequels. I have decided to be causiously optimistic about Finding Nemo 2 (at least for now.).

I have no idea if that made any sense.

So we have Monsters University coming in 2013, The Good Dinosaur in 2014, the inside-the-mind film in 2015, the Dia del los Muertos one and Finding Nemo 2 in 2016 and 2017.

Have we ever known as many Pixar films in production as we do right now? I guess that after Wall-E we knew what was coming up until Brave, but still.

Also, wasn’t Finding Nemo 2 one of the films Circle 7 was going to do alongside Toy Story 3? I remember reading somewhere that the plot was going to be that Marlin goes missing and Nemo has to go find him.

I don’t think so. If I remember correctly, they were going to do sequels to Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

All right, guys, wait! Hey—"-relax. Take a deep breath. Mm-ahh!" (Dory).

Okay, maybe I wish there was some way to warn Pixar not to announce their future sequels so early on so that we don’t see unhappy fans. With that being said, why? If we really enjoy Pixar films, why not take a few moments to resonate with some of the facts. If this is all true (let’s at least assume so), we know that Andrew Stanton would be directing. Great! My favorite two Pixar sequels were directed by the same guy who did the originals. Anyway, this sequel is also not set to come out until 2016, as well as after THREE original projects you guys have been asking for. Would I have been able to have thought up a good Finding Nemo 2 idea? o_0 No way, and probably almost none of you, which is why you are worrying. However, the Pixarians say they love the concept he came up with, and who would know better than him?

Instead of trying to have Pixar "redeem themselves" with the film after this movie, maybe we can instead redeem ourselves from overreacting like we did with Cars 2. Let’s face it: the main reason people said they hated this movie is because they wanted to believe it could only be bad, even if there was a good idea behind it. I think some people WANTED to see Cars 2 fail because it was plausible to :-\ . I don’t why this didn’t happen with Toy Story, probably because it was first. Cars may not have been everyone’s favorite film, but I think it touches the hearts of the general audience because it has quite a connection with people and their day-to-day behaviors. THIS I think is why they made Cars 2, to continue this. And might I remind you that it was not supposed to come out right after Toy Story 3, but that’s how it worked out when Brave had problems and Newt got cancelled (not a matter of sequelitis)? People who didn’t know the facts made up stories about it being a merchandise scam (in which case you could blame Mattel as well). For this, people missed out on realizing this film was actually a good one; it didn’t have to be perfect but it was fun, meaningful, and possibly the most intelligent of the bunch.


This might happen again if we don’t go easy on the negative perception. Thank you Modeltrainman and ObsessedWithPixar, I’m with you guys! :mrgreen: Why not support this film? The fun in not knowing how well a film can be is you that you can wonder and theorize until finally you see it and hopefully you think "Oh, now that makes sense!". I also think Ballboi brings up a good point that Andrew Stanton knows his idea for it already. Please let’s have a little faith in the studio, guys. That’s why we’re here right? I’m personally a bit skeptical about the Dia de los muertos movie possibly only having skeleton characters in it ( :~o ), but I’ll still support and walk into the theaters with an unbiased opinion. You guys don’t have to change, I just think you’d feel better if you were a bit more faithful. That’s all.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor for now.

Exactly. There’s no use getting upset if it’s for real or not.

…so we freaked out, either positively or negatively, for nothing. Oops. Guess that’s what we get for completely accepting information multiple news outlets report without official confirmation from Pixar. It sounds like Nemo 2 isn’t happening. Or that it’s in very, VERY early stages of production and Pixar doesn’t want to confirm anything this far out in case it doesn’t work. Perhaps I’m reading into this, but could “Nothing to see here now” imply that there WILL be something to see there at a later point? Hm.

If this is true…

The thing is ,its all over the internet now so i am assuming that there will be something nemo related at somepoint :unamused: :imp: :angry:

Or Maybe disney will be doing it instead of pixar, like a direct to DVD (like planes?)

I really don’t have an opinion on this right now. 8D It’s just a rumor so far.